Sancho Panza by C. Paul Jennewein, aluminum, collection of Brookgreen Gardens, Pawleys Island, SC. Photo by David FitzSimmons.

We have often heard  that aluminium is said to be  more potent  than sulfur, however we have discovered that aluminium is only more potent  when it is combined with the application  better known as Solar Radiation Management. To be clear, what we refer to as chemtrails is not SRM (please refer to  previous article “Chemtrails are not Geoengineering”). Yes , we do understand that this is indeed hard to follow, but many of you have already connected the dots.

Perhaps this will aid our readers.

One of the most telling  references for this point  actually mentions that  aluminium as particle  is more potent than sulfur explained in the documentary “ What in the world are they spraying”. This quote is from the subtitle available at
“It is called “Geo-Engineering”. Fighting global warming by putting a chemical dust into the atmosphere and reflecting harmful radiation back into space. We take geoengineering to mean: Deliberate, large scale intervention in the Earth´s system.

There are a variety of schemes that have been discussed for geo engineering. Classic example is injecting reflecting particles into Earth orbit. Nevertheless, there might be some good reasons to think about alumina. Turns out, first of all, there has been done a lot of work on the environmental consequences of aluminum in the stratosphere.

The big deal really is that alumina has 4 times the volumetric rate of forcing small particles as does sulphur. And that means you have 4 times less surface area for the same radiative forcing. And this is a much bigger deal: You have roughly 16 times less the coagulation rate and that´s the thing, that really drives removal. So you could get away, we think, with much smaller mass levels.

So that´s why we see things like in the Hughes Aircraft patent from ’89, they talk about aluminum. And that´s why we are seeing in the surface water samples aluminum. And here is David Keith saying, that aluminum has 4 times the reflective volume surface area.”


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I don’t know why WITWATS pointed to geoengineer, David Keith in the above statement because even if what he said is true and factual, then aluminum particles would only be a relevant application  for reflecting sunlight.

A side note here to prove our theory. Please put the following words into a Google Search Engine: “using aluminum particles to reflect sunlight back into space”, and you will get a ton of websites referring to Solar Radiation Management. 

As a matter of fact, here is the TOP Google definition:m(Please notice that the definition also refers to SRM as “theoretical”, rather than an ongoing  application or experiment.)

“Solar radiation management (SRM) projects are a largely theoretical type of geoengineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed examples include the creation of stratospheric sulfur aerosols. They would not reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, and thus do not address problems such as ocean acidification caused by these gases. Their principal advantages as an approach to geoengineering is the speed with which they can be deployed and become fully active, as well as their low financial cost. By comparison, other geoengineering techniques based on greenhouse gas remediation, such as ocean iron fertilization, need to sequester the anthropogenic carbon excess before they can arrest global warming. Solar radiation management projects can therefore be used as a geoengineering ’quick fix’ while levels ofgreenhouse gases can be brought under control by greenhouse gas remediation techniques.

A study by Lenton and Vaughan suggest that marine cloud brightening and stratospheric sulfur aerosols are each capable of reversing the warming effect of a doubling of the level of CO2 in the atmosphere (when compared to pre-industrial levels)”


With this being said, we continue make our point:


There are report about black chemtrails or chemtrails shadow.  It has also been my own observation that I have only seen bright reflection of sunlight from natural clouds, not from chemtrails. I  have never seen trails that brightly reflect sunlight at all, have you?  Trails seem to absorb  the sunlight, they do not reflect it. The obvious point here is that trails do a poor job of reflecting sunlight, therefore it begs the question, “Do chemtrails consist of aluminium particles at all?” Can anyone provide any proof whatsoever that they do? If indeed they are exist in trails, why don’t the contrails 4 times more reflective than natural clouds?

If chemtrails consist of aluminium, are there any proof that chemtrails 4 times more reflective than natural clouds?



The danger of sulfur additives in the environment is  higher than aluminium, because when aluminum is released into our atmosphere it immediately converts  into aluminium oxide. Aluminium will not fall down as element. “What in the world are they spraying” also mention this:
07:57 : “Jet just in a very simple way make high quality aluminum particles just by spraying aluminum vapour out which oxydize”.

The problem is, there is no valid current information as to  how aluminium oxide harms the atmosphere, and on the other hand, there seems to be more information regarding sulfur and how it impacts the atmosphere, which leads me to this:

Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate
“Despite its short lifetime, sulphur dioxide is readily transported over long distace. It is removed from the atmosphere when condensation nuclei of SO2 are precipitated as acid rain containing sulphuric acid (H2SO4). The acidity of fog deposition can be more serious because up to 90 percent of the fog droplets may be deposited. In Californian coastal fogs, pH values of only 2.0-2.5 are not uncommon. Peak pH readings in the eastern United States and Europe are 1gm-2 of SO2 annualy.”


Acid rain can decimate  forests.
Forest decimated by acid rain


Volcanic Sulfur Aerosols Affect Climate and the Earth’s Ozone Layer
“The sulfate aerosols also promote complex chemical reactions on their surfaces that alter chlorine and nitrogen chemical species in the stratosphere. This effect, together with increased stratospheric chlorine levels from chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) pollution, generates chlorine monoxide (ClO), which destroys ozone (O3).”


Ozone layer depletion can cause severe environmental toxic effects:
Health and Environmental Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion
“Laboratory and epidemiological studies demonstrate that UVB causes nonmelanoma skin cancer and plays a major role in malignant melanoma development. In addition, UVB has been linked to cataracts — a clouding of the eye’s lens. All sunlight contains some UVB, even with normal stratospheric ozone levels. It is always important to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. Ozone layer depletion increases the amount of UVB and the risk of health effects.”


In conclusion, although aluminium is much more potent particle for the Solar Radiation Management application, aluminium does not have the same effects when used in a  chemtrail application.


My point? Either we have been lead down the wrong path from the beginning in regards to chemtrails associated with aluminum, or ?  What is your observation, we invite you to comment below!

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