Whoever is in charge of the aerosol spraying of our global skies is attempting to remove the word chemtrails from public’s vocabulary, and it is nothing new. As more and more disinformation websites step up their campaigns on the internet, claiming that chemtrails are geoengineering, the more confused the public becomes! Seriously, this is exactly how disinformation works. Even chemtrail activists are referring to chemtrails as geoengineering instead of using the correct term for it, which is chemtrails. The term ‘chemtrail’ generally refers to chemical jet contrails, like the ones depicted in the following photo.

Let us be very clear. It is NOT just a matter of a name. It is so much more than that.Language is important, we must convey what we mean and substantiate it with facts.



Chemtrails (Chemical lingering contrails, generally expelled from jets) are not geoengineering because geoengineering refers to a program whose claimed efforts are ““to stop or slow down global warming”“, something that does not exist, a hoax.Yes this is hard to understand, but if Global Warming is’artificial’, (possibly created by geoengineering scientists) then what are we really looking at here? Geoengineering has been advertised as an aerosol program with efforts to mitigate or stop a global warming. Such programs like SRM are in place today. To some degree, we have already proven that global warming does not exist, so much so that governments of the world are now referring to it as Climate Change. In the not so distant past , the general public refused to believe that Global warming was a concern at all, subsequently became known as “The Global Warming Hoax” across the world. If we are to understand the difference between chemtrails and geoengineering, we start to see a broader agenda. Remember to follow the money.


We will set out in this article to prove to you the disinformation that has been set into play, which is really just a “play on words”.

 First, a definition of geoengineering:

Geoengineering – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The main use of geoengineering refers to “the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system, in order to moderate global warming.[2][3] The discipline divides broadly into two categories, as described by the Royal Society: “Carbon dioxide removal techniques [which] address the root cause of climate change by removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Solar radiation management techniques [which] attempt to offset effects of increased greenhouse gas concentrations by causing the Earth to absorb less solar radiation.””


Second, geoengineering promoted as the “cure to climate change or Global Warming”.


NASA – Geoengineering: Why or Why Not?
Why not inject aerosols into the stratosphere to repeat the effect, slowing the inexorable warming that is melting away the ice at Earth’s poles, among other effects on nature? It’s called geoengineering, and Alan Robock spoke Friday before an overflow crowd at the Science Directorate of the potential benefits and consequences of doing just that. “Freshwater precipitation goes down after a big volcanic eruption,” said Robock, a professor of climatology at Rutgers and a member of the Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore.

Simply put, an absent or highly filtered sun inhibits evaporation that forms clouds that bring rain. Even further back in time, to the Laki, Iceland, eruption of 1783-84, the effect produced killer droughts in Egypt, based on the Nile River’s levels at Aswan, where records have been kept since 622 AD. There also is anecdotal evidence of droughts in India and China because of Laki. For example, geoengineering could have a similar effect to the volcanic eruptions, producing regional climate change that could induce droughts. Possible ozone depletion and increased oceanic acidity could develop.


Geoengineering and Climate Intervention: What We Need to Know
Concepts for directly and deliberately manipulating Earth’s climate system, collectively referred to as “geoengineering,” have been proposed as contingency responses to global warming.


Example of the Propaganda of CLIMATE CHANGE

The above graph is being promoted by a Climate Change website: http://www.climatecentral.org/gallery/graphics/geoengineering_schemes  Now please pay attention here as to their claims. They state:
“In order to slow down climate changes likely caused by the increase in human-generated greenhouse gases, some scientists and policy makers are exploring ways in which to cool the planet. A number of geoengineering strategies, or ways in which the environment might be manipulated to offset global warming, have emerged, though there is not yet an agreed upon definition of which methods should be categorized as geoengineering.”

According to the Royal Society’s report on geoengineering the climate, released in 2009, there are two main approaches. One involves deflecting a small amount of the sun’s light and heat away from the planet to lower global temperatures; this could include the use of reflective aerosols or mirrors high in the atmosphere, or may require the deliberate formation of clouds. A second general method for cooling the planet involves removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, either via sequestration or CO2 capture, or possibly through ocean iron fertilization to promote the growth of CO2-consuming algae.”


Now that you have carefully read the above paragraphs, what do you see? Where have we heard all of this language before? It mentions green house gases, but further more, the mere mention of policy makers is enough to make my blood curdle. Policy makers? If I remember, policy makers RUN from the idea of chemtrails…..they prefer to remain silent on most environmental issues because most of this disinformation campaigns are so convoluted, dare they put their own feet in their mouth?



All the above references have one thing in common, they all mention geoengineering as a remedy to global warming. Chemtrails on the other hand, is the opposite. Chemtrails contribute to heating of the planet by cloud insulation, which we now refer to as global warming.


Let’s talk about the effect of trails


According to climate scientists:
Emissions trading in international civil aviation
“At cruise altitude, apart from CO2 it is above all NOx, water vapour, contrails and cirrus clouds that contribute towards the greenhouse effect.”


Also see this video, someone found that the temperature coming from the trails was higher than the other part of the sky:



If contrails and the clouds (contrails cirrus) formed from these lingering contrails contribute to the greenhouse effect, then it is virtually impossible for chemtrails to be the chosen solution for reversing global warming.



Extreme Weather, unstable weather & misrepresented categories of weather: Have you noticed it yet?

Extreme weather that has been happening around the world today coincides with the increased witnessed chemtrails in our skies, yet the last decade it is proven that levels of carbon or methane have NOT increased . Scientific data also supports the idea that both (Carbon and methane) do not contribute to the global extreme or catastrophic weather.


Again if Global warming is a hoax and is not responsible for extreme weather, then what is? Common sense and a small dose of logic points to Chemtrails.


The evidence of disinformation and divertion

Here is an example of a disinformation video:

Screen shot:

This is taken from the video. This is a DISINFORMATION call. We should not budge. We should call chemtrails as chemtrails. Do not forget the word Chemtrails.
This is taken from the video. This is a DISINFORMATION call. We should not budge. We should call chemtrails as chemtrails. Do not forget the word Chemtrails.


The above video was suggesting that the public (yes that means YOU) abandon the word chemtrails and replace it with geoengineering. The video actually opens with asking you to forget the word chemtrails, and to use a “better” explanation such as “Solar Radiation Management”. But chemtrails are not SRM at all. Chemtrails do not shield us from the sun, they trap heat instead.

The video goes on to explain the various methods of repelling (refracting, reflecting) the sunlight back into space as if it is something required to do. It is not. What we need to cool the earth from any warming or any extreme weather is to stop chemtrails. The video also uses scare tactics suggesting that CO2 emissions are the culprit and it is “much worse than what they originally thought it was”. Again, the culprit is Chemtrails and this is easily proven!


Unfortunately, some activists play to this kind of disinformation. They suggest that the public should abandon the word chemtrails. They ask people to avoid the word chemtrails. Their reason is because people associate chemtrails with hoax. That is simply a false assumption. People often open the eyes after more explanation.

They end up giving people a twisted meaning to geoengineering. So people end up having to use and waste time to explain the different definition of geoengineering. They waste time trying to change the meaning of geoengineering instead of explaining why chemtrails kill people. Most people and the mainstream science learn that geoengineering do not refer to those trails, for them geoengineering refer to an attempt to cure the planet, but the disinformed people try to change that accepted definition. That require a huge amount of effort. An effort that should be used to educate people about chemtrails instead of trying to change the definition of geoengineering.


Their approach to use geoengineering word is also detrimental for the chemtrails movement. Because now people think there is nothing wrong, there is no secret need to be unfold and there is no one trying to plan bad thing. Because people learn that geongineering is done without secret.

What is worse, the clueless public now will think that chemtrails movement is against an attempt to cure the planet! When in reality chemtrails movement is an attempt to cure the planet by trying to stop the spraying. Those disinformed people, the one that call chemtrails as geoengineering, giving anti chemtrails community a bad name.



An attempt to get SRM accepted by the public!

SRM is still an unproven method. But the promoter use anything to try to make SRM accepted by the public, to make SRM as something promising, this include using the chemtrails community to promote SRM.

We see a lot of publication that promote SRM as the only solution, an example:

“SRMG :The Solar Radiation Management Research Governance Initiative (SRMGI) was convened by a partnership of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the Royal Society, and TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world. The project was launched in March 2010 in response to the 2009 Royal Society report Geoengineering the climate. That report concluded that geoengineering is not an alternative to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but that it might be the only option to reduce temperatures quickly in the event of a climate emergency. It emphasised the importance of good governance, and the need for international partners to work together on this matter.” http://www.srmgi.org/




The Royal Society reports: 2012 was one of the “top five wettest years on record”, however the beginning of the year saw a widespread drought across much of the UK.  Join David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News, and Professor Tim Palmer FRS as they discuss extreme and adverse weather conditions with Liz Howell, Head of BBC Weather. How do these events arise, how they are reported, and how can the latest research improve the forecasting of storms or flooding in the future?”

David Keith

Above photo of David Keith (David Keith is to Geoengineering what Al Gore is to Global Warming)

David Keith states: Solar Geoengineering

I have been thinking about geoengineering since the early 1990s, when I wrote one of the first assessments of the technology and its policy implicatons in the journal literature, work that grew into a more systematic look at the technology and its historical roots that appeared in Annual Review of Energy and the Environment and in shorter form inNature. My current work on geoengineering includes:

  • Assessments. Member of the working group for UK Royal Society’s 2009 report  the first by a national science academy devoted to geoengineering. In 2010 I testified before committees of the US Congress  and the UK Parliament. I presented at US National Academy meetings in 2000 and 2009 served on the drafting committee for the American Meterological Society’s statement and was co-author of the geoengineering sub-chapter (4.7) of the mitigation volume of the Third IPCC Report and serving on the IPCC AR5.”

Notice that THE ROYAL SOCIETY and DAVID KEITH are one in the same? Also notice that David Keith TESTIFIED before US CONGRESS back in 2009, 5 years ago. YET, the word “Chemtrail” has become a conspiracy oriented term referring crazy activists who essentially ‘need to get a life’.


Chemtrails are not the government’s Solar Radiation Management Program, so please stop buying the lie!  We should always refer chemtrails as chemtrails because currently there is no mainstream geoengineering category for chemtrails. Only those who are in charge of atmospheric testing and experimentation of our skies will continue to profit from by eliminating the word chemtrails from our vocabulary all together. Their goal is to make you believe and promote global warming all over again. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! If they (whoever they are) can not make you believe in global warming by creating extreme weather to validate their claims, then they try to make you believe that the persistent trails you see is an attempt to reduce the real problem. This could not be further from the truth!. It is the opposite! Chemtrails are the problem, and they have been for quite sometime. Chemtrails are creating the global warming, but they want to make you believe that those trails is to combat global warming.

MOTIVE: Follow the money
All geoengineering firms NEED money (to the tune of billions of dollars) in conducting these so called “experiments” to substantiate their claims! They are premising these costly aerosol programs on a faux global warming scam, and the public is eating it up like candy!

This is just the first step, the first wave if you will, of implementing these programs globally. Humanity will finally begin to accept the carbon cap, carbon tax and any other inconvenience caused by accepting the global warming agenda. Global warming is not real, it is wrong to call chemtrails as geoengineering.


Some scientist has realize that jet exhaust trails (Which we call as chemtrails) is a sign of problem and may be the cause of current problem. Some example of their finding are:
Global radiative forcing from contrail cirrus – Ulrike Burkhardt* and Bernd Kärcher
“Aviation makes a significant contribution to anthropogenic climate forcing. The impacts arise from emissions of greenhouse gases, aerosols and nitrogen oxides, and from changes in cloudiness in the upper troposphere. An important but poorly understood component of this forcing is caused by ‘contrail cirrus’-a type of cloud that consist of young line-shaped contrails and the older irregularly shaped contrails that arise from them. Here we use a global climate model that captures the whole life cycle of these man-made clouds to simulate their global coverage, as well as the changes in natural cloudiness that they induce. We show that the radiative forcing associated with contrail cirrus as a whole is about nine times larger than that from line-shaped contrails alone.”


Even scienstist know that those smoke released by jet plane produce bad effect. Stop calling chemtrails ‘geoengineering’, because they are NOT ONE IN THE SAME. Stop referring to Global warming and Climate Change as though it were real. You have been scammed once again. Below, we have some references for you to read, one being Agenda 21, as the “weather” is spelled out in this document, as well as food shortages and genocide (for use of depopulation, etc.)


Sources :

Agenda 21  (This link includes your own FREE personal download of the Agenda 21 Document)

David Keith

Introduction to SRMGI Advancing the International Governance of Geoengineering

“The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) is an international NGO-led project that seeks to promote the good governance of solar reflection methods (SRM) of geoengineering. It is neither in favour of, nor against, SRM geoengineering and research, since it is impossible to tell at this stage whether the technology will be helpful or harmful. SRMGI recognises that this is a controversial issue that has potentially serious global implications, and believes that multi-stakeholder discussions, alongside international network building, will strengthen humanity’s ability to handle the issue.”


The above link show that SRM is not something definite yet, it is still a questionable method. It is not proven to work yet. But why people talking as if SRM is something that really can cool the earth?


Remember, chemtrails are not the same as Geoengineering. Do your homework, it makes a big difference!

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

91 thoughts on “Chemtrails are not Geoengineering”

    1. Solving the wrong problem would not help the movement at all.

      We should avoid the group who try to lure people away from chemtrails movement into anti geoengineering movement.

      The fact is many chemtrails believer forget the true mission. Instead of trying to deal with the chemtrails, they start to believe in an invented problem like arctic methane release and climate change.

      The enemy is formidable, and they have already succeed in halting the movement by diverting people to the wrong goal. Many would waste time just to get nothing.

      I do something that the anti geoengineering group would never suggest, to try to neutralize chemtrails my self. I got results. My weather and health are now improved.

      What about you?

        1. no, shooting down the plane is not a good solution at all. I use cemenite. Cemenite help improve the weather by allowing rain clouds to form. This will allow more rain and in the same time reduce the chance of flood. Cemenite help improve our health too.

  2. The native Americans were depleted of buffalo by the government , to force through starvation the herding of Indians into reservation areas , Now the government uses air craft weather spraying to , burn and tornado the masses into Agenda 21 Regions . Humans will not be allowed to enter into the elite’s wonderland . Just like the Indians were forced to stay on the reservations ! Just put two and two together !

  3. I watch the sky a lot, because I like doing so. I see that planes either leave no trail at all; or they leave short sharp little trails that disappear from the skies as fast as the planes do: but these days there is often something else going on. I have lived long enough to know that this is a new phenomenon. At first it did not seem to have any lasting effect, but I am realizing now that these trails not only linger a very long while, but they expand until they look like motorways up there albeit made of “cloud”. If some planes leave trails like this and some don’, what is the explanation? Our sixth form science (when we rummage for it in our memories for the cause) does not begin to explain it in terms of altitude and temperature, because these things were not up there when those of my age were at school, and presumably nothing has changed up there in those terms, since then. What I see is something coming out of some planes and not others: and this not only leaves evenly formed parallel banks of clouds, but the sky is soon overcast with a mistiness that is not quite right either. Sometimes real cloud bubbles up looking fairly normal to my eyes, but I do not remember this wet look that does not come down as rain and which hangs about all day. Days and days go by and there is neither sun nor rain: nor even mist or fog descending to ground level—just day after day of dreary skies that don,t make up their minds what they want to do. Weather can be fascinating but this not to be confused with these trails. They result in nothing in particular that a weather forecast could give a name to. Perhaps this is why nobody mentions them apart from us cranks who have nothing better to do but gaze into space in the hope of willing some proper sunshine into existence at this time of year.

  4. for example, here’s a starter. WHAT is being dumped, and how. How is it collected, whatever it is that is said to be dumped? Precisely.

    you need to prove that planes A, B, and C, dumped this much X, Y, and Z, and we have most of it…the exact same stuff, over in these bags, L, M, and O.

    Could you even get CLOSE to something like this ?

    don’t point to the sky, and say, see how that color is gray, and that dirt over there, as you point, is the same color….

    Doubts will persist.

    1. Any jet exhaust trails have been acknowledge as pollution by the scientist. There is no need for more proof.

      The weird thing is even when the car in the ground have high emission standard that we no longer see cars or motor that produce smoke anymore, the sky get different treatment.

      Million on search results of contrails avoidance is being ignored by government, resulted in sky polluted with trails beyond control. Some people no longer see the sun. I don’t remember ever seeing sunset anymore.

  5. one has to wonder what time spent actually learning science may lead to, and in most of your cases, a closed mouth, not typing bullshit as you have in spades.

    science is, and always has been, based upon method or PEOPLE DON”T TEND TO BELIEVE YOU UNLESS YOU DO.

    this is nothing new, and you ought to look into it, if, in fact, you have anything real to conclude after a rigorous application of the scientific method to your claims.

    As it is, you speak big words and have no proof of your seemingly “in your face” or “you don’t have to scientifically prove the obvious, maaan.”.

    such nonsense would never occur had not maxwell, shockley, einstein, done same and you would be only dreaming of beating out a message with a rock on another if it weren’t for their scientific rigors.

    go get a concept. you are all indebted to the scientific method and you seem to think you’re above it all, inexplicably.

    Prove that the government or other parties is/are deliberately doing this, and causing (there’s that “need to prove” word) deliberate harm/control/tests to people using biological or other agents.

    feel free to use facts. like, Who, what, where, when and why, and like proving that a current carrying wire induces a magnetic field TAKE A FEW FUCKING MEASUREMENTS ALONG THE

    dang, people. Are you ALL idiots?

    1. The article mention that:
      “Chemtrails are not the government’s Solar Radiation Management Program”.

      I think you are arguing the wrong article.

      It is clear that the trails that linger on the sky today is not geoengineering, based from its properties or its effect.

      I still not sure what is your point. And I think you are underestimating the complication required for the measurement. You can’t just take water sample or air sample and announce your finding. But even without measurement, it is clear that trails are problem.

      1. oh really, I beg to differ with you. NO. It is not obvious ” that the trails that linger on the sky today is not geoengineering, based from its properties or its effect.” to the activists.

        1. Yes, unfortunately. I have to agree that most activist do not even care about the detail. They don’t care about the different properties or the different effects.

  6. So what is the answer then? You provide all these facts yet very little in the way of proof? IF they are truly doing what your article says they might be doing then why ruin vegetation, bees and all other species? It makes no sense. They have to eat too. Soylent Green? Come on, this is nothing more than fear porn. Conspiracies such as this never hold up.

    1. Jack, climate change and global warming scare program make country and citizen pay a large amount of money.

      Carbon cap / credit / trading are all detrimental activity without any real progress whatsoever. People get punished for breathing and trying to enjoy live.

      The weather is proven to get worse after carbon cap starting.

      A pause in chemtrails activity is a real bless with good weather and sky to enjoy.

      The real monster is trails pollution but they extort people’s fun and money to make things worse.

  7. If you want to stop the spraying, force the government to ban sulfur release in the sky and ban contrails. Handing out copy of unclear material won’t help. And referring people to websites that promote chemtrails as SRM diverts the general public from actually attacking/solving the real problem.

  8. Here is Dane Wigington’s latest: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/global-geoengineering-fueling-venus-syndrome/ What Is “Venus Syndrome”?

    “Venus syndrome” is not a metaphor, it is a scientific scenario. The term should be self explanatory, but just to be clear, Venus syndrome is a scenario in which climate and atmospheric feedback loops are triggered that can’t be switched off. Under this scenario, as greenhouse gasses build up, and cause planetary warming, yet more greenhouse gasses are released which causes still more warming. This trajectory does not end in a balmy tropical resort Earth, but rather a planet that is closer to hell. Like Venus, Earth would become a pressure cooking inferno with virtually no life.

    Feb 26, 2013 Dane Wigington

    There are a great many contributing factors already pushing Earth toward this scenario, but one stands out above the rest. Based on all available data, if the ongoing global geoengineering programs are allowed to continue, “Venus syndrome” will be the likely end result for our planet, and sooner than almost any can imagine. Any that confuse this information with the rhetoric and hypocrisy of Al Gore and his carbon credit scams is making a mistake. What we face is real and has little to do the long list of self proclaimed “environmentalists” and “environmental” groups who have all chosen to turn a blind eye to the most dire and immediate challenge faced by all life on Earth short of nuclear catastrophe, global aerosol geoengineering.

    But Venus Is Much Closer To The Sun, Earth Could Never End Up In The Same State, Right?

    Wrong. Venus has many more similarities to our Earth than most realize. Venus is close to the same size, and a similar composition to Earth. Though there is still ongoing debate, the most recent science data suggests that Venus once had an atmosphere and oceans, not unlike Earth. All things being equal, Venus would not be so much warmer than Earth, but something went horribly wrong on Venus.

    So What Happened?

    Venus underwent a “runaway greenhouse effect”. There are a number of likely contributors to this effect which are similar in nature to what is taking place on Earth at this time. Like the sun shining through the glass on a greenhouse with no vents, the thermal energy gets in, but it does not get out. The “balance” that once sustained our planets life support systems are lost. As the scale then tilts to one side, warming, the “runaway effect” begins to feed itself. Once it progresses far enough there is no turning back, no stopping it. In the case of Venus, the average temperatures due to the “runaway greenhouse effect” are over 800 degrees.

    What Is Tilting Things So Far Out Of Balance?

    Though there are many contributing factors which are negatively effecting Earth’s natural systems at this time, based on all available data one outweighs all others combined, global weather modification/geoengineering programs.

    Geoengineering is the “elephant in the room” that is completely ignored or outright denied by nearly all climate change/environmental groups and organizations. It is of course a given that all governmental organizations deny the glaring reality of the ongoing geoengineering programs. This is in spite of the fact that the very same agencies and administration officials are actively proposing global geoengineering programs be implemented immediately, again, as if they have not long since been fully deployed.

    Atmospheric saturation with geoengineering nano particles, and the ever more apparent jet stream manipulation with ionosphere heater facilities like HAARP, are literally decimating Earth’s life sustaining systems.

    Why Are They Geoengineering If Its So Destructive?

    Because they can. Because there is no one to stop them. Because, at least for the short run, geoengineering is a weapon of unimaginable power (until atmosphere implodes from these programs).

    Too many people fail to consider that we are not dealing with reason or sanity in regard to those that run these weather/modification weather/warfare programs. This is the same power structure that has detonated over 1800 nuclear weapons around the globe. The same power structure that sprayed its own soldiers with agent orange in Viet Nam. The same power structure that has cavalierly used depleted uranium in ammunition in conflicts around the globe. The same power structure that has routinely done biological testing on innocent civilians again and again, there is no sanity in this equation.

    The stated purpose on most geoengineering patents is to deflect a percentage of the suns thermal energy in order to slow global warming.

    The reflective (and toxic) metal particulates create artificial cloud cover which increases the Earth’s “albedo” (reflectivity). Aside from the fact that the elements being sprayed are highly toxic, so far so good, right? Mission accomplished? Not exactly. The long and dire list of negative consequences from geoengineering exponentially outweigh any perceived benefit. Ozone depletion, completely disrupted hydrological cycle (drought and deluge), poisoned and sterilized soils and waters, massive resulting forest and species die off, altered wind and ocean currents, triggering of catastrophic climate feedback loops which threaten all life on Earth, to name a few of the consequences.

    So let me clarify, as here is the rub; they say geoengineering is nessesary in order to increase the Earths albedo (reflectivity) in order to slow runaway climate change. Available science states Venus already has an albedo over 2 times greater than Earth. Fully 70% of the suns thermal energy is reflected away from Venus due to the albedo of its atmosphere as apposed to less than 30 % for Earth. Venus is very bright in the evening sky due to its already high albedo. Has this high albedo helped Venus cool down? Not at all. Again, the temperatures on the surface of Venus are 800 degrees plus. Hot enough to melt lead. The surface pressure on Venus is nearly 100 times that of Earth.

    Clearly there is much more to a life sustaining planet than simply having a more reflective atmosphere.

    If “cooling” the planet was truly the primary goal of the geoengineering programs, their method is insane at best. The “pharmaceutical” approach, applying a “cure” that is exponentially worse than the ailment it was meant to treat. It is increasingly evident that much more straight forward goals are being carried out with the weather modification, weather warfare programs. Ultimate power and control are inevitably at the root of such programs. All available data indicates, if the geoengineering programs continue, this “power” over the weather, and earths inhabitants, will very soon be at the cost of all life on Earth. Geoengineering can and does create large scale cooling events by blotting out the sun on an immense scale and with artificial ice nucleation of clouds and storms, but it comes at the cost of a much worsened warming overall. In addition to the consequences listed above, simply stated, geoengineering particulates and the toxic atmospheric haze they create traps more heat than it deflects. They are making our already dire situation worse by the day.

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Geoengineering has already helped to trigger catastrophic climate feedback mechanisms like methane mass expulsion in the Arctic. Our planet is now changing at blinding speed, and not for the better. All available data makes clear that the climate altering programs have been increasingly ramped up for over 60 years. The Earth and its life sustaining natural systems have been increasingly hampered by these programs, till at this point, the effect of the massive global geoengineering programs are so total that our planet is literally in a “straight jacket”.

    Humanity has decimated the biosphere in countless ways, there is no rational argument to deny this fact. This being said, the single greatest decimating factor far, based on all available data, is the ongoing global weather modification/geoengineering programs. A decimated ozone layer, completely disrupted hydrological cycle, altered wind and ocean currents, triggering life threatening climate feedback loops (methane release), the loss of our once blue skies and photosynthesis, and the literal poisoning of all life on Earth from the fallout. This is their “cure” for the climate disruption largely caused by the geoengineering programs to begin with.

    It is now becoming ever more difficult for those in power to hide the all to visible global geoengineering programs and the decimation they are causing. The corporate/military/industrial/media complex will soon be much more active in their attempt to spin the reality and horrific effects of these programs. To “sell” them to the public as necessary mitigation for the increasingly destructive weather we are all witness to. The “Weather Channel” will increase their already ongoing propaganda campaign on Febuary 28 with a new series, “Hacking the Planet“. It is important to remember that virtually all major weather modeling and forecasting agencies are now owned/controlled by the same players that are conducting the climate/weather modification programs. Their job is to explain away the ever increasing climate anomalies and disruptions largely caused by the already ongoing geoengineering.

    It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to help in the effort to bring the lethal geoengineering programs to light. We must be out in front of the propaganda effort to sell the globally decimating geoengineering programs to the general public. Educate yourself on this dire issue, get credible materials to hand out, and educate others. Examples of information flyers can be found at “geoengineeringwatch.org/ads”. Get a copy of Michael Murphy’s “Why In The World Are They Spraying”, then make copies, and hand them out.

    If we can just reach critical mass of public awareness, we have a good chance of stopping the spraying. At that point those who actually carry out these programs would realize they are literally slow-killing themselves and their families along with the rest of us. Many if not most would likely choose not to participate. Public awareness is growing by the day, we must do everything possible to not only maintain, but increase this momentum.

    If geoengineering/weather/climate modification is not stopped, and the planet not allowed to respond and recover, available science points to “Venus syndrome” as the likely future for us all.


    1. There are some mistakes in Dane Wigington statement.

      The spraying is not geoengineering. Trails is never a cure for anything.

      It still not clear who do the spraying. It is definitely not the government who do cloud seeding, because cloud seeding is not an international effort.

      If you want to stop the spraying, force the government to ban sulfur release in the sky and to ban contrails. Handing out copy of unclear material won’t help. And referring people to website that promote chemtrails as SRM divert people from solving the real problem.

      Venus have 25km thick layer of sulfur clouds. Not methane nor aluminium clouds. This make even “ordinary” chemtrails a potential danger.

      Once the spraying stop, the weather will immediately improved the next day. No need for nature to respond and recover. There is no runaway heating. There is no catrasthopic climate feedback.

      If the spraying stop, the warming will stop, the extreme weather will stop.

      You can get a glimpse of it NOW, by neutralizing chemtrails.

  9. Yes, I don’t like cloud seeding, and perhaps it should be banned, but it is an altogether simpler and less sinister problem than chemtrails. Another question: will insistence that “geoengineering is not chemtails” make it easier for those want to resist chemtrails activists’ arguing that the Nagoya moratorium is not being implemented? Pat Mooney rejects all use of the term chemtrails, but if he accepted it he might agree that “chemtrails are not are not geoengineering” because later in the same interview, when I asked him whether his moratorium was being implemented, he said that there are very few instances of violation (!!!!!!!). Therefore, according to this particular type of disinformation, “chemtrails” (if they exist) are not geoengineering.

    1. I think the closer term for chemtrails is contrails. Disinformation make contrails appear harmless. But there are many scientific report about the danger of the contrails, the contrails cirrus in the term of positive radiative forcing. There is also a high concern of sulfur pollution. The sulfur have great influence on contrails life, and their existance in the sky is detrimental to the environment.

      The media that mention contrails have cooling effect only mention the day. Contrails have greater influence at night for its warming effect.

      1. Salem Mcnary Airport *If I spelled that right* has had much warmer weather at night since 1990. It has built up a little but not not like PDX which has always had a warming influence due to the river.

        Salem is more rural and the airport has a lot of grass around it so it should technically have a delay in warming but the spraying I believe has made it heat up at night.

        In the summer it used to be common to have sub 50F nights for a week at a time and very rare for 60F+ sweaty nights to happen except under very unusual conditions that last only a day before much cooler air comes in.

        Last few years in general have been uncomfortable at night and it will always seem to warm at midnight then drop. Me and my friends have noticed that so I am not the only one experiencing this effect.

        Microwave beaming perhaps?

  10. Here is the beginning of the transcript of an audio interview I did receHntly with Pat Mooney. Mooney is head of the ETC group, an NGO with a foothold in the ecological milieu that does some good research and opposes geoengineering in the international organizations but preserves its position in accepted discourse the same way Monckton does, by obeying the taboo on acknowledgement that chemtrails are a global reality.

    “The first point is this: we have compiled a video clip. You may have seen it, or you may have heard it, with extracts from a European Union publicity film on the extension of the emissions trading scheme to aviation, and also from a BBC publicity film on the effects of aircraft emissions on global temperatures. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d-yAq271xc&feature=youtu.be ; The first film says that aircraft emissions are a significant contributory factor to global warming. The second film says that aircraft emissions generate contrail cirrus, which reflects sunlight and has a cooling effect that could mitigate global warming. In other words the scientific conclusions are diametrically opposed. Does this mean that science in general is nothing more than a product of whatever political agenda one happens to have? If one wants to introduce a carbon tax or emissions trading one says that aircraft emissions are part of a global warming problem. And if one wants to promote solar radiation management or geoengineering one says that aircraft emissions can have a cooling effect and mitigate global warming. Is this an unjustified conclusion?
    Pat Mooney: I think it is true to say that science is manipulated by politicians all the time. It always has been historically. It’s not new that in this particular situation that what is thought to be, or presented as, sound science, is in fact simply how a politician chooses to play the game.”

    Sucahyo’s point that stopping geoengineering won’t stop chemtrails is true in this sense: ETC negotiated a moratorium on geoengineering at the UN’s conference on biodiversity at Nagoya. Chemtrails are obviously still there. But the ETC group, like the leadership of the climate change sceptics, do not acknowledge that chemtrails exist. They have therefore provided us with a potentially useful political tool, the moratorium, but they do not use it themselves, because if they did they would have been stigmatized as “conspiracy theorists” and would not have been able to negotiate the moratorium in the first place. These are the knots that we have been tied up in as a result of the bipolar strategy for promotion of geoengineering, which has utilized ecologists to highlight the global warming “problem” and geoengineers (many of whom are climate change sceptics) to promote the geoengineering “solution”. Christopher Monckton opposes Agenda 21, the ETC group opposes geoengineering, but neither of them are really allies because they do not acknowledge that chemtrais exist.

    1. Thanks for sharing Wayne Hall.

      I also worry people will aim their anger to small government attempting cloud seeding in an effort to combat effect of chemtrails. Cloud seeding is the only method they know to force rain. Stopping them would not stop chemtrails.

  11. KJ the point that I am making is that the most prominent figures on both sides of the climate change debate, the Al Gores and the Christopher Moncktons, both avoid or deny the reality of the ongoing global spraying. Whichever side of the debate we are on ourselves, we should be talking to our fellow believers of deniers who are influenced by the Al Gores and the Christopher Moncktons and so deny the reality of what we know to be real: the spraying. Call it chemtrails, call it geoengineering, what does it matter? The point is to avoid getting sucked into the Gore/Monckton debate and trying to prove that one of them is right against the other. Both of them are trying to pretend that what we are worried about does not exist!!!! Surely that is the problem for us!!!

    1. There is more than two side.

      There is chemtrails believer and global warming believer.
      There is chemtrails denier and global warming denier.
      There is chemtrails believer and global warming denier.
      There is chemtrails denier and global warming believer.

      I am a chemtrails believer and global warming denier.

      It is very important to use the correct term.

      1. It might be cold in your backyard but up and down the West Coast we have been having heat heat and guess what? More heat!

        It is warmer then last Spring which was almost the warmest on record with a long continuing stretch of much above average temps since about 2012/2013 our last good snowpack year.

        Yeach Year has been declining steady as she goes while the east coast has been freezing their butts off. Look there goes the butts!

    2. This is an example of what happen if people call chemtrails geoengineering, it force people to believe in global warming:

      Many article in that website mention chemtrails pupose are to cool down the planet. And claim the planet is warming up now, that may lead to runaway heating.

      I believe the warming stop immediately after the chemtrails no longer spray.

      BTW, if you ever heard “Venus syndrome” being mentioned, know that happen because of sulfur.
      “For example, on Venus, the density of the atmosphere is over one hundred percent greater than that on the earth. More than 95 percent of the air is carbon dioxide and there is a layer of dense cloud that is about 25 kilometers thick in the air. The dense cloud is composed of concentrated sulfuric acid. The carbon dioxide and the dense cloud can let solar radiation get through but they prevent heat from getting into space through them, so that the temperature on the surface of Venus becomes higher and higher.”

    3. “Call it chemtrails, call it geoengineering, what does it matter?” Really matter because what we should stop is chemtrails.

      Ending geoengineering won’t stop chemtrails.

    4. This is a great point…………and since the article was written, it was picked up by some of the largest tabloids in the world ……..I am glad to see people are using there critical minds backed by facts!

  12. In reference to Wayne Hall’s above post… to tell all non-scientists to shut up about climate… we are all non-scientists on this thread, I believe, and we continue to talk about the climate to save the climate….and as for our Canadian scientists, they’ve all been muzzled by Harper…..so I won’t be shutting up anytime in the near future….

  13. Both climate change sceptics and climate change true believers should start from the premise that the spraying is the reality, the climate change or absence of climate change the theory. Tell all non-scientists to shut up about climate.

    1. NON scientists are the only people thinking outside of the propaganda… it would be great if we could all just count on those who ARE experts to have some ethics and a conscience, but look where that’s got us! LOL! NO MAN or WOMAN should ever let intellectual elitist snobs shut them out of investigating things for their OWN selves! INDEED it is ONLY the NON scientists who have raised their voices above the deafening silence of the scientific community.

      1. NOLAButterfly, there are scientists that want the trails to be stopped, the majority. But as usual, government ignore it.

        The one deaf is the government or scientists that work for the government.

      1. By giving you an upvote! Simple! People try to mass flood downvoting good comments to promote the media *buzz*

  14. I have said for years that ultimately this will boil down to water wars. That’s what is going to bring us all to our knees. Yanna mentions something very valid..they are shifting our water supplies. I am alarmed that people who have been educating are now commenting in their videos and articles.. “remember to change your terminology from chemtrails to geo engineering, ” That’s a huge red flag for me…. the issue is getting so complicated for the general public to understand. All of this Is leading up to the big announcement that Geo Engineering will be put into place to save us from climate change that they have already let loose on us. The new weather series they are promoting Produced by Castle Pictures, Inc., “Hacking the Planet” features 6x 30-minute episodes and will premiere Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. ET. more brain wash primer!..All this wild weather IS man made. . Which means more funding for people like David Keith to implement his wild schemes and more environmental taxes for you and I that are just around the corner!! The apathy that prevails now in regard to our lack of sun and blue skies by so many will also accept the new announcements of Geo Engineering, more environmental taxes without hardly a whimper and further watch the progress of the demise of our planet… .. I did not give permission for this horrible experiment, did you? it’s costing billions.. we are paying for our own end. Ironic! ..I also plead guilty to using the word Geo Engineering .. A LOT.. I forgive myself as it meant I would not of made half the headway I have in this horrible fight so many of us have taken on ,,as if I had used the word Chemtrails… the only word really that ANY of us should use. My big problem now is who do I trust..people I have looked up to in this fight from the beginning are now singing a different tune.

    1. Thanks for sharing. That conversion comment is new to me, that is really scary. I can not imagine how many people are converted. Some activist always mention chemtrails as an AKA for SRM, SAG or other geoengineering.

  15. well what ever they call it, call it shit that jets spray out and turn a blue sky into a white mess if you like, there evil dork sticks.

  16. Hi Roxy… it gets more and more confusing as we all dig our way into the rabbit hole.. You have had Rosalind Peterson on your show for interviews and most of us know her reasoning for not using the word “chemtrails”.. it seems to deter any further discussion in any political realm if that termimology is used.. You disagree with her then?.. I have gained more strides in public offices using the term “geo engineering” as opposed to chemtrails which associates us into the kook fringe immediately especially by those not educated in regard to what is going on in our skies. You add here “Whoever is in charge of the aerosol spraying of our global skies is attempting to remove the word chemtrails from public’s vocabulary”.. even Dane Wigington/Dutchsinse/Michael Murphy .. many others who are involved in educating the public are changing their language these days. Why then?.. Essentially Chemtrails/Geo Engineering.. =toxic skies. I agree .. Follow the money.. No criticism intended here Roxy but for me I’m finding the whole movement is becoming way too fragmented and confusing many. Keep up your great work… Peace.. Es-tee M.

    1. YOU hit the nail on the head! All of the above will no longer associate with me as well, did you know this? We have a series of articles and videos that we are creating…taking this stand will perhaps create an angry mob. Can you please do me a favor Es-tee R. Miller, copy and paste your above comment to the actual thread of the article PLEASE as others are doing. This way we do not Lose your valuable words and stance. click the article and post comment to our website. This discussions begins today. I am so glad you have noticed, it is a truth denied that NO ONE is talking about it OPENLY.

    2. Es-tee R. Miller, the correct replacement for chemtrails is contrails. Scientist have used the word contrails to describe chemtrails for years!

      Unlike chemtrails debunker disinformation, contrails is not harmless. Contrails is serious environmental problem. So serious that there are thousands of article about preventing contrails.

      An action against contrails pollution can make contrails gone from the sky. With contrails gone, then chemtrails should gone too.

      In the other hand, even if people succeed in stopping geoengineering, I believe that contrails and chemtrails still be around. They can just say that contrails is not geoengineering.


      1. I believe that the real danger of chemtrails is their effect to weather. They cause violent weather that not only kill people and create a lot of damage, but also create an excuse to legitimate geoengineering.

        So, by supporting the group who believe that chemtrails is toxic, and in the same time brainwash people into thinking that chemtrails is solution to cool the earth, they can promote what is supposed to be snake oil, fake, geoengineering.

        The brain washed people think that chemtrails is toxic and think it is a solution to cure the planet. When in reality, chemtrails will still pose danger even if they are not toxic, because it is actually the cause of global warming and extreme weather.

        Which is why the solutions that can directly reduce the bad effect of chemtrails are banned in such group. They instead promote the solution that worsen the weather.

  17. Good one! One little thing though. I am not very sure if there is a heating of the planet. According to Russians, the planet is not warming, on the contrary. And accorting to British MET office there’s no warming after all, not ‘for the moment’, they say. My guess is that what they are doing is climate ‘change’ – some countries are with droughts, some with flouds, they are mooving the waters around the globe, creating a uge mess for all of us. UK is almost Venice now after months of pooring waters by tomes. Italy also had few weather bombs and we just had one few days ago, one young lady dead. ‘Climate change’ is their key words trying to convince us that there’s something wrong and do what they plan to do. But it is good that you finally make clear that aerosol spraying IS NOT GEOENGINEERING – this is what I have been saying the last couple of years and some ppl wouldn’t understand, they say it is makes their job easier to explain to ppl. Easier for now… cause later all these may be asked to consent in geo/g programs and they should now all about ‘climate change’ hoax. Thanks for the article.

    1. Yanna , you bring up extremely VALID points! Our investigator will be in this evening to ADDRESS your points, as well thank you so much for understanding the perspective, please pass this on far and wide. The Truth Denied cannot back down now that we have entered into this stance.Thnak you for your support.

    2. thing is whatever you call it it is there for all to see, it is no secret and we have allowed it for years. It is weather modification, can cause drought, snow, rain. Salt is the preference these days and silver iodide, that is why we are losing our flowers, crops, trees and bees. Nothing but certain weeds will grow in salt.

      1. No, cloud seeding are popular method to combat the effect of chemtrails. If you stop cloud seeding, you prevent cloud seeding from saving people’s live from the chemtrails danger.

        Cloud seeding is expensive, uneffective and may worsen the problem in case of error. A bad solution but that is the only solution chemtrails victim know.

        Chemtrails are the real enemy.

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