Are These Chameleons In Our Skies?

Or, Simply Just Clouds?

“Do they attempt to imitate natural cloud formations and do their, repeated patterns, flight characteristics, emitting of cloud like material and the uniform size of the various size craft-like objects give them away?” 

“Do they have their glitches and can  they be captured in the right lighting and correct angle?”

35mm Black & White film, near infrared, cloaked craft emitting unknown cloud like material, Jim Kerr copyright 2014
35mm Black & White film, near infrared, object emitting cloud like material, Jim Kerr copyright 2014

The object depicted in the above photo was taken by Jim Kerr in late 2013. This object meets the profile of these alleged cloaked cloud craft as they appear to emit a cloud-like material. I captured this using a Nikon F4s 35mm SLR using B&W film with a near infrared filter attached to the lens. 

35mm Black & White film, near infrared, cloaked craft emitting unknown cloud like material, Jim Kerr copyright 2014
35mm Black & White film, near infrared, object emitting unknown cloud like material, Jim Kerr copyright 2014

In the above photo I point out the alleged craft and the left edge. The shadow the object is casting on the clouds behind it and the coud-likeke material plume being emitted from this object.


Still removed from full spectrum video footage / Cloaked Craft
Still removed from full spectrum video footage.

This is a still removed from full spectrum video footage (Below). I filmed this object gliding along the bottom of this cloud. Notice the triangular shape and what resembles two engines or ports at the rear of the object. Also notice the wake of cloud material that clings to the rear of the object as it traveled from right to left. It made a sharp turn upward and vanished into the cloud. 

The video below was filmed by Jim Kerr on April 20 2013.   

Early in 2012, I began noticing strange anomalies in and around bizarre looking cloud formations that just didn’t seem like they belonged in the sky. I soon came to the “insane opinion” that a few of these anomalies in and around these clouds resembled triangular objects of various sizes that were emitting some type of cloud like material and interacting with Chemtrail aerosol spray. The signatures or footprint of these objects could be seen but I could not see anything that looked like a solid object. On a number of occasions, I observed aircraft traveling through these objects revealing they were not solid objects. The bottom line is, this is unknown territory and further observations and documentation are needed.

Sean Gautreaux is an author, artist, and researcher of this subject of Cloaked Cloud Craft. Check out his website listed below and decide for yourself if these objects are real.


Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Cloaked Cloud Craft w/ Hologram, Look at the detail in that face. Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Skyfish, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014
Skyfish, Sean Gautreaux, copyright 2014


Here is a statement from Sean, dated 09-08-2014

“I’ve been studying the cloud craft for over three years now.  It all began by noticing strange weather patterns over New Orleans in the Summer of 2011.  I started recording video of the storms, studying radars and looking over satellite photos for answers to the questions I had.  After a few months of reviewing video, I suspected cloaked cloud craft amongst the clouds affecting weather.  On August 8th, 2011, I saw my first partially uncloaked craft with my own eyes and was able to record video of it as well.  I was hooked.  Since then I have put out a series on YouTube called ‘What Is In Our Skies.”  I continue to put out subsequent parts to the series as time permits.  Are there cloaked craft above us globally?  I can say without a doubt, “Yes.”  Do I know for sure who made them?  “No.”  However, I can show people what they look like and point to the possibilities of their origins.  It is through awareness of their existence and the spread of that knowledge to others that we hope to get to the answers of exactly what is above our heads and who is controlling them. Thank you, Sincerely, Sean Gautreaux”

Posted Friday, April 25th 2014 @ 12am

UFO expert Sean Gautreaux joins Darkness Radio to talk about UFO craft that is cloaked by clouds and other unidentified phenomenon…

Read more:


Statement about Cloaked Cloud Craft from Stormrider716 dated 09-08-2014

“We are inching towards the answers. Then we have to learn how to  get our minds to deal with something  colossal and unfathomable . There will be no going back ,once we know the answers”.

“You know I never see anything normal up there, but this one bugged me for ages. Unusual angle ,looking down on it as opposed to looking up at it. Maybe there is something about this atmosphere ( on an atomic level ) that we have never been privvy to ,yes it makes you wonder what they consist of”.

“Which is why it is probable that MOST of the Clouds we see are NOT Clouds in the traditional sense. This is why they no longer look like the Clouds when we were small. Gradually the old style Clouds have been infiltrated by these things”.

 “The first step is always the hardest and people know this area is well out of their comfort zone.  This is also something else that once you start ,there is no going back. We cannot un-know these things. Hats off to  Roxy Lopez” !


Opinions and Conclusions of the Author:

I find this subject of Cloaked Cloud Craft fascinating and have seen the footprint of these object many times. I do not believe these are solid objects nor do I believe these are alien or an extraterrestrial technology. I also believe many of these captures are simply natural cloud formations but some are suspecious. I have now come to the opinion that good captures of these objects may have something to do with military technology involving HAARP patents. I have observed a connection to aerial spraying known as chemtrails and these objects. I have observed unmarked tanker jets target these alleged cloaked cloud craft with short bursts of an unknown aerosol spray causing a change in the appearance of these objects. It is possible there is a connection to the Naval Research Labs Plasma Cloud technology. More research is needed on this subject connecting the dots to the limited publizied military documents.



Sean Gautreaux (IndustrialSurrealism)

Technology Links

Here is a interesting article with video of technology used in custom paint jobs for custom automobiles. One of our theories regarding the cloaking technology used in these craft is in the paint applied to them. Electrified computer controlled paint could render these craft invisible and with computer technology they could be camouflaged to match the surrounding sky. Just think, if this technology is being applied to cars, how advanced is this technology for the black budget aviation programs. In the article it states this paint has a life span of approx 10,000 hours. I find this quite interesting as I was told by a source that some top secrete craft need to be repainted frequently. Again I remember the statement told to me, “What we have is beyond science fiction”. 

Light-up paint offers radical, if pricey, way to make your car glow




“New stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar, it renders them hidden to the human eye as well – just like an invisibility cloak in a Hollywood sci-fi thriller”.


Remember the technology is far more advanced than they will admit.

The U.S. Military Is One Step Closer to Having Invisibility Cloaks


Quantum Stealth; The Invisible Military Becomes A Reality



Breakthrough in creating invisibility cloaks, stealth technology

March 31, 2014
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United States gravity control propulsion research


Antigravity propulsion devices

Fully Operation Alien Technology – Mark McCandlish Tells All

“In his testimony, you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years”.





Here is a good clue…This could be one of the reasons that only the outline of these craft are visible.

“Not 100% invisible. The outline can be seen by the naked eye”.

Invisibility cloak for Tanks.


Jim Kerr (ChemtrailsAVCA)

About the Author:
Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. In 2011, Jim took and interest in Chemtrails / Geoengineering and began filming and documenting the skies over the Antelope Valley California in hopes of spreading awareness to this agenda. Within a short time Jim began capturing strange anomalies in the sky that appeared to have a connection to Chemtrails. Anomalies consisted of obvious man made plasma cloud experiments connected to HAARP type technology for weather control and other military applications, UFO’s than have a strange attraction to chemtrails, Cloaked Cloud Craft that use a technology to render themselves almost invisible but do have their glitches. Jim shares his finding with many researchers worldwide to collectively reveal the truth.


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By Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. Jim is no stranger to UFO sightings, having seen his first illuminated disk over the Santa Monica Bay at 2:00 am in 1973 and others since. Jim is a UFO researcher/investigator and advisor for The Truth Denied sharing his findings with many researchers worldwide.

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  1. Michael Lewendon 19 November at 22:17 · The BBC website · On 11th September 2004 between 6.30 am to 7.30 am at AWE Burghfield, Reading Berkshire, ENGLAND postcode RG30 3RR my wife and I witnessed a UFO. Not unusual, thousands upon thousands have seen UFOs. Spent everyday since wondering why, how, etc., accused everyone for covering it up, made assumptions of it being this or that, emailed a few people asking them to investigate the sighting?. Even wrote to my Queen, Defence secretary, MI5, MI6, Royal Air Force, Navy, Army, Steven Hawkins, David Cameron, Teresa May, Barak Obama, also every Newspaper in England, all TV News channels, in England and United States, Sent emails to top Scientists and physicists, and more, many more. Why they don’t respond? although Barak did is mainly because of the place it occurred, a Nuclear Establishment where if you chucked a pigeon up in the air it would send off alarm systems. This place has many cameras, hundreds, it also has detection systems of all kinds, many of you reading this will know what kinds? THESE instrument readings that are held in archives at AWE and various places including NASA, hold the answers to Time Travel. If and when somebody ever checks these readings out they will find all we saw. Even though it has HUGE security risk and other complications an official letter to Ian COUCHER was received from a Reading MP to investigate the above, his reply was no less than hideous reading. He never even read the Freedom of Information request that was sent in? Security risk? There should be an investigation called on his actions regarding this matter? Today 17/10/2017 Still no inquiry? unreal, how much does it cost to look? I have had petitions refused? After getting the public to ask for a Reading in Parliament. lied to by top F.O.I request people? They sent me an email address where I could appeal if I disagreed with their findings, Email address that never existed? This CRAFT was not today’s technology, a visit from the future maybe? Aliens maybe? Security and Defence of this World depends on M.O.D in every Country. We have here in ENGLAND Archive evidence of such a fret, yet the people who could call up this investigation, don’t. They should all be ashamed of themselves,and lower their eyes from all their loved ones, because its these loved ones that should matter. Hope one of the named above read this, Mankind, the future needs this technology and by not calling up this investigation you all will be remembered and disgraced in history. Today’s date 10/11/2018, and yes I’m still trying to get a UFO sighting Investigated by The Authorities and no one has contacted my wife or I for more Information. As these archives, which stretch around the world and probably in space, all they need is the time 6.30am to 7.30am England RG30 3RR. Other Countries around the world can look at their Archive Evidence to look for Distortion’s that will show up this time warp tunnel-new energy force? Something of this size must have left a trail in many places on many recording instruments. RUSSIA, CHINA, AMERICA, many more Countries have a say in this New Energy all they need to do is check their Archive Evidence for that exact time, maybe slow down the Data. These Countries could ask England to give them the exact time, to the second, which would save time and be a great help? Seeing as England refuses to acknowledge UFO sightings, and don’t investigate any more, it only seems right for the benefit of mankind that England gives all the Information they have, to these Countries. Archives of hundreds of cameras recordings. Hundreds of Instrument readings taking Data and recordings. Evidence of all we saw. Evidence of a new type of energy. Our children’s future. Michael lewendon

  2. I have over 6,000 cloud pics I’ve taken over a year and a half here in Oregon. I also have several lights that fly in at dusk every night.
    Which I also have some grainy but visible video of. I’ve never been able to figure out what to do or who to show these too. Most people just brush it off as my imagination.

  3. Hi, all these clouds are flying objects, they bend radiation around the objects and can now be invisible or ‘colored’ with holographical technicks. The purpose of these cloaks is to make winds and blew cellulose(a natural polymer as sugar) fabricated from CO2 to do something against overpopulation of the world. This cellulose fabric will layer for layer for layer get in and on your skin(boldness) that your cells cannot get any oxygen and will cause Cancer, this cancer will be fed by the cellulose(sugar). Also you can get sugar-diseas, because your body doesn’t make alpha lipoic acid that will set this sugar into energy. This AlphaLipoicAcid (ALA) needs t o use with vitamines K1 and K2…

  4. Id say about two years ago i was at my poolside talking religon with my wife! It was a perfect clear sunny blue sky day. I mean not a cloud in the sky! Well maybe just 1… My wife told me to look at the one tiny cloud about 500 feet up and maybe 35 feet to the south of our pool! It was setting perfectly still with what i would say a jelly fish look to it! What i mean is what a jelly fish would look like swimming above you except in a cloud form! We noticed no noise and an almost holographic look to the cloud. I became excited and told my kid to run in and get my Binoculars. As soon as i mentioned binoculars the cloud in a jellyfish holographic movement started moving at a slow steady speed to the north east! I live 40 miles south of chicago in northwest indiana. Because i also research the ancient text i concure there are no aliens and this is dimensional beings(fallen) we are dealing with! Because i was talking religon with my wife i felt at the time it was some sort of portal opened up. But i also believe it was most likely a military antigravity craft being controlled by men 19 to 35! My deduction? Well it was the weekend and they were hovering over my pool! My wife was in a Bikini and my 14 year old daughter was too! I do know fallen angels are attracted to woman(gen ch.6) but the most logical conclusion is humans using the technology and taking a little detour!

  5. umm looking down on these lines myself after making a fool of myself, accusing everyone of a cover up when they actually were never aware of the future visiting our nuclear establishments but to what end, if they cant and won’t believe this is happening, then we will never know why they came back,but only the future would know how to come back cloaked from our security devises.they came here for a reason? they allowed my wife and I to witness there presence,why?BIG WHY?

  6. i just noticed the same cloud seen hANGING IN FRONT window facing westerly SINCE IN ARRIVED (BEEN THERE FOR SEVERAL DAYS) NOW GONE. MEMORY SERVES me it held the same pattern for about 4 days and disappeared. Interestingly weird if nothing else. wish I was aware of this earlier so could have tken pictures. next time.

    1. Thank you Sonny for your comment and relating your observations. In the world of ufology there are many bizarre phenomena taking place in our skies that we can not fully explain. Please forward photos in the future to us at “The Truth Denied”. While taking photos make sure you take the photos outside rather than through a window. Taking photos through a window can cause reflections and inaccuracies. Sincerely, Jim.

    2. Sonny do you have any photos of the cloud please (And could you take one photo of the “cloud” daily for threee days in a row t the same time? Would you be willing to do this?

  7. I live on the big island of Hawaii and I’ve noticed them for the past two days straight. Today there are at least 6 but probably more. Why are they watching us and when does the watching stop and become something more? It’s exciting, interesting, and very heeby jeeby. I’ve got photos if u care to see them.

  8. Thank God, its not just me. I have seen and attempted to describe ALL the things you listed. I have been taking photos to prove my sanity and have the faces and a few other things. Please email me to discuss! Eve

    1. Hi Eve,
      Thank you for your comment and awareness. There is a growing awareness taking place worldwide to what is taking place and we still have many unanswered questions. You can contact me by email at I would defiantly like to hear your findings.

  9. Terraforming the planet has nothing to do with the reduction in oxygen on the planet, however deforestation absolutely is a threat to the oxygen. I don’t know that extraterrestials need less oxygen at all…..

  10. We live off the oxygen so if they bring the oxygen level down to meet their needs, how would we survive to become slaves for them?

    1. Hi Sheri. The statement was made by the person Arizona. I don’t believe there will be a reduction in oxygen. It is a theory many people share but I don’t see this happening. Collectively worldwide people are seeing strange things in our skies. For now all we can do is connect the dots to known technologies, eye witness accounts, events, non falsified video / photos and personnel experiences. Thank you for your comment. Sincerely, Jim

  11. There may indeed be off worlders flying around our skies. But with today’s imaging technology, if you believe a picture, you’re an idiot.

    1. Of course with today’s imaging and editing technology anyone can show any contrived hoax in video and photos. Most of what is on the internet is contrived and that is a shame. But what about, lets say, the 10% that are real unexplained captures of aerial phenomena and these objects can be connected to know advanced technologies and applications. Makes one think doesn’t it. Here at The Truth Denied we don’t need to post any contrived photos and videos. We have experts who have the experience and technology to analyze footage. We have a track record of knowing the source and integrity of those who work with us providing video and photos. Thank you for your comment.

  12. TERRAFORMING,interesting word,reducing the oxygen content of the air,……I hate to be the bearer of bad news,BUT YOUR PLANET HAS BEEN SOLD,and they need the oxygen level to come down a lot to live here,PLANET earth will be mined by the survivors,AS SLAVES.,…..LET me give all you guys a PIECE OF ADVICE,stay under the PROTECTIVE WING,of OUR DEAR LORD,and his guardian ANGELS,cause if you don’t,I guarantee you wished you had,and “DON’T” go anywhere without you best BATTLE RIFLE with you at all times,its about to get real here shortly………..

    1. Terraforming the planet by an alien race is a theory shared by many. After years of researching the Biblical, ancient text, archaeological discoveries, research of others, testimonies of people I know and personnel experiences, I believe aliens are not what most believe them to be. They are demonic in nature, fallen angels, modern day nephilim with technologies that would make ones heart fail in fear. A excellent source for information is Steve Quayle and Chuck Missler. You are correct. The only protection from this will be to have accepted the Lord, plenty of prayer along with being “prepared”… The scripture Luke 21:26 comes to mind. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken”. Thank you for your post. Sincerely, Jim

  13. CHINA LAKE,CALIFORNIA,Home of the US AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND,and you’d really be surprised at what these boys have been up to,ALL EVIL TOO,and they have a lot more evil planned,LIKE DESTROYING THE PLANET for one,their setting up bases on MARS for a reason you know………

    1. Thank you for your comment. There are so many clues about what is truly taking place within the dark black ops military programs and is unbelievable to most. But by connecting the dots we can surly have some insight. China Lake is a hot spot.

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