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* This image  (above) is from a French documentary showing a VeriChip being surgically removed from the arm of a journalist. Source: News of the world – RFID

2017 Updates :  Popular Science put an article out called ‘Why Did I Implant A Chip In My Hand?’ that most of you may want to read. Please look at the size of the chip, and as you are looking over your own body, can you tell us how large or small your chip is, where ever it’s location may be on your body?


Please be sure to visit the comment section when you are finished reading the article for advice from other TI’s.

 RFID technology could lead to political repression as governments could use implants to track and target human rights activists, labor activists, civil dissidents, and political opponents; criminals and domestic abusers could use them to stalk and harass their victims; slaveholders could use them to prevent captives from escaping; and child abusers could use them to locate and abduct children. So what do we do about this?

Most of the TI’s that I have spoken have similar concerns when it comes to implant devices; the removal of an RFID implant is complicated  whether you are a pet or a human.  First you have to find a practitioner who can detect the chip.This is usually not so easy to do as some of the chips do not show up on X-rays, ultrasound machines, or scanners.Once you have successfully determined that you do have an implant ,you better hope the chip stays in one location,  90% of the time they tend to move around the body.  Secondly, you must find a surgeon who is willing to remove the chip, or find a technician who can erase the chip and stop it from transmitting data. The following is sure to help those of you who may have strong implications of chip implantation. This article is to aid you in your search for either chip detection and or chip removal. 

What is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) implant?

RFID is a technology for identifying unique medical equipment and supplies and other high value assets using radio waves. Typical RFID systems are made up of two major components: Readers and Tags. RFID tags are also referred to as a ‘chip’. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

The RFID reader (also called a scanner), is set to a particular electromagnetic frequency, and an RFID tag, which consists of a microchip is connected to an antenna. The microchip contains information that is transmitted to the scanner when the chip is within its range. The chips are generally the size of a grain of rice, but more recent technology is smaller. Uses for the RFID Chip include tracking for pets, medical patient data and records, military recruits,credit & debit cards cards, US Dollar, consumer goods, and  even livestock. You name it, it’s got a chip.

The RFID labels draw their power from the reader. The reader transmits a low power radio signal through its antenna to the tag. The tag receives it through its own antenna to power the integrated circuit (micro-chip) that is built-into the label. The tag will briefly communicate with the reader for verification that the tag was “read” and data is exchanged. RFID systems were originally developed created as an alternative to barcodes, so they say. If you are not familiar with RFID technology yet, I would suggest that you begin to at least familiarizing yourself with it, mainly because the number of different devices that utilize these types of tags is growing exponentially. The main reason someone would want to block or destroy RFID chips would be to maintain privacy.

AMAZING PDF and DOCUMENTATION of LARSON’s CHIP : TI’s need to read this!


How did you get your implant if you never authorized it?

It is becoming more and more obvious that almost all of us have been implanted with chips in one way or another since we were born, but how? And exactly WHO is doing the implants?

Vaccinations, flu shots, dental work, surgeries, sleep abductions, in fact most medicine including dentistry has been loaded with implantable chips since the 1960s. They have had this technology for 40 years or more and are just now bringing it out to condition and introduce it to the public. Withholding technology is typical for the government and military for years before they release it to the public for whatever reason. Most of the time new technologies have been beneficial, but implantable chips are not one of them. If you wish to further your knowledge on current technology regarding frequency and reading distances of the RFID CHIP, we have provided a manual from DEFCON:

Removal of an RFID Implant: Now that you have one, how do you get rid of it?

“The implantable microchip can be removed from the body – but it’s not like removing a splinter. This image is from a French documentary showing a VeriChip being surgically removed from the arm of a journalist. Source: News of the world – RFID  CNN reporter Robyn Curnow confirms that chip removal is difficult. She was implanted with a VeriChip in a Spanish night club in 2004 and had the device removed later that year. She reports that the surgery was a challenge for the doctors involved, a far cry from “removing a splinter.” Here is her report: Once back home in London, I begin to feel uncomfortable and unsure about my microchip implant. The Baja Beach Club Web site assures that getting rid of the microchip is a simple and harmless procedure, something like removing a splinter. But the two doctors I consulted in London’s Harley Street disagreed. Getting the microchip removed became serious business.”

The following is from a reader who had an unbearable ringing in their ears and suspected they had an implant. This is an excerpt from part of their letter.

“That night, taking the advice on your website, 3/4″ Neodymium magnets were now placed on the top arch of the ear, one if front, and one behind. But the ear had been cut, and the force of the magnets became so painful, they were not able to sleep with them on more than 2 hours before having to remove them.”

Only days have gone by… but the sound has not returned. (Referring to the ringing and beeping noises.)”

Magnets can also  be found inside old hard drives. They will be encased in a silver (or gold) overlay because they are more brittle than other magnets. But you will not mistake them, because the moment you try to put them together you will pinch your fingers. They are very powerful magnets, derived from a rare earth mineral.

And they WILL render micro-chips useless.” Original source

RFID REMOVAL: The photos clearly show something foreign that is not organic mixed with the biological tissue


The photos contained in this document are of micro stimulator devices that were surgically recovered and analyzed by using microscopy and by materials characterization techniques. The recovered devices are an exact match for the devices that were developed by research scientists Joseph Schulman, Gerald Loeb and Philip Troyk under contract from the National Institutes of Health. There are about 4 contracts involved, but the initial contract was #N01-NS5-2325 and funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP. More information regarding these contracts can be found at the NIH Neural Prosthesis Project website. The following list briefly outlines some of the evidence presented in this document  .AMAZING PDF and DOCUMENTATION of LARSON’s CHIP


Please check out this interview with James Walbert  who is  one of the Board of Directors for  the Stalking Victims Network. James Walbert is a victim of non-consensual RFID implantation. He has testified in in Washington D.C. in front of the Presidential Commission on Bioethical issues appointed by President Obahma.He is one of the few who obtained a “Protection Order” for James Walbert.

When  I  asked  James  Walbert   why   he  did  not   elect   to   have  his  implant  removed, he stated “Because I don’t think it’s time”.


How  to deactivate an RFID Chip/Implant

“I have found that rare earth magnets called Neodymium magnets will nullify chips. I bought some Neodymium magnets online from a retailer, the kind that can lift 10lbs of steel and run about .70 cents apiece and I used band aides to hold them in place. I put magnets on the back of each ear lobe, on the side of each arm where I have received shots, on both sides of my jaws where I had wisdom teeth removed, and under each heel where I had been purposely implanted by my mother’s doctor shortly after I was born. Also on my stomach where I had a cesarean. I am finding that most people are implanted by their navels as well. If you have had any type of surgery put a magnet near the scar for about 24 hours.”

Neodymium magnets
Neodymium magnets

“For the electronic, physical, (implants), neodymium (rare earth mineral) magnets of anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch in diameter work very well to completely disable them. Some people wear them in the headband of a baseball cap, preferably for at least 24 hours, but you can also tape them to the back of your ear and hide them under your hair! After implants are disabled, you won’t have so much fatigue, and the pitch or frequency in your ear stops happening. Use caution with these powerful magnets, though, as they can wipe out disks and computers. It’s best not to wear them while sitting at the computer, at least, not while wearing more than one or two of the little ones.”

The following are comments of those who have tags and implants and these are excerpts from their discussions. They don’t seem to be bothered by having the implant, they chose the injection. They often refer to it as  biohacking .

James says:

December 14, 2012 at 4:17 am

I have a 125kHz EM4102 tag in my left hand and have for almost two years.

I’ve been wondering if you think it’s worth it to remove my current tag and upgrade to a 13.56mHz S50. Is the read range about the same, worse, or greater? Really I love that you can use it with Android phones (even though I’m an iOS guy) and it seems slightly more future-proof for maybe another 5 years at least (total guess.) I’d have to replace two RFID readers however and re-inject myself which isn’t terrible- it just costs more. Any thoughts or alternatives? I get in my house and turn my lights on and off. (I’ve even thought about buying a bunch and putting them in my clothing!)”


Amal says:

December 14, 2012 at 10:47 am

Hi James,

You can have your 125kHz tag removed and replace it with an S50, but why not just put the S50 into the other hand? Of course range depends on a lot of factors like reader antenna shape and power output, but overall range is slightly less than the EM4102 if you’re talking about using a phone to read the tag. Here are a few videos you should check out;

As for future-proofing, with over 150+ million access control systems around the world that use the EM42xx family of tags – I don’t think the EM4102 is going out of style any time soon. That’s why I’d suggest just getting the S50 put into the other hand rather than replacing the EM4102… then you’d simply have more options!” End Discussion

“We believe that Biohacking is the Forefront of a new kind of evolution.” Founder of the website Dangerous Things.

Talk about the new frontier!







About the Author

Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied
Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied

Lopez has been reaching out to the public most of her adult life regarding many subject matters that revolve around government secrecies such as GMO’s, UFO Sightings, Morgellons Disease ,and Chemtrails, just to name a few. Lopez states that “The TRUTH has been DENIED us all, and in this current age of technology we now afford the right to access it once and for all.”

The Truth Denied acquired worldwide attention when Lopez made a global stance against Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails), GMO’s, Fracking , environmental health hazards, Morgellons Disease, Gang stalking and illegal government surveillance programs that are increasingly on the up rise. Roxy opens the can of worms to the secrets that the Global Government is keeping from us all.



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419 thoughts on “How to remove an RFID IMPLANT

  1. I read a few comments above about your son asking you strange things. I had a gift when I was younger and it turns out it has everything to do with these implants. If you are hearing voices you need to find a OTOSCOPE and look inside your ear for a small silver round object with two small wires that hook into and clamp together underneath the bottom side of the radio. These “voices” and more than likely people on this radio, it is connected to another device that looks like a oci scope. dont know the name of it but its on the VHF frequency range and can play video to the person who has them.
    (make sure you clean off ear wax, the radios are a silver color, there will be one in each ear and one will have a small antenna, batteries are a part of the device)

    WHILE were on the subject, im looking for a doctor who will remove these radios out of my own ears, ive had them for three years and am now being stalked and harrassed by strangers. Ive already spent hundreds looking for a doctor who will help me but THE POLICE following me keep calling the doctors and telling them to refuse to take them out of my ear. So if anyone knows of an ENT doctor who can help or is willing to help send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you! Any help would be appreciated.

  2. You sir are more confused now than you ever were. Try getting back on drugs. Perhaps them you can think on your own and stop using your programme mind. God bless you

  3. Hey Ms. Carolinav., they’ve just fooled you. You haven’t experience gang stalking anymore it’s because they stop. There is only two options here, its either you are one of the GANG STALKERS or just want to deny the fact that gang stalking strategy experiments through Psychological harassment is true. Even the older people aging 50 years old and up has been a victim.

    There is a lot of TI’s who never even taken any drugs but they are being targeted. This is a style and the way of a gang stalkers alibi.

    May God deal with you and punish you if you are one of the gang stalkers. If not then may God open your eyes to know truth.

  4. I also have been in psych wards and met other people with chips and we could both together smell the same smells as so of the other “normal” patients couldnt. My rdif chip is implanted in my arm. I know this because before they sent me there I begged and cured in terror and one nurse said ok listen I can help you but I have to break your arm to get it out, naturally I was already stressed overwhelmed and anxiety ridden I screamed don’t break my arm! She said it’s the only way to get it out and then they would surgically remove. They never broke my arm due to my reaction and I got a shot of Vatican and woke up and still had it. I think back to that day so much and so hard because tt was my chance to seek my old life and have freedom and I wish I would have calmed down to let her due that because I would be free from the government prision inside my body causing all this damage that is the size of a grain of rice. Please help!!!! I can’t take it anymore.

    1. I have an answer for you all as to why you think theres a chip inside you. You guys have at least one memtal disorders or youre on drugs and are immensely sleep deprived. I used to read this crap 5 years ago when i was using drugs. I whole heartedly believed this bs about gangstalking. Once i sobered up i realized my mind created all the scenerios i was entertaining about people stalking me and reading my mind etc lol. My advice is, get on meds and please do not slice yourself open looking for an imaginary chip. Those voices you hear are from your mental disorder. The body aches you get are hallucinatory (hypochondriac) or perhaps from just having a backache? Lol. No one is gangstalking anyone, its paranoia from your disorder. Seek medical attention. Of course a doctor will want to have you shipped to a psych ward if your asking them to scan you for a government chip so you can pluck it out. Snap out of it!!

      1. Not necessarily. The criminals planted teeth into my garden (garlics were replaced. In Hungarian, garlic spelled = teeth(bulb), so this was intended as a funny death threat), also chemicals sprayed on your window cannot be imagined. I have never heard any voices, but I too hear this hf ringing, mostly at home.

      2. First thing I want to say is Gangstalking does exist and don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t! Those people that say it doesn’t exist are either fooling themselves or they are gang stalkers! Period! This is a message to all targeted individuals. The best thing to try to do is stay calm. I do believe that some of you might have chips implanted to keep track of you and perhaps to harass you in some way. I feel this also, but seek ways to counter what is happening to you. Eat very healthy, exercise, walk outside, go to church, festivals, functions, etc. to meet other people, continue to try to enjoy your life! Do the best you can to live the best you can! Join forces with other targeted individuals! Don’t let the evil control you. Think of ways to help yourselves. I believe you because a lot of this stuff is happening to me! I just want to convey the message to you to not be so paranoid that you can’t function. I sympathize with you and realize that it is hard to know what to do. For example, if you have ringing or noises in your ears when you are in your house, go spend some time out side. If you keep yourself busy enough to get really tired, eat well, exercise and keep a healthy attitude and determination that you are going to be a happy person, you will probably sleep better some times. Realize that these people who are harming you are evil and they want you to be a victim, so don’t follow their plan. Try to do the opposite of what they are trying to achieve. All of you, as well as me, need to stand up against this evil mistreatment! I think the way to do this is to join forces and not be passive and stand by while this happens to millions of people! Not only think of yourself, but have compassion for all of the other victims of these despicable crimes! Have faith, NEVER give up! Keep seeking information, help, solutions and DONT stand by and let this continue to happen! This needs to be the year that we all join together to bring this abomination to the attention of everyone! So, remember to talk like you don’t know what you are talking about! Get information, keep journals of your everyday encounters, get lots of pictures of the people doing things to you and any proof you can document. Search your houses for the bugs, video cameras, get the best magnets for the chips that you feel you might have and be proactive for yourselves. My advice to everyone who feels that your homes are invaded is to move and move often. This may help, no guarantees though. I have been experiencing gangstalking for a minimum of 16 years, maybe longer, just wasn’t totally aware of what was going on when it first started. I feel that if you all would seriously think hard on who would want to harm you or who might really hate you or is jealous of you or resents you for some reason, then you would come up with at least one person who could be behind this mistreatment of you. In my case it is my two idle evil older sisters, their idle evil families, my one idle evil sister’s idle evil son who is in the army, my idle evil ex husband and the many stupid, evil and idle people that these people have lied to about me, just to do anything they can to harm me. The reason I call these people idle is because they don’t have anything decent to do in their lives so they choose to be evil, in humane, indecent and cruel beyond words. I can only hope and pray that something will happen to them that they truly deserve! Keep your spirits up and react the exact opposite of what they are trying to achieve by mistreating you! I will write to you all again soon. Keep your faith in the Lord and join together to figure out how we can combat this horrific evil in our lives! You can contact me at May you all be blessed today and for all eternity!

      3. Carolinav, you need to have your head examined because YOU don’t know what you are talking about! Maybe some of these people are not okay BUT definitely NOT all of them! So, your generalization might very well apply to you. You do not know what all of these people are encountering for you to even think it is okay to make your ridiculous comments. Have empathy and compassion for others even if it isn’t happening to you!

  5. I am so overwhelmed and annoyed with this chip. I had a great life before, always. Had back pain but never like this, I’ve been to host wards, jails with Tourcher chambers asking me to give up my friends, they can make u see things as well as hear things, like you know how a normal person with no chip can’t hear the voices u can? Well it’s then same with seeing and smelling too! Very messed up, I’ve had my food messed with and had the older of a toaster strudel be masked with foul doers and it wasn’t old food ether..they can somehow send sent signals and vision as well as the familiar voices and pain zaps, I have compleplated suicide because I have seen and literally felt spiders on me, realistic as hell., these chips are so technolical advanced its like imagine seeing a real tarantula on you but it’s not there. I have seen anacondas as well it’s terrible. I def believe this chip is revelations and I always get down on myself and I haven’t done anything to deserve to go to hell yet, they put me in a special room in the hospital and I heard my mom dad daughters voice everything to make sure I was not lying about my daughter being molested by her father. I always wish I was because they know and can read your mind anyways but I am not and I hear my daughters voice all the time. Its tragic, I’ve been in 5 car wrecks so have had plenty of surgies. From reading these stories I didn’t know u could have multiple chips.. I thought just one ran it all but I’m only 25 and I get zapped in the back terribly, I feel like a 60 year old and cannot get no relief due to my young age and narcotics. I also get sexually harrased at least once a day by multiple zaps in my privates and it messes with me ohyicayly and mentally. I feel I have lost all hope. Please help me before Its too late for me, life is supposed to be happy and precious and enjoyed. I have been in agony for almost 3 years now. I’m not sure what to do but it’s deppressi g and I cannot take anymore! I think I’ve endured t most Tourcher that the chip can produce like my mega watts will explode please help lol!!!!!

    1. Hi,

      I know what you’re going through. I was a virgin but they took my virginity away with raping me. I don’t know how they were able to do it but it was very painful and real. This definitely is Revelations. Protect your family especially your daughters. Don’t give them shots. Once a victim it seems impossible yet to get out. I am 34 now and got raped with 27 and it’s still ongoing. I have had that same rape feeling with 16. But at that time I was stronger willed and prayed in Jesus name until it left. Stay with God as close as you can he will help and deliver us. I believe it because he is stronger then them.
      Keeping your faith is important. A nurse once said at the hospital “at least they weren’t able to break her faith”. Another nurse said “this is just an experiment”. They’re just using us to test their technology and simply to see how people react, yourself as a victim, those who are using the technology and those who may find out about you being a victim. Most people just look away.

      When I was living in Canada I was once driving my car in Edmonton, AB. I was listening to a CD when all the sudden I wanted to reach for my cell phone but instead I got the radio button and the radio button turned on. I was singing along the song from the CD but stopped when the radio got turned on. I could hear myself singing in the radio although I was only using my head voice not my actual sound voice. My voice was not in real time it was a few seconds delayed. Right after I heard a guy speaking on the radio saying something like “we both sang along the song and it sounded beautiful” all the sudden a hung up and the two moderators one female one male were laughing and making a comment about that guy hanging up.
      It sounds not real … Well go to Edmonton, AB and ask them if they have heard a female voice on their mind. I can hear them sometimes arguing about if it was just a game or not. For me it was never volunteeringly and always against my will…just for the records.
      I lived in Regina, SK in 2009 until 2012 and in Edmonton in 2013 until 2016.

      1. Dear Ruth,
        They are astral also. I could tell you how and why, I will just tell you, what you can do in short.
        Candles and maybe a protection mantra on loop for the Astral one’s. They suck your Energy. Some Demons do rape. The Energy Parasites do fake rape.
        Clothes with silver and cupper are really working! google EMF protection clothing. Curtains with silver and cupper and Bed linen.
        You can do Self/God Realization. Then they cannot do rape anymore. In the Astralworld are some rules.
        The protection fabric works, because, in the head is the receiver and they are somethere else near. Neighbours or from a satellite. In my case both.
        The spiders. Could be they are astral also. I saw them too. If you can see, is you 3rd eye open. Use Lavender oil, there you see it. They can be in your head, causing nightmares.
        You can also burn white Sage and put a drop lavender on it, for cleaning the house from astral things. Spiders and snakes are from a spell. They don’t walk around without being sent.
        And if you got a Orgasmus Chip, put Neem Powder on it, in two days it should be gone. It is a worm half tech, half bio.
        You can eat the Neem Powder, it is against all Parasites, who cause weird symptomes.
        They can put new chips in you every night. Don’t give up. Find out more, how to keep them at distance.
        One thing at last: They were always feeding from us. The targets noticed something is wrong. They are living with us since ever.

  6. My children are 5 &2.. I’ve literally spent everyday of their lives w/them!! I know when they’re gonna need to use the bathroom, what they’re gonna say next etc.. My sister recently started working for someone who works for nasa & her husband who is very wealthy but his job is unknown! She says she cleans for them but can’t talk on the phone and has been very distant… We live .5 miles from one another &’we’re super close! Her kids barely look at me.. My kids LOVE them!! ANYHOW, my kids oh began acting strange & saying things as if they’re communicating w/her… It’s not hard to find out info from 2 toddlers! Idk if it’s spyware or what but MY SON ADMITTED ITS IN HIS EAR, MY DAUGHTER FREAKS IF HER EARS GET WET IN THE TUB, THEY SING SONGS THEY WOULDNT KNOW THE LYRICS TO, USE WORDS THEY DONT KNOW ETC… MY SON IS ASKING ANOUT DEATH TOO OFTEN!!! HE ASKED WHERE DO WE GO SO I BEGAN EXPLAINING THE GOLDEN GATES, HOME OF JESUS ETC… I DAID ITS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE CALLED… HE BLURTED OUT HELL!!!! NOT ONLY DID HE JUST TURN 5 BUT HE HAS A DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY AND IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING DIAGNOSED BUT HE IS A SOFT HEARTED GOOD BOY!!!! We live in the middle of the woods so he has no friends!!! ZERO!! He isn’t even in school due to waiting on placement b/c he was to advanced for pre-k and too young for kindergarten!!!! HE IS ACTING OUT BADLY! Saying things like I hate hard missions… Then I find him doing odd things!! My daughter is behaving oddly to day the least as well!! She will shoo me put the room so she can talk to “herself” but I hear names of my nephew and nieces they love!!!!! They claim some bad guys are involved also..,, it sounds crazy but MY INTUION IS SO GOOD AND I KNOW MY KIDS!!! How can I find out if something is in their ears!!???!!?! They have told me yes but my son will act anxious and nervous then say no no no while holding his ears!!! I don’t want to interrogate them but I don’t want ppl brainwashing my innocent babies!!!!!!!! Plz HELP!!! They are innocent gifts from God!!! I’m so sad,mad frustrated. Idk but any advice is appreciated! Thx, loving mom of 2 Angels

    1. I feel so bad for him, I understand. You honestly don’t want to live anymore. It seams like they pick the good normal ppl to do these test on to have results and muniplate our minds, well I think they have enough research to stop all this nonsense they need to take out the infected and stop infecting. It says they’re passing a Bill in 2017 to be passed for ppl to receive the riff chips. Well I’m ahead of the game plan lol sucks

    2. This is messed up. Innocent babies having to experience life like this not knowing how good the world is without government expermentations. I’m glad I know the difference of how life was before they illegally implanted me. I however am scared more now due to the fact that your children seem like zombies controlled almost. I hope mine doesn’t get that far..I want to still be able to experience my own opinion on God or even my thoughts lol but however I hope something can be done for these young innocent people. You will be in my thoughts and prayers

    3. You need to check your childrens ear canals for a silver colored radio that is embedded in the bottom of your ear canal, there will be one in each ear. They operate on the VHF frequency range and can play video so that your kids can see it in their eyes, its got a small microchip on the bottom of it that does all that. the batteries are part of the radio, get some q tips and an earscope and I bet youll find a pair of silver radios in your childrens ears. if your hearing things might be time to call an ENT doctor and get some x rays.

  7. I need some help. My fiancé, which I have known for over 30 years, recently claims to be have been unwillingly micro chipped while in jail for falling behind on child support. I want to believe that medication can fix his mind but I don’t think that he is mental at all. He has told me the whole story over and over again and none of the details change. He says he can hear these people talking to him day and night and they send paid and sickness through his entire body 24/7. I didn’t want to think that any of this could be possible but I am starting to think that it is. I want to help him before he does anything drastic to himself to get the “chip people” to just go away. I don’t know what to do or who to contact. I asked him if he talked with his doctor and he claims the chip people have him convinced that no matter where he goes he will get no help. He doesn’t want to tell anyone anything to avoid the criticism he would get from others. I can see he is not happy, nor content, with life. I worry that he may not be able to withstand this constant torture much longer. I need a help to help him. Any suggestions are welcomed.

  8. Please respond I am A Loving DAD who needs to have A brain chip removed. I know of many unknowing families that need scans and need to have A brain chip removed. I have documented the gang stalking and electronic harassment and I have obtained evidence. My email is some evidence and documentation at NOAH EDWARD WASHKEN GOOGLE+

      1. Please help. I seriously thought I was crazy. I may even know who implanted mine. He has been messing with me for years. I need answers!

  9. My name is Rodney Hamilton and i have been chipped in parkland hospital Dallas Texas i have try to make them remove in which they have forced me into a psych hospital and labeled me schizo..i have been to numerous of hospitals where they claim it’s clips form a surgery i did not need in doing so i have talked to professional who have state i have up to 8 clips for a 2 clip surgery and i when tried to remove it i forced into a hospital and forcibly put on meds that made me feel suicidal i need help or find a decent scanner to locate more info is on my website

    1. They did the same thing to me. They will refuse giving me a x Ray probably due to proof and they send me to the funny farm lol I’ve done so much research please let me know if myou have any results good or bad., this controlled life is hell

  10. Hi I am a victim of illegal microchip implants. Luckily the criminals distribute their software to lots of people around me. I’m still convincing people to help me

    I will update you guys if I manage to get a copy as an evidence.

  11. I have been chipped and when I go to the hospital to ask about removal I get forced into the pysch hospital my website will show the chips. They faked my gallbladder surgery after joining the occupy movement and black panthers and expiremented on me. I tried to remove with lidcaine and a salpel what do I xrrays are on my link to my website

    1. How do you know if it’s in your brain vs. In your arm or hand? And how did you obtain an x-ray? When I would go in they would refuse an x Ray probably due to proof and send me to the psych ward where there I had met others who had implants and can somehow beam off of mine and experience. The same thing as me

  12. I feel bad for everybody here to have your mind hijacked and your dreams and tought controled but always remember be your true self becus they can control your feelings too and pray to god have patience i have caught a lot of moves they do

      1. hi, i was micro chipped too, in my hand , right hand, doctors and police refuse to accept its existence,,

        i need help, give more details of your chip,,, those basterds are chipping people, no one can stop them,,,

  13. I am very sorry about the grammar, it is because my vision that time is getting darker and I just did type as fast as I can because I know this site is provided by God to help all of the Human Implanted RFID Chips victims.
    I am looking forward to those who have the guts and the will to provide all the things I need to locate these microchips and disable it through magnets and removed it from my whole body forever.

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