Rain Water  Call to Action:

Would you like to help the Chemtrails Fight, but are low on dough? Well then please help with the new project below!

We are experiencing what appears to be a “new era” in the Chemtrails game; “growth” in our rainwater. While we first saw heavy metals, we are now seeing heavy metals along with what appears to be biological growth. At first the “growth” seemed to be only transported via Chem-Web but now we are seeing it in rain samples, studied over time (take a look at the photo below of an enclosed rain sample over 30+ days of refrigeration; notice the white fiber growth).

So help us track and identify what this growth is in the rain! With you samples and photo documentation, we have a lab test the samples showing growth and we can start to build our new “weapon in awareness”.

1) Capture a rain sample in a clean plastic or glass container, with a screw-on cap (screw-on cap is needed to assure the whole container can be safely shipped later)
a. Photograph the sealing of the container after you capture the rain and put a label on the container with the below points noted:
i. Time
ii. Date
iii. Area of sample
b. Make sure you capture the rain sample in an area that isn’t under a tree or other obstruction, that could cause for a false-read

2) Put the sample in an isolated refrigerated area
a. During the time the container is being observed, make sure to NEVER open it (to eliminate the possibility of contamination)

3) Swirl and photograph the container after 7 days

4) Swirl and photograph the container after 14 days

5) Swirl and photograph the container after 30 days
a. Email ALL photos to: jjnotes01@gmail.com

6) If we see growth, then we can send it to our lab for testing, (with the photo proof) and then we can all review the findings. Contact Roxy Lopez  or John Whyte below to arrange the lab testing:

John Whyte: jjnotes01@gmail.com
Roxy Lopez: info@thetruthdenied.com

Thanks for your participation in this important FREE project!


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