Alaska Storm Geoengineered!


On November 9, 2011, the strongest storm to hit Alaska’s western coast in almost four decades also left 37 communities with catastrophic damage. The Huffington Post reported that “Emergency responders called the storm an epic event that displaced residents, flooded the shoreline, ripped up roofs and knocked out power in many villages. “  They also stated “the storm that pounded the Bering Sea coast this week carried gusts of nearly 90 mph and created tides as high as 10 feet above normal.”

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“Was this Alaska storm geoengineered?”  Roxy Lopez has every reason to believe that indeed it was .

Let’s back up 2 weeks.

Roxy Lopez discussed this idea at length today with aviation expert Mark McCandlish.  Mark was open to the idea that the Alaskan storm was geoengineered based on a timeline of events that occurred in Alaska 2 weeks prior to the Alaskan storm.

Lopez’s husband is a deep sea crab and Cod fisherman, and has been for over 2 decades. He was out on the PAVLOF for the cod season that began September 1st, and as a rule, the season ends no later than November 21st or sooner if quotas are reached earlier in the season.  * Fishermen purchase “quotas” before the season begins, and each boat or company is subjected to the amount of their purchase, per government rules.  The law is in place to prevent overfishing. Basically, once you catch your quota, you’re out of there. Season is over for you and your crew.


This year, the fishing vessel that Steve Heckel was on known as the PAVLOF was told to go home 4 weeks early, along with roughly 80 other fishing vessels.  They were given the order by The National Marine Fisheries (NOAA) to end their trip at midnight on October 23, 2011. Keep in mind,  the fisherman had not met their quotas, so you can see why most captains  were surprised by the order to leave Alaska.  Steve Heckle, a 25 year veteran of the fishing industry said “I have never had this happen once in my entire career.  There wasn’t any justifiable reason to send us home either.  This is B.S. “.

We here at the Truth Denied think there was a reason, a BIG reason, twice the size of Texas reason!


A storm is brewing…

Roxy Lopez and Michael Murphy also  discussed the matter at length.  Michael Murphy has a new promo out called “Why in the world are they spraying?”  His promo discusses the idea that motives for “owning the weather” are no longer speculative, as a matter of fact; weather is being traded on the stock market as a commodity. Not only traded, but insurance companies are in on the deal as well.    To understand this further, please see the new promo here to help you understand the Global Weather modification agenda


As  Michael Murphy and Roxy Lopez further discussed the scenarios being played out right in front of them, Mark McCandlish was looking up NOAA charts and satellite images. Here is what Mark found on the NOAA site, and it’s pretty alarming. He found a storm of ice and snow twice the size Texas coming in from the South West. And this storm had another storm right behind it.








NOW  let’s look at a time line of events here.


The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Technical Series regarding “Pacific –wide Tsunami Warning and Communication Exercise dated November 9-10, 2011 states :






Now keep in mind this Government  pdf.document is merely for the purpose of an “exercise”, in other words, these are supposed examples of events to come, they are not supposed to be real events.










 But the following data proves that  an earthquake actually did  occur in the same location and  on the same date as in the government “exercise” ( example shown  above.)





Check it for yourself here




So is it possible that NOAA knew about the catastrophic storm to come,  ordered fishing boats to go home, didn’t give a reasonable excuse as to why they were evacuating the Alaskan Gulf because it would give way to the fact that they are on the inside when it comes to geoengineering storms?  And who is making all the dough on these types of bets?

I hope this story wakes you up!


We will follow up on this story for you and we would certainly appreciate your feedback.  Look folks, this rabbit hole is DEEP. We could use all the help we can get!!!!


Please be sure to tune in to Mark McCandlish, Michael Murphy, Roxy Lopez and another guest for a 2 hour special on November 18th at  12 NOON  on The Truth Denied Talk Radio. Together we will finish this story!


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12 thoughts on “Alaskan Category 3 Ice storm Geoengineered! Here is your proof!”
  1. Wow! All these years and I have only investigated UNESCO’s educational branch, and a very little on Cultural, but obviously the “Science” has no doubt been riddled with the left to the deepest hues of red. (my book In the Presence of the Enemy documents the origins of UNESCO) A chore for somebody much younger than me!

  2. That was also part of the yu55 asteroid scare, a map came out showing it impacting near the Aleutian islands, and causing huge tsunami , early that morning 8th or 9th ( can’t remember right now ) but anyway, something big is up, I believe that storm was part of something pre planned, maybe hiding arrival of occupants of yu55, I think ursuadams on YT has a recording of voices that sounded like the voices in the 4th kind documentary, ancient sumerian, deep guttural, giant reptilians? Seriously, have you looked at “ufo’s in the orbit/vicinity of the sun” since elenins arrival.

  3. Please ask Roxy’s husband to show us some photos of the excessive chemtrail spraying in alaska say several days before the ice storm!! This correlation is speculation. Kamchakta is full of earthquake activity and 5s happen all the time

  4. Look folks….I don’t want to sound too sure of myself but the information given above is accurate. It’s highly possible that there was human intervention to create a geo-event in Kamchatka and Alaska on the same day the excersise took place.

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