Chemtrails in TN
 Howard Axtell is a comrade of Roxy Lopez and he sent this recent information on what he has been observing:Quoted directly from Howard Axtell:

“I’ve got a minute to throw something at you that I have been observing. I watch all the available weather watch systems closely, because it directly affects whether we can or can’t work. I am not a scientist by any stretch, but I am a professional observer. I had an appointment with an independent insurance adjuster out of TX the other day. They were wearing the sky out, spraying with 8-9 planes. I mentioned it to him and he reacted. He is in his late 50’s and owns 900 acres of farmland in Lubbock, TX. He was literally forced out of business by what he called chemtrails (causing drought and chemical imbalances in his farm soil); his only option: to use chemical and drought resistant crop seeds provided by Monsanto. Now, we are talking a ground level individual, a farmer, saying this. He was forced to find a new line of work.

What has been happening here in TN….

  • Nothing on the national radar, not a cloud anywhere yet, NWS predicting storms and a ton of rain, 7 days in advance. (Still nothing visible by satellite –0-.)
  • Tons of spraying (48 hrs. constant), to the point the blue is all gone and white garbage fill the entire sky, horizon to horizon, socked in.
  • Overnight and out of nowhere, a band of storms appear, just outside TN. (All within about 12 hours. )
  • Thus the forecast becomes active.
  • The storm band hits TN, a little rain happens and I watch as the huge storm line that historically will produce hail and tornados, fizzles within our borders and the rest heads to the NE and SE.
  • The next thing we hear about is massive storms in NC; hail, high winds, etc., what TN should have seen and possibly, early snow storms in the NE.

Again, I am not a scientist, but how is it they “crash attack”. The airspace and these storms appear out of nowhere? Then, the normal expectations fizzle out 75% of the time? I mean we are talking –0- clouds on radar yet they are predicting these storms 7-10 days out, with no obvious substantiation. Usually, there may be a storm system coming from the West Coast to the East or from TX, but you can see them coming on radar and forecast their arrival and prepare for their expected effect. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, just throwing this out there for a look-see.

Is it possible that massive spraying draws enough moisture out of the air here in the TN valley system, which mixed with an expected or caused temperature flux, could actually force clouds to form? If I were to make an uneducated guess, this would be exactly what has been happening all season here. I just don’t know if it’s scientifically possible, but may be. This would mean they could predict, and then create the movement of moisture at will, to almost anywhere, anytime they want. Thus, an almost perfect trading environment. Your thoughts?”

Overview-per NWS


Appeared out of nothing-per NWS forecast
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3 thoughts on “Professional Observer: Chemtrails Cause TN Storms?”
  1. tns geo position, two mt. ridges is a air pressure gate. cool it down and hold the warmth from the north, like vise, heat it up it sucks the moisture to ohio valley. but thatll change when the cold air flow deteriorates to northern lats do to the abundance to g.w.

  2. The skies are always sprayed ne to sw here 20 miles north of NYC and the densest populated area in the USA. They bulk up and slowly cover the surburban sky as they slowly move south and engulf the city. They are always sprayed prior to natural wet weather events, for stealth, and to garner the effects of the low atmosphere and falling rain. The unmarked k-135 tankers originate from Plattsberg or Stewart AFB. POINT THEM OUT TO THE WORLD!

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