Some say it is close to the end

Some say it’s already too late

I say there is time to mend

Because Love overcomes hate.

Earth from NASA
Earth from NASA

Any end is only a beginning

And fear shall be overcome

From love, universe is singing

And we are connected as one.

But you stand not alone

We stand together in peace

We may not sing the same tone

But we know this hate shall cease!

You can feel it all around

The changes are already here

It may seem darkness abounds

But the Light surpasses fear.


Let peace and love be your stand

And don’t take in the disarray

Focus on helping those you can

And to those you can’t, just pray.

But remember to look within

And listen to your inner core

Know that Love will truly win

Fear is not the answer anymore!

Earth from Nasa
Earth from NASA

You must take time to calm your mind

To stay centered through this phase

Seek the peace and you will find

The energies of Terra, we will raise!


This video has been shared on You Tube numerous times by many, but You Tube takes great efforts to take it down. So please share this! (Let me know if it no longer plays on here, and I will find another.)

Earth Photos by NASA

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