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Guest on the show today : Cathy Bilsky of Honoka’a, Hawaii

Her website :

Her motto is “Think Quantum Leap-World Enlightenment NOW!”

What did the radio show cover today?

Cathy answered the following questions for us!

  • What are curses and can they be removed?
  • Energy balancing /curse removal for everyone.
  • *We did an actual group prayer on the air, please listen to the interview, it was amazing!* 
  • The power of prayer:  Cathy talks about what they just accomplished in Hawaii and how they kept all the Fukishima debris from hitting the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Cathy also read a chemtrail prayer, one she designed for protection for all humanity! 
  • The power of using the energy of Love.

Please enjoy the show! Listen now!

If you so desire, please check into Cathy Bilsky’s amazing website to see all the services Cathy has to offer. Check all of her FREE TO THE PUBLIC downloads as well. As she stated on the radio show:

“I do not CHARGE any money for healing, people contact me from all over the world, and the service for healing has always been free to the public.” ~ Cathy Bilsky

“Angelite-Om is comprised of a group of individuals dedicated to providing alternative healing possibilities to the public. Due to the success we have experienced with Angelite, we were inspired to create a line of specialized healing products.

Our Angelite healing tools are made of a combination of Angelite, quartz crystals and assorted minerals all formulated for maximum healing potential and set in a special resin with a dash of healing ash from India. Our tables contain over 200 pounds of quartz crystals and the following minerals: amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, citrine, aventurine, carnelian, moss agate, moonstone, smoky quartz, obsidian, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, bloodstone and sodalite.

The Angelite jewelry line is designed to bring maximum healing benefits in an assortment of attractive necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We hope you enjoy these products as much as we have!”



Check it out her website  today!


Come hug the largest earth keeper crystal in Hawai’i! ELA is a 1,000 pound elestial double terminated earth keeper crystal.”  ~Cathy Bilsky

Angelite-Om Mission
“Cathy’s Angelite Crystals Miracles & Joy is committed to creating and providing a wide variety of quality Angelite products for individuals and organizations interested in exploring alternative healing possibilities. We are also here to help people remember the old tried and true methods of healing. Healing is simple. It is man that makes it complex.”

Another gift from Cathy!  Cathy had  spoken with us today  about writing a prayer to protect us all whilst on Facebook. We were so surprised when we received the prayer, and she asked that The Truth Denied share it with everyone! Please feel free to copy it and use it for the future, even possibly share the prayer on Facebook, as Cathy intends it will serve to aid all who read it!

Prayer to keep us safe on Facebook (and other social media sites).

By Cathy Bilsky

I ask the cosmic beings and angels to come forth creating a veil of invisibility around you, your computer, your IPS address, web site, all your face book information, computer groups you belong to and any computer activism you are doing. I ask that your work is now invisible to the dark side yet seen by all the light workers and awakened spiritual beings.

I ask that all spies short out every time they try and mess with you, your face book page or your computer…Or record anything of yours which will automatically become invisible. May all spies have lots of computer crashes, mold infections, virus infections, magnets placed on all spies hard drives creating crashes with all information lost; imagine lots of tiny insects of all kinds including termites infesting all their telecommunication equipment as well as all their buildings becoming rat and mice infested that love to chew on all their wires creating many shorts and fires.  See sand, dust and water getting into all their  telecommunications equipment .We ask that all spies now go dyslexic ever time they go into their places of work making lots or errors in everything they do as well as much infighting which creates much distrust  from within .  Let all veils be removed from all face book spies so they become visible and obvious to all.  Let the administrators be divinely guided to remove them and block them from the group.

See these spies reconnecting to the creator, becoming conscious awakened beings so unhappy with their jobs that they all quit and their guardian angels guide them to constructive jobs that will help humanity.

I ask all the teachers, guides, masters, cosmic beings and angels that are now helping you, join their energies together combining them   as one that will create a shield around you, your computer and face book page that will deflect all that is not of light elevating your energy so you are no longer effected by any dark energy directed at you.  Let these Divine beings create a shield that also blocks out microwave energy.

I ask everyone be conscious of the friends that are surrounding you and on any face book group you are a member in. I ask all these people around you have all cloaking veils removed revealing themselves to you so you may be aware of who your friends are. If it is not a mutually beneficial relationship (where you each give to each other pretty equally) you are guided as how to move them out of your inner circle making them acquaintances or blocking them from your face book page.. I see you becoming magnets for people that resonate with you that help you create a huge support net of protection around all.

We imagine that all super computer information gathering stations are infected with red ants, snakes, spiders, killer bees, wasps, mice, rats, mold, dust, bats,  termites, beetles, magnets on all their equipment and back up equipment.  Spies hear nothing but white noise. We ask that Ganesha put obstacles up so everything they do is difficult for all face book (and twitter) spies.

SO BE IT!!! ~Cathy Bilsky of


If you are ever on the Big Island of Hawai’i,  please be sure to stop in Cathy Bilsky’s and her  shop!
Cathy’s Angelite Crystals Miracles & Joy 
453610 Mamane St.
Honokaa Hawaii 96727. 
Call and make sure she is open at             808-775-9400       11am to 4pm Pacific Time.
Walk in healings are welcome. Soul retrievals by appointment. Phone work available.
Her motto is “Think Quantum Leap-World Enlightenment NOW!”.
You can also contact Cathy though her web site at


Be sure to LOGIN   to get Cathy’s energy balancing/curse removal cd!!!!


Song during the break by Jeff Saxon entitled “Murdering Us from the Sky” from his album TRUTH TELLER








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  1. Hi Roxy. Listened to Cathy the other night and knew I had to go see her for some healing work. She took me right away and I had a wonderful experience with her. I highly recommend her to anyone! She works hard to eleviate your pain as well as other light work. She is a medicine woman of the highest degree. You should definitely get her back again.

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