Jim Bowden, Author of the book THE RINGER

Guest:  Jim Bowden

What we discussed during the hour long  program:

  • Jim Bowden’s  11 year old son, Sam, and he were mentally attacked by ET’s while at home.
  • Jim describes the physical evidence of the attack.
  • What is the Ringer?
  • Dangers associated with The Ringer , they can be lethal!
  • Experiencing Alien Hell while in LA in 2008.
  • What was Jim’s exposure to alien weapons?
  • No one believes Jim Bowden’s story or Sam’s for that matter
  • Mr. Bowden is  not allowed to have any  communication with his children!
  • His son Sam is locked up at a wayward boys academy in Utah for the past 17 months and counting
  • Bowden was repeatedly jailed for being with Sam while in Arizona.
  • The power of alien influence – it is their biggest weapon.
  • Telepathy, it’s not for everyone!
  • The SIRIUS Disclosure C5 telepathy program.
  • Greys are evil and they have made plans here.
  • Jim Bowden’s  constant battle with the Greys.
  • What are  Human Extraterrestrials and can they aid us?

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About the book:  THE RINGER: An Extraterrestrial Proving Ground

Publication Date: October 23, 2012

“In April of 2012 Astronomers Paul Davies and Robert Wagner who are affiliated with Arizona State University, filmed five large UFOs flying over the surface of the moon. Even though Paul Davies is a theoretical physicist and a cosmologist who is now involved in astrobiology, and Robert Wagner is affiliated with ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, U.S. mainstream media did not consider this scientific research to be newsworthy. While scientific discoveries of this magnitude should be front page news, they are purposely buried, preventing any educative knowledge regarding extraterrestrials. People are encouraged to trust their eyes and ears regarding every material object around themselves except UFOs. While a plane certainly looks like a plane and a helicopter looks like a helicopter UFO’s have been socially controlled and are seen as anything but a UFO within the United States. We have been conditioned to dismiss the global extraterrestrial aerial phenomenon while the idea of an extraterrestrial presence is still ridiculed. This book examines how extraterrestrials can and do mentally influence people. If you haven’t been abducted or been in contact with extraterrestrials, you may find this book shocking. For those who have had contact with extraterrestrials, you will understand.”



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