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2014 Pet Food Recalls.

11/24/2014 EVO Pet Food Insufficient levels of vitamins and excess minerals Natura Pet Products
10/31/2014 Bartlett Pasture, Cleveland Carolina Champion Horse Feeds Rumensin contamination Bartlett Milling Company
10/23/2014 Lascadoil/Soyoil Soyoil Presence of Lasalocid Shur-Green Farms
10/09/2014 Creative Compounds Unexpired sterile products Lack of sterility assurance Oregon Compounding Centers, Inc.
09/26/2014 Bravo! Pet Food Salmonella Turkey and Chicken dog and cat foods
08/31/2014 Pedigree Dog Food Presence of foreign material Mars Petcare US
08/26/2014 Pedigree Dog Food Presence of foreign material Mars Petcare US
07/02/2014 Nutrena NatureWise Meatbird feed Excessive sodium Cargill
06/04/2014 Champion Lamb Texturized Lamb/Sheep Feed High Copper Content PGG/HSC Feed Company, LLC
06/02/2014 Hill’s Science Diet Dry dog food Salmonella Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.


05/27/2014 Pet Center, Inc. Lamb Crunchy’s Dog treats Salmonella Pet Center, Inc.
05/14/2014 Bravo Dog and Cat Food Listeria monocytogenes Bravo
04/16/2014 Purina, Del’s, Albers, Home Grown Poultry feed Low vitamin and mineral content Purina Animal Nutrition LLC
04/08/2014 Abady Cat food Salmonella Robert Abady Dog Food Co.,
03/18/2014 HemoSet Dual channel infusion set Over-delivery may occur by gravity infusion Hospira, Inc.
02/05/2014 Hubbard Life, Joy, QC Plus Dog Food, Cat Food Salmonella Pro-Pet LLC
01/25/2014 Red Flannel Cat Food Salmonella PMI Nutrition, LLC (PMI)

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What to do if your pet has a reaction to Pet Food:



Note to our readers. Harley passed away on December 25th, 2013. We tried EVERYTHING under the sun for our sweet kitty. May he rest in peace forever, he was and still is a great loss. Our family, months later, is still grieving.  

GMO’s and your Pets! Alert to all pet owners, GMO’s Kill.




Description of the problem with the product.  Examples include:

  • Foul odor, off color
  • Swollen can or pouch, leaking container
  • Foreign object found in the product.

If you think your pet has become sick or injured as a result of consuming a pet food product also provide information about your pet, including:

  • Species (dog, cat, rabbit, fish, bird, other)
  • Age, weight, breed, pregnant, spayed/neutered
  • Previous health status of pet
  • Any pre-existing conditions your pet has
  • Whether you give your pet any other foods, treats, dietary supplements or drugs
  • How much of the suspected product your pet normally consumes
  • How much of the “suspect” product was consumed from the package?
  • How much of the product you still have
  • Clinical signs exhibited by your pet (such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy)
  • How soon after consuming the product the clinical signs appeared
  • Your veterinarian’s contact information, diagnosis and medical records for your pet
  • Results of any diagnostic laboratory testing performed on your pet
  • How many pets consuming the product exhibited clinical symptoms
  • Whether any pets that consumed the product are not affected
  • Whether your pet spends time outdoors unsupervised
  • Why you suspect the pet food caused the illness

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993
1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)



2014 Recalls

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