*Above photo (1966 photo of the crew and personnel of Project Stormfury NOAAU.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA Photo Library

Weather Modification & The China Lake Connection
Part 2 – Connecting the Dots by Anthony Etienne Jaime

Project Popeye Weather Modification and Creating Rain in Vietnam: This Operation is not the delusional ramblings of conspiracy theorists – it really happened and is well-documented.

Geophysical Warfare — “Rainmakers.” During the Vietnam Conflict, our warfighters needed a way to interdict enemy traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. “Project Popeye” helped answer the call. China Lake adapted its cloud seeding technologies to enhance rainfall thereby significantly deterring enemy activity on the trail. This highly successful China Lake technology was also used in hurricane abatement, fog control, and drought relief. 1

The Rainmakers

On August 10 1966, the Joint Chiefs of Staff made a proposal for a secret experimental weather modification program to be carried out in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos. The proposal was supported by both MACV, the Military Assistance Command Vietnam and CINCPAC, the Commander in Chief US Pacific Command and Project Popeye, the first operational military weather modification program for purposes of warfare was about to become a reality. On September 1, 1966, the program received approval from the Joints Chiefs of Staff and on September 17, 1966 the go ahead order was issued to proceed with the first phase of the project that was to test cloud seeding techniques and silver iodide pyrotechnics developed at the Naval Ordinance Test Station, China Lake, California.  2

Fig. 1 – Flooded bike trail

The ultimate goal of the program was to interdict the flow of supplies and the movement of enemy troops along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to prevent them from entering South Vietnam. Eventually, the program moved beyond the initial test phase of Project Popeye and into its operational phase when it became Operation Popeye. Project Popeye testing was carried out by personnel from the Naval Ordinance Test Station under the direction of Dr. Pierre St. Amand and after having initial great success thereby determining the project’s viability, it was turned over to the USAF 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron operating out of Udorn AFB in Thailand.

Starting on March 20, 1967 and continuing through every rainy season (March to November) in Southeast Asia until 1972, operational cloud seeding missions were flown. Three C-130 aircraft and two F4-C aircraft based at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base Thailand flew two sorties per day. The aircraft were officially on weather reconnaissance missions and the aircraft crews as part of their normal duty generated weather report information. The crews, all from the 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, were rotated into the operation on a regular basis from Guam. Inside the squadron, the rainmaking operations were code-named “Motorpool.” 3

Fig. 2 – Motorpool patch worn by aircrews flying cloud seeding missions

The squadron’s slogan “make mud, not war” came about in conjunction with another covert operation named Commando Lava in which C-130 aircraft operating out of Udorn dumped a chelating substance designed to “destabilize the soil” along with the increased rainfall. Who actually controlled the operation remains somewhat murky since according to Seymour Hersh in a NY Times article, unnamed sources identified the CIA as initiating the operation. Not surprising since the same proverbial nest of snakes seems to always be present around such covert activities. Specially selected aircrews carried out the highly secret missions and “areas that were affected included “western North Vietnam, the A Shau Valley of South Vietnam, as well as Northeastern Cambodia starting in 1972.” 4

Greetings: Howard Kidwell here, and I flew RF-4’s with the 14th TRS at Udorn, Thailand 1970-71. While there, I kept hearing the call sign “Motorpool” used by two of crews in the 14th. When I inquired what they did, I got the usual reply that it was Top Secret and no one knew. I knew the crews and they wouldn’t say zip. This grows on a guy, and I had to find out what was going on. So, dummy me, I volunteered. Well, in a little while I was interviewed and told they would get a higher security clearance for me. In a few short weeks and I was told to come to Motorpool Ops for a briefing. (I found out later that friends and relatives in the states were contacted about me). The Lt Col in charge said the room had been swept for monitoring devices, etc., and I had one last chance to withdraw my volunteer statement. I had fleeting thoughts of flying over China, working for the CIA, you name it… but what the heck. I signed the statement and found out that I was going to make rain! Geez! I thought they were kidding! Not so, and soon I was flying with a Motorpool guy or Squadron GIB (Guy-in-Back) cleared for Motorpool ops. 5

The Truth Denied 2014
L-to-R : Capt Larry Hayes, Weather Officer; MSgt Jim Bird, Dropsonde Operator; TSgt John Travis, Flight Engineer; Capt Pete FitzGerald, Co-Pilot; Capt Byron Smith, Pilot; and Capt Daryl Wood, Navigator.

(ABOVE) Fig. 3 – The 500th Motorpool mission crew members seen in this photo, L-to-R are:  Capt Larry Hayes, Weather Officer; MSgt Jim Bird, Dropsonde Operator; TSgt John Travis, Flight Engineer; Capt Pete FitzGerald, Co-Pilot; Capt Byron Smith, Pilot; and Capt Daryl Wood, Navigator.
Specifically, the planned objectives of the program were to deny the enemy use of roadways through increasing the rainfall in selected target areas.


Those objectives were:
1) Softening road surfaces
2) Causing landslides along the roadways
3) Washing out river crossings
4) Maintain saturated soil condition beyond the normal time span. 6

The area selected for testing was a “strip of the Laos panhandle east of the Bolovens Plateau in the Se Kong River valley”,7 also identified as the Tiger Hound area of operations. Fifty-six tests were conducted by personnel from the China Lake Naval Ordinance Test Station that proved to have an 82% success rate at producing rain from seeded clouds. There were unconfirmed reports of a US Special Forces outpost located across the border in Vietnam receiving nearly nine inches of rain in a four-hour period. 8

Fig. 4 – Map showing initial authorized are of operations for cloud seeding.

Fig. 5 – Map showing final authorized expanded area of operations for cloud seeding.

Deception, Secrecy & Flat Out Lies

While there is some controversy as to just exactly how successful Project Popeye was in modifying the weather in Southeast Asia, the fact is the program continued unabated for nearly five years from October 1966 to July 1972. There is also little doubt about the Top Secret sensitive nature of this program since the Laotian government “was not informed of the project, its methods or its goals.” Moreover, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, aware that there could be opposition from the international scientific community, wrote a memo to the President stating such objections had not previously constituted sufficient ground to overrule U.S. national security interests. 9

Fig. 6 – Photo showing pyrotechnic cloud seeding flare dispenser mounted on C-130

Operation Popeye continued in secret until reporter Jack Anderson outed the operation in the Washington Post on March 18, 1972.

‘Air Force rainmakers, operating secretly in the skies over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, have succeeded in turning the weather against the North Vietnamese. These strange weather warriors seed the clouds during the monsoons in an attempt to concentrate more rainfall on the trails and wash them out…

‘Their monthly reports, stamped “Top Secret (Specat)” (Special Category), have claimed success in creating man-made cloudbursts over the trail complex. These assertedly have caused flooding conditions along the trails, making them impassable…

‘The same cloudbursts that have flooded the Ho Chi Minh Trail reportedly also have washed out some Laotian villages. This is the reason, presumably, that the air force has kept its weather-making triumphs in Indochina so secret.’10

Even then the Pentagon denied the program and then Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird “testified before Congress in 1972 that “Anderson’s wild tales” were completely false.” According to an article posted on the Top Secret Writers website titled Project Popeye Weather Modification and Creating Rain in Vietnam: This Operation is not the delusional ramblings of conspiracy theorists – it really happened and is well-documented. In fact, in “The Pentagon Papers,” by Mike Gravel, confirmed the operation in its description of “LAOS OPERATIONS”, where it stated:


“LAOS OPERATIONS–Continue as at present plus Operation POPEYE to reduce trafficability along infiltration routes. Authority/Policy Changes–Authorization required to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successfully tested and evaluated in same area.” (US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 26 July 1972; p. 5) 11
As an aside, it is worth mentioning that Mike Gravel is the former Senator from Alaska who publicly placed Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record in 1971 and who recently voiced his support for Edward Snowden’s release of NSA documents. It seems that history really does repeat itself with similar scenarios being played out time after time, only to an increasingly subdued and more easily media manipulated American electorate.

The same Project Popeye article further states that Laird would later backtrack in a 1974 letter leaked to the press and admit he lied in his previous testimony and he, along with other military leaders were forced to attend a top secret Congressional hearing and admit that the military had been seeding clouds over Cambodia, Laos, North and South Vietnam for the five years from 1966 up to 1972. “The last tally once the operation ceased in 1972 included 2,600 flights, releasing over 47,000 units of material (mostly silver iodide or lead iodide) into the clouds. In the end, Operation Popeye cost the American taxpayer approximately $21.6 million.” 12

The Principal Cast

In Pt. 1 of this series on weather modification and the connection to the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, two individuals were mentioned who played prominent roles in Project Popeye. They were Cmdr. Ben Livingston and Dr. Pierre Saint-Amand. Both men possess excellent credentials, with Cmdr. Livingston being trained as a Navy meteorologist with a degree in cloud physics; a graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School at Monterrey; and an individual who has logged over 15,000 hours of hurricane reconnaissance and flown over 265 missions into hurricanes, and was an integral member of Project Stormfury and Project Popeye. In the Alex Jones video, “The Father of Weaponized Weather”, Cmdr. Livingston clearly states that the silver iodide generators and cloud seeding techniques used in Southeast Asia were developed at China Lake where he was involved with their testing.

He further states that he went on to command the Naval Weapons Research Laboratory in Corona Ca., where he was responsible for writing a weather modification plan for the entire world. In addition, Ben Livingston went on to form his own cloud seeding company and has spent his life engaged in the business of weather modification, much of that in developing instrumentation to document the process of experimentation involved with weather modification.

Livingston further states in the documentary that the secrecy surrounding Project Popeye was made possible by the original project being labeled a research project rather than an operational project. According to Livingston, the early success of the project led to him being called to Saigon to brief the command there and later being sent to Washington to brief President Lyndon B. Johnson. A controversial and outspoken man, Ben Livingston offers extremely pointed commentary about the politics and the weather derivatives disaster capitalism surrounding the use of weather modification when he states, “apparently the government has reneged on its responsibility to the citizens of America to protect them.”13

Although Cmdr. Livingston was given credit by Alex Jones in his documentary video as being “the Father of Weaponized Weather”, the unmentioned Saint-Amand is equally as qualified to share that title. Not to downplay Cmdr. Livingston’s credentials and significant role in Project Popeye as the first man to actually carry out a wartime mission using cloud seeding techniques as a weapon of war but Dr. Pierre Saint-Amand, a long time research scientist who spent the majority of his career at China Lake was the principal guiding hand behind the development of weather modification techniques as a means of waging war.  Not only was Pierre Saint-Amand a research scientist but he was also a very gifted individual with a wide range of multi-disciplinary talents including having political savvy and connections.

copy of pierre-saint-amand
Fig. 7 – Dr. Pierre Saint-Amand

According to his obituary which ran in the Ridgecrest News Review on April 27, 2011: When Pierre Saint-Amand, Ph.D., long-time resident of China Lake and Ridgecrest, died on April 15, our valley lost one of its prototypical Magnificent Mavericks — a China Lake scientist who was skilled in an amazing spectrum of technical areas and a community leader who generously shared his expertise in the natural sciences. Former China Lakers remember him as one of the smartest of the many intellects populating the base, someone who could lecture the rest of them on earth orbits after Sputnik passed overhead in 1957, someone who pursued weather modification at a time when most people thought it would never work.

The article goes on to state: Pierre was born Feb. 4, 1920, to Cyrias Zepherin Saint-Amand and Mable (Berg) Saint-Amand at Tacoma General Hospital, Washington state. … After serving honorably in Alaska as a sergeant in the U.S. Army in World War II, Pierre earned a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. While at Fairbanks Pierre identified and named Alaska’s famous Denali Fault. In 1949 Pierre, his wife Marie and older son moved to Southern California, where he attended the California Institute of Technology, earning his Ph.D. in geophysics. While he was at Caltech, he began his career with the Navy in 1950, supporting the Pasadena Annex of the Naval Ordnance Test Station. Following his graduation from Caltech, he spent a year in Paris on a Fulbright Scholarship at the Institute d’Astrophysique de Paris, where he studied the light of the night sky. His early work in geology included formulating the theory of the rotation of the Pacific Ocean Basin, a theory that was controversial at that time. He also studied the Tehachapi earthquake of 1952. He was present at the Chilean earthquake of 1962 and the Alaskan earthquake of 1964 and prepared the definitive reports on both earthquakes. His career as a Navy scientist spanned more than 38 years until his retirement in 1988. During that time he was detached to the State Department for two years while he helped establish the graduate school of geology at the University of Santiago in Chile. At China Lake his accomplishments included groundbreaking scientific research and patents in weather modification. He is perhaps best known for his leadership of two successful weather-modification efforts — Operation Popeye during the Vietnam conflict, the first successful use of weather modification to slow the flow of men and material from Communist North Vietnam into South Vietnam; and Project Storm Fury, the first attempt to dissipate or steer hurricanes away from populated areas. His expertise attracted other specialists in the natural sciences, and the Earth and Planetary Sciences Building, housing a host of projects from earth to sky, was known as “Pierre’s Palace.” His long list of citations and awards includes the Distinguished Civilian Service Award (1967), the L.T.E. Thompson Award (1973) and charter membership in the U.S. Senior Executive Service. 14

Clearly, Dr. Saint-Amand was an incredibly knowledgeable and competent research scientist in the area of weather modification but his expertise extended to other areas of interest as well, most notably geology and electrical engineering. Well connected and with a supporting crew of other scientists, engineers, and technicians from China Lake and other research institutes, Dr. Pierre Saint-Amand was in the perfect location and situation to bring his vision of using the weather as weapon of war to realization. One of his contemporaries and colleagues from the Project Popeye period was Dr. Edwin X. Berry of the University of Reno’s Desert Research Institute (DRI). On his website, Berry offers some details of his involvement with Dr. Saint-Amand and Project Popeye.

“In 1969 Ed traveled to the Philippines by invitation of the US Navy via Dr. Pierre Saint-Amand of the Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, CA. This was independent from his work with DRI. Ed was the only civilian invited to participate in the Top Secret Popeye project, now declassified, where they trained B-52 pilots using C-130’s to seed the kinds of clouds in the area and make big storms. After we left, they went on to wash out the Ho Chi Min trail making it impossible for the enemy to move to their destinations. The war haters in the USA argued then that it was unfair to use environmental means in warfare. The Navy denied everything until the project was declassified years later.” 15

Fig. 8 – Dr. Edwin Berry & Dr. Pierre Saint-Amand in Manila

In addition to Jack Anderson’s piece in the Washington Post on March 18, 1971, the New York Times also ran the story in an article by Seymour Hersh on July 2, 1972. The headline run by The Times stated: Rainmaking Is Used As Weapon by U.S.; Cloud-Seeding in Indochina Is Said to Be Aimed at Hindering Troop Movements and Suppressing Antiaircraft Fire Rainmaking Used for Military Purposes by the U.S. in Indochina Since ’63. 16

Even though there was some public outcry and furor over the disclosure of Operation Popeye, Dr. Saint-Amand was prepared to defend his ideas and visions of weather modification being used as weapon of war to Congress. Edwin X. Berry’s website article further states that the Pentagon was not in favor of giving up weather modification as one of the tools in their arsenal of weapons.

While elected officials in Congress were pressing an international agreement on hostile environmental modification, the armed forces resisted renouncing this kind of weapon.

Standing supporters of environmental warfare were to be found in the US armed forces. Prominent among them was Dr Pierre Saint-Amand of the Naval Ordinance Laboratory in China Lake, California (which conducted the research on cloud seeding to enable Operation Popeye). In 1969, while Popeye was still Top Secret, Saint-Amand testified that he endorsed weather manipulation as a weapon. Dr. St. Amand (sic – Berry erroneously cites him as an admiral) saw giving the US Navy and other forces a diverse capability to modify the environment as a mission for his Laboratory:

“Primarily the work is aimed at giving the US Navy and the other armed forces, if they should care to use it, the capability of modifying the environment, to their own advantage, or to the disadvantage of an enemy. We regard the weather as a weapon.  Anything one can use his way is a weapon and the weather is as good a one as any.” (Quoted in: US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 26 July 1972; p. 22, emphasis added).

Five years later at a January 1974 hearing, Saint-Amand remained unprepared to give up. Dr. Saint-Amand (sic) reaffirmed his conviction that environmental warfare should be developed and available to the US, because “The potential exits that over the years, the application of geophysics to warfare could become a very important tool .” (US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 25 January 1974, p. 47)

Saint-Amand and colleagues in the Pentagon found no moral inadequacies in environmental warfare. Rainmaking, they suggested, is more humane than bombing.  Moreover, they said, even if weather modification is used to increase the effectiveness of bombing by clearing the target area, it is not a problem because bombing is not prohibited. 17

Drowning it seems would be preferable to sudden swift explosive decompression and dismemberment as a choice of death.  Quite an interesting perspective on the choices of warfare and killing your enemies from a man described as a “community leader” in his obituary, which further claimed that Dr. Saint-Amand “believed that a professional had a responsibility to support his community” and whose favorite motto was “If someone loves me, I love them back.” Obviously that sentiment didn’t extend to the Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian peoples whose lands he helped to flood in an effort to support an unpopular and immoral war being waged by a feckless American military command with the support of a clueless Congress who was kept in the dark about weather modification operations for five years. Especially since allegations were made that cloud seeding had not only made jungle paths impassable, it had also killed thousands of innocent people.

Ironically, that sentiment seems to typify the Ridgecrest/China Lake community, where every year several hundred protesting residents, many of them base employees, will line the streets with graphic anti-abortion signs never stopping to think that the primary export of the community are weapons of mass destruction responsible for killing many thousands of adults and children worldwide yearly. The incessant human carnage and collateral damage in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, & Gaza, is caused in large measure by American made aircraft, missiles, bombs and other exotic weapons of mass destruction raining down upon innocent civilians daily. Many of those weapons having been developed and tested at China Lake. Talk about moral inadequacies – letting your paycheck override your basic humanity is a major inadequacy! And with so many of the heavily over-mortgaged Americans who are drawing a decent paycheck today lapping at the feeding trough of the military-industrial complex, small wonder that any have the courage to speak out about the aerosol spraying programs occurring in the skies over our heads.

Among the patents held by Saint-Amand are US Patent 4653690, A Method of Producing Cumulus Clouds whose abstract reads: The disruption of a thermal inversion and formation of cumulus clouds is duced by the ignition of a pyrotechnic composition containing an alkali earth metal. The combined heats of hydration, condensation and combustion of the composition disrupt the thermal layer allowing the passage of warm moist air into a zone of cooler air. The formation of cumulonimbus or cumulus clouds results.18

In addition, Dr. St. Amand, along with Dr. Lohr A Burkhardt, William G. Finnegan, Frederick K. Odencrantz, and Charles D. Stanifer, all of China Lake, were also responsible for US Patent 3915379, A Method of Controlling Weather whose abstract reads: A pyrotechnic formulation for use in weather modification comprising a fuel and an oxidizer and a mixture of a metal iodate and an alkali iodate. Upon combustion metal iodide and alkali iodide are generated as mixtures and complexes which show ice nuclei activity at from -5 DEG to -20 DEG C. depending on the molar range of metal iodide to alkali iodide. 19

In the background and descriptive section of the 1975 patent, it says “weather modification has been practiced in many parts of the world with many different methods and means to modify the physical and dynamic properties of the atmosphere.” Quite simply, the method here was to seed supercooled clouds with silver iodide thereby creating ice nuclei which in turn cause the creation of ice crystals either by absorbing the water vapor from the atmosphere or freezing ice droplets. And the means was furnished in the form of pyrotechnic flares or rockets releasing a composition of a fuel and oxidizer that was then mixed with another composition of a metal iodide and an alkali iodide to be cast and formed into what ever delivery mechanism was chosen, rocket or flare. The elements of the metal iodide were from the copper, lead, silver, & bismuth family and the elements of the alkali iodide were from the group lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, and ammonium. They were mixed and cast at facilities at the China Lake Propulsion Laboratory, located at Salt Wells and tested over the large range areas of the base, including the Air Force Cuddeback range (then part of the now defunct George AFB and now part of the Superior Valley complex of China Lake’s South Range) south of Red Mountain off Highway 395. As a frequent commuter on that road, it was quite common to see flare tests conducted at Cuddeback and the north ranges of China Lake as well. At that time I wrongly assumed that these were illumination flares and should have perceived something else was afoot when daylight testing was occurring.

This particular invention, A Method of Controlling Weather, was just another upgraded version in a long line of delivery methods beginning with using dry ice to cloud seed back in 1946 with alkali iodide being introduced in 1947, it is staggering to imagine how far the science of weather modification has advanced in the nearly forty years since 1975. Looking back through history, there are many instances of weather modification research by the military.

“In 1872 the US Congress authorised the Secretaries of War and the Navy to test the relationship between artillery fire and rain propagation proposed by Edward Powers in his War and the weather (1871).

In May 1954 Howard Orville, who had been the US Navy’s chief weather officer during the Second World War and was now chairman of President Eisenhower’s newly formed Advisory Committee on Weather Control, went public with the implications of the research in an article in Collier’s:

‘It is even conceivable that we could use weather as a weapon of war, creating storms or dissipating them as the tactical situation demands. We might deluge an enemy with rain to hamper a military movement or strike at his food supplies by withholding needed rain from his crops.’ ” 20

Fig. 9 – Cover of Collier’s Magazine May 1954

Additional evidence linking China Lake and weather modification programs that correlates closely to the time frame of Project Popeye through historical records is located in the National Archives. I was able to locate a record of an archived motion picture of Atmospheric Water Resources Experimentation, China Lake — Naval Ordnance Test Facility, California, 05/1966 (in other words, a test of pyrotechnic cloud seeding material – four months after this date Project Popeye commenced). The abstract reads:

AT-6 aircraft on ground, pilot aboard. Rocket with silver iodide (AgI) on wing is fired. Air-to-air. AT-6 flying over California desert. AgI rockets on wing are fired. Rocket is fired on ground; shoots projectile. Very pistol rocket is fired. Projectile burns on ground. Flare on ground burns. Technician shows rocket details — expanding fins, etc. Bunker in desert where explosive materials are assembled. Technician in bunker pours liquid into barrel. Large mixer is placed into barrel. Mixer operated — also shown are technician and control board. Technician in cold chamber demonstrates AgI seeding capabilities. From ground, AT-6 aircraft, with rockets burning on both wings, flies overhead. Air-to-air. AT-6 aircraft over desert. Rockets on wing burning. 21

And yet another historical link between China Lake and weather modification efforts is provided by the China Lake Museum’s reference to the CHINA LAKE WEAPONS DIGEST and it’s description of “The Cold Cloud Modification System, successfully used in cold-fog mitigation; China Lake was for many years a world leader in weather modification for drought relief (GROMET), hurricane abatement (Cyclops, Stormfury), fog abatement (Foggy Cloud), and rainfall enhancement for military purposes (Project Popeye).” 22

Fig. 10 – Photo of Cold Cloud Modification System

Based upon the foregoing evidence and historical background, it should be patently clear that the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station has a demonstrated connection to military weather modification efforts and that these are programs the government has been working on for decades. I recently spoke with a friend who is employed there archiving documents and she assured me that there is no longer any work being done on weather modification at China Lake. For my part, I simply smiled and asked, “how do you account for all of the daily spraying activity? And according to another source, the old Bldg. 31598, Pierre’s Palace or the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department is now occupied by another tenant who I am informed is responsible for providing security for all the black programs at the China Lake Weapons Division as well as related commands at Pt. Mugu and White Sands  – black ops – it seems fitting. Since I am no longer an employee and don’t have access, I can’t physically verify that statement but will take the word of my source. Regardless, as a long time resident of this community what occurs in the skies overhead is plainly visible and cannot be hidden. Furthermore, since this is the R-2508 controlled airspace and the responsible parties for control and operation of said airspace are China Lake NAWS, Edwards AFBFTC, and Ft. Irwin, there is no doubt in my mind who is responsible for the ongoing daily spraying operations. While they may not be cloud seeding anymore, they are still definitely modifying atmospheric conditions so as to implement whatever secret programs they may be conducting or testing, whether they are electronic warfare counter-measures, spoofer-sprays or Tesla type technologies. In essence, if you are modifying atmospheric conditions, you are modifying the weather.  The following photo displays a B-2 Stealth Bomber leaving a chemtrail – there is only one organization in the world who flies this aircraft – that narrows down who it belongs too and since I took this photo from my front yard, it is definitely flying in the R-2508 controlled airspace.  Since it made several passes, and I have additional photos, it begs the question why a stealth aircraft would be leaving a visible trail unless it was deliberate.


Fig. 11 – B-2 Stealth Bomber leaving a Chemtrail – No Doubt Who This Plane Belongs To

However, with a corporate controlled media that refuses to ask the tough questions or engage in real investigative journalism, choosing instead to knuckle under to the pressures of government and corporate influence, this is a story that is being suppressed and denied by power structures worldwide. The awful truth is that the foxes are in the hen house and the inmates are running the asylum. The aerosol spraying programs being conducted under the military-industrial complex agenda of “full spectrum dominance” is the single greatest threat to humanity’s existence outside of nuclear holocaust today. According to geo-engineering activist Dane Wigington, over 150 patents for weather modification exist and a great many of them are in use today. The chain of evidence demonstrating that weather modification is a real and palpable danger to the world today is undeniable.

In “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth”, author Elana Freeland sums up the issue very succinctly:

The American people did not foresee the impact that blanket secrecy would have on their peacetime representative government. They thought they understood the whys and wherefores of the Cold War containment of military and intelligence secrets, including compartmentalization and need-to-know clearances. Little did they realize that cabals, dynastic corporations, and crime syndicates—experts in secrecy, lies, and deception, mayhem and murder—would gather like vultures to double cross elected officials and split society between those burying their heads in the flag and those struggling how to penetrate 24/7 canned “news,” disjointed factoids, and social media peppered with memes were undermining the social order. Maintain a lie or a secret for one generation and the next generation becomes easy pickings, particularly if the lie is echoed in school textbooks, TV cartoons, the History and Discovery Channels. Confuse one generation and the next will happily ingest the media gruel prepared for them. 23

Weather Warfare Today

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.
George Santayana

Remember my codicil in Pt. 1 about being able to switch from the specific to the general and back from the general to the specific? It’s now time to make that transition as I shift from the specific of history of weather modification at China Lake to a more general look at where military weather and atmospheric modification programs are at today. Before moving ahead, let’s review a few salient points.

· First, from the foregoing historical records and patents discussed, there can be absolutely no doubt that the United State’s government through its various military branches has engaged in weather modification research and carried out secret military weather modification operations. And it has done so for a long damned time.

· Second, from the foregoing evidence, there can also be no doubt that such research and operations have been highly classified and top secret with the objective of not only denying the information to enemy forces but also to friendly governments, the international scientific community, and the American public.

· Third, leadership of the United States military forces have previously lied to the Congress of the United States about such programs and/or conspired to keep them secret from the public. Given the US government’s poor track record with regard to transparency and accountability, the American people have NO REASON to expect any truthfulness about what is occurring over head in the skies worldwide. Hell, we can’t even get the straight story on Lois Lerner’s IRS emails or what actually happened at Benghazi and the majority of the American public are still unaware that a third building, WTC 7, a 47-story steel structure collapsed on 9/1/1 at freefall speed into its own footprint in the classic manner of a controlled demolition without being hit by an aircraft. Why in the hell do any of us think that they will be honest about covert weather modification programs even when the evidence is plastered all over the skies?

· Fourth, how long are we going to allow this behavior and lack of accountability to continue? With so many of the American people locked into the mindset of “our government wouldn’t do that”, we are acting much in the same manner of classic denial as an abused spouse that wants to assume the blame for the beatings and abuse as being their own fault rather than standing up and identifying the real perpetrator.   Apathy, denial, and cognitive dissonance are the major contributors underlying the lack of concern and attention to the military-industrial complex agenda whose corporate sponsors are only concerned with how much profit can be squeezed out of the cash cow otherwise known as the American taxpayer and the level of control they can exert over our lives.

Understanding the nature of the beast and just exactly what we are up against is at least half the battle. Knowing what we are looking at, what we are dealing with, why it exists, and where it exists is crucial. No war was ever won without first acquiring tactical information about the opposing force. That being said, it is time to begin to assemble the knowledge that we do have, and there is a lot, into our own weapons. Weapons of words, ideas, and moral convictions, plus the knowledge that all of our futures, as well as those of our children are on the line. And those my friends are powerful weapons to be reckoned with indeed!

Today, quantum leaps in atmospheric weather modification techniques are typified by the use of stratospheric aerosol spraying programs spewing toxic heavy metal nano-particulates (chemtrails), HAARP, NEXRAD (next generation radar) installations, GWEN (ground wave emergency network) facilities, ELF, and more. Further complicating and confusing matters even more is that many of these programs overlap and serve more than one agenda. While many of the techniques and means of delivery got their start from the early research programs at China Lake, what is occurring today is as far removed from those early efforts as the old wall mounted crank-handle phones are from today’s smart phones. Making matters worse, the true extent of the national security state is so pervasive that it extends into virtually every corner of our lives.

And it is not just about control of the weather but rather it is about complete control of the planet’s atmosphere, and therefore complete control of the world. In her book, Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, author/researcher Elana Freeland tells us that the underlying reason is because most of today’s high tech weaponry and associated systems require an “ionized atmosphere” made possible by what she labels as a “dump and pump” aerosol operation. Nano-particulate chemtrails are dumped into the atmosphere through aerosol spraying and then pumped up into an ionized state by lasers, NEXRAD or HAARP.

And just as the existence of military weather modification programs and operations are a matter of public record for those who take the time to look, so too are the facilities used by the military to carry out their agenda of full spectrum dominance. The most well known is the HAARP facility (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) located at Gakona, Alaska. While many unanswered questions surround the alleged research facility, it is known to be an ionospheric heater capable of beaming 3.6 gigawatts of radio frequency energy into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Jointly funded by the US Air Force, US Navy, DARPA, and the University of Alaska, and built by BAE Systems Technologies (British Aerospace & Electronic), the Gakona array has widely been speculated on as being used for many black operation projects including weather modification, mind control, and triggering earthquakes. The official story is that it is simply a research facility but the identity of players involved says otherwise. With the exception of the University of Alaska, all of the other listed major players are prominent members of the military-industrial complex and therefore suspect. If the Air Force, Navy, DARPA and BAE are all involved, it is simply guilt by a matter of association. These are not philanthropic organizations in the business of promoting humanitarian welfare and social reform. These are organizations that are in the business of building weapons and exporting and using those weapons of warfare around the globe, and business is booming.

And atmospheric weather modification is major part of that, as evidenced by the official US Air Force document, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025”, which was a study “to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future.” The Air Force Owning the Weather by 2025 document goes on to state:

Engineering the Weather Government Documents 2014


A high-risk, high-reward endeavor, weather-modification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom. While some segments of society will always be reluctant to examine controversial issues such as weather-modification, the tremendous military capabilities that could result from this field are ignored at our own peril. 24

What a revelatory statement that is. It places weather modification on the same level as the Manhattan Project and the development of the atomic bomb. One of the most significant developments of the 20th Century, the proliferation of nuclear energy has been a virtual Pandora’s Box of both good possibilities and bad consequences. The enormous destructive power realized by the splitting of the atom has not made the world a safer place and with the breakup of the Soviet Union, the likelihood of a terrorist sponsored nuclear event has in fact increased as fissile material finds its way into dangerous hands. That, notwithstanding the fact that the nuclear waste generated as a by-product of nuclear power and dismantled weapons presents a constant source of radioactive infection for the planet and problematic issues for those tasked with storing it. And since the first Trinity test, thousands of other detonations have taken place creating other sources of radioactive contamination through fallout or underground testing. In addition, the disasters at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and recently Fukashima are all evidence of the catastrophes that have already occured. Given the fact that through HAARP and other associated technologies, the military industrial complex is toying with the planet’s electro-magnetic fields and the auroral electrojet, the possibility of more large scale disasters occurring increases.  If for any reason they cause the Earth’s shields against solar radiation to fail, we are cooked – literally!  Frankly, the capabilities that might be developed as a result of weather modification could prove to be as large if not larger source of peril than nuclear holocaust.

And I’m not alone in my assessment of the situation.  The same story and scenarios can be heard from Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch; Elana Freeland, author of Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth; Dr. Nick Begich & Jeanne Manning, authors of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP; William Thomas, author of Chemtrails Confirmed; Jerry E. Smith, author of Weather Warfare; and David Archer, climatologist and author of The Long Thaw.  They are all in agreement that human induced climate change through weather modification and fossil fuel use are altering the eco-systems of the planet.  And while the two named culprits, weather modification and fossil fuel use might seem to not be related that is not the case.  The HAARP array at Gakona sprang from patents developed by Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund, who was working at the time for Arco Power Technologies Inc., and one of the many uses of the HAARP technology is earth penetrating tomography that allows oil and energy companies to search for underground deposits of oil and gas.  However, the military is able to use the same technology to search for deep underground military bases.

Further confirmation of the problematic nature of these issues can be found in a very troubling 35 page document written to the Commodity Futures Trading Commision by Andrea Psoras requesting public input on Possible Regulation of “Event Contracts.”  Event Contracts is a polite euphemism for engineered disasters that allow those disaster capitalists engaged in the trading of weather derivatives to reap landfall profits at the expense of those who are victimized by such event contracts.  On page 14 Psoras states:

The Pentagon’s warning about climate catastrophe is surely nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to prepare the masses for the bizarre atmospheric upheavals we can expect as the military continues to brutalize our planet and near space with its grotesque toys. And we ain’t seen nothing yet. Dr. Eastlund and his ilk have developed plans for solar power satellites designed to modify the weather with electromagnetic beam output that dwarfs the present HAARP system. As abrupt climate change is increasingly orchestrated, we will surely need additional fascist agencies, an ever growing military budget, and more poison particle projects that just happen to insure population reduction as a side benefit.

Despite visual evidence that every aspect of our physical environment is being manipulated and damaged for war games, some Americans cannot accept that dangerous covert operations are being conducted by a government they still believe to be a virtuous defender of freedom. Their stumbling block is a numbing belief that their own officials would never perpetrate dangerous experimentation on humanity since “they have families too.” History and the release of de-classified government documents disprove such naiveté. 25

Even William S. Cohen, the former Secretary of Defense has acknowledged that such “technology and eco-terrorism” exists in the world, although he stopped short of admitting that the United States military-industrial complex whose agenda is full spectrum dominance and the Wall Street gang marketing weather derivatives whose agenda is placing profit above all else are the most likely perpetrators of such eco-terrorism played out through large scale engineered disasters.  During Cohen’s April 28, 1997 keynote address at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy at the Georgia Center, Mahler Auditorium, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga , he made the following statement:

“There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.”  26

If you listen to a man’s words closely enough, you can ascertain what his intentions are.  In the intervening years since Cohen’s address, we have seen many of his words prove to be prophetic.  Most recently the Ebola scare comes to mind but if we assemble all the pieces of the puzzle that we can find, it all begins to make a crazy but psychotic type of sense.  GMO’s and Monsanto’s patent for aluminum resistant seed.  The construction of massive  seed banks around the world.  Neonicotinoids and the massive death of bees.  Fukashima.  Katrina.  The BP Deepwater Horizon gulf oil spill and Corexit.  Massive underground facilities being constructed.  Climate change.  Fracking.  Weather Modification.  Chemtrails.  Large scale drought.  Agenda 21. 

As we attempt to navigate this “brave new world order” some 30 years removed from 1984, both Huxley and Orwell’s vision of society in the future are playing out on a scale far larger and more draconian than even they could imagine.  We only need to look back at our past and connect the dots.



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8 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots on Weather Mod and China Lake PART II”
  1. After some research, the reason why NCIS got involved, was because an individual whom was employed on base and had a security clearance, was fronting a good portion of money for the individuals who ran the weed shop. Had the guy not held a clearance, there would have been no issue.

  2. Quite interesting. I never witnessed, nor read anything about the protests. I doubt that the Base Commander, had anything to do with the local weed shop getting closed down. The valley has plenty of drugs and has so for many years, so I don’t see the guy leading an campaign to halt drugs etc.

  3. I have never viewed or heard of any public anti abortion demonstration in Ridgecrest. When and where have these demonstrations taken place?

    1. They used to be held at least once a year, and i believe it was under the umbrella of the national March for Life organization and their rallys are typically held on January 22nd to coincide with anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision handed down by SCOTUS. People would line China Lake Blvd, holding placards with pro-life slogans as well as signs with anti-abortion images. They would normally start near the intersection of China Lake and Ridgecrest Blvd by Denny’s and line the boulevard up to the hospital. If you desire further information, i would recommend inquiring at the Daily Independent, as i believe they used to cover the event and would have copies in their archives. The local movement may have stalled as i haven’t seen them recently but i try to avoid that route as much as possible due to the amount of traffic that now passes on that roadway. There was also fairly large pro-marijuana rally at the intersection of Ridgecrest Blvd and China Lake about 6 years ago held in support of the local dispensary employees facing charges after it was raided and closed in an action led by NCIS at the direction of the base commander acting in concert with local related agencies. This somewhat irregular intrusion into local and state affairs by the Federal government is demonstrative of the power and authority the area’s largest employer, the US Navy wields in the community. The only real public relations wrinkle i remember came when the Navy decided to eliminate the wild burro population that was causing problems at the airfield by shooting them from helicopters Rambo style. That led to an animal activist’s outcry, that included noted author, reporter, and commentator Cleveland Amory, which forced the Navy to stop indiscriminately killing wild burros and led to BLM moving into the area and establishing the adoption program for wild horses and burros. as well as regulation of local lands. Right or wrong, good or bad, it is a fact of life that the community exists under the auspices the China Lake naval installation. Regards, ~aej

  4. Interesting story. Govt. involvement is so obvious. I think the people of America needs to demand a non-governmental committee to research all areas of Govt. issues. They demand Iran and other nations to atone and make all their secret programs transparent to inspectors, and i believe they should be investigated as well. Also, i believe such companies like”Evergreen”needs inspection as well.

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