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Caroline Carter : Morgellon's Disease

Caroline has been using the following:
PRANIC HEALING “Regresses Morgellon's symptoms. It has worked twice for me now. It does not cure Morgellon's but for me it rapidly healed open wounds and stopped progression of further blisters.” Contact Caroline
Email: Websites:

Bernard Alvarez -
Iam Awake -
Sucahyo Aji Condro - facebook
The Oracle: email

Steve Susman - Candidate for Congress-Texas District 22 "

Contributor for CHEMTRAILS KILL on FB)
Steve says:
The citizens of the United States of America are rapidly waking up to realize: THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG HERE. Their "unrepresentatives" have been hijacked by special interests and corporate campaign donations. The left vs right paradigm (divide and conquer mindset) has been shattered. There is no difference between the 2 party dictatorship, they're all owned by the same banksters and offshore corporations. They ALL burn our Constitution and devalue our currency on a daily basis. More than this, their financiers are the same people who poison our seas with Corexit and synthia, who prey on the sick by geoengineering our skies, and dumb down our citizens by flouridating our water. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is far past time for WE THE PEOPLE to rise UP and take control of our lives, our freedoms and our governments at all levels. We must fight this tyranny known as the Police State as well while we still can. I am asking all REAL candidates and Americans to join myself and others to rid our country of those who seek to destroy our great nation. - Steve Susman LP Candidate for Texas CD22

Contact Steve :

David Smith (Congressional Candidate)
David says:
“Family man with 5 children. My wife is from Ukraine so I spend a lot of time trying to get something done with Immigration (NOT easy to do). I work 2 jobs and still have a hard time making. To many times. I am for MUCH smaller Government! I am for Immigration reform. (Protect the borders!) I am for RETURNING the peoples freedom back to them where it belongs! I am for bringing back the Constitution! The way it is!” “I have a plan. Please support me in this plan. It will reduce taxes, Bring back GOD and give the people a REAL voice in Politics!”
~David Smith

Contact David Smith:
Mobile Phone: 1-832-329-5313

Recovery Palooza: Recovery in the Music Industry

Pamela Glasner, AUTHOR "Finding Emmaus"
Finding Emmaus: Book One of The Lodestarre Series
Pamela Glasner on Facebook

Sean Thomas Sydney Davis (for adopting RED ALERT dog HUEY!

Huey's homecoming on Facebook

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