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Oil Spill Commission report: "Evidence indicates “ionic surfactant” in Corexit 9527 & 9500 “inhibits biodegradation”; “Dispersants and dispersed oil are typically more toxic than oil” - Reports Detail Confusion During Oil Disaster, Courthouse News Service, October 8, 2010
Corexit 9527 “is readily absorbed through the skin”.

_____ NALCO "creator of COREXIT" / And Your Water Authority -
UPDATED August 1 2010 _____
_____ Oil Addiction goes far beyond BP -
UPDATED July 24 2010 _____
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Mass evacuation of NYC & Gulf coast states as predicted by Webbots due to ill winds

News & Information on Oil and the BP Disaster:

Possible Exit For BP Boss Hayward Next Week
At least SIX ‘seeps’ found near Rigel methane deposits southwest of BP oil blow-out
BP set to begin oil drilling off Libya
Brown says global economy reliant upon growth in Africa
Oil industry 'double checking' deep drilling safety
BP faces 7-year offshore drilling ban
NOAA Science Missions & Data = Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill
The Oil Drum Forum
Mexicans still haunted by 1979 Ixtoc spill
Alaska town slowly heals after 1989 Exxon Valdez spill

Bill Summary & Status 111th Congress (2009 - 2010) H.R.3377
Disaster Response, Recovery, and Mitigation Enhancement Act of 2009


For more information on the NPS, DOI and national oil spill responses, please see the following:
  • Southern Area Coordination Center Morning Report
  • FWS Oil Spill Response
  • NPS Oil Spill Response
  • DOI Oil Spill Response
  • National Oil Spill Response
  • Boycott BP WorldWide!!!


    Currently,THE TRUTH DENIED team is working with people IN THE GULF, aiding in relocation for families , there pets and farm animals. We cannot stress enough how important it is for people to leave the gulf at this time. They are in danger of toxic chemical poisoning, as described throughout this section of our website.

    *Saving lives is the goal, and though we may not be able to save ALL lives, we strive to continue our efforts of awareness for those in need.. We may all have to live with the fact that the end result may be the destruction of an entire ocean and it's inhabitants, including some of those residents who reside in the GULF. Nevertheless, do not give up!

    PLEASE help us to be of service for we truly need each and every one of you. Groups who are currently working with residents need people to donate there time, with making phone calls, returning residents emails and the aid in aligning with other groups who are doing the same. PLEASE this is your opportunity to help, and there is a lot to do .

    FOCUS ON WHAT you can do, no matter how big or how small, every little bit matters, and time is of the essence.

    Below, you will find credible groups , those we have aligned with and know well. Join them , and offer yourselves to service. We can no longer put a price tag on the GULF, it is priceless.

    Sincerely, The Truth Denied

    Get up to Date on Gulf Disaster with Kindra Arnesen on Hardtail News Radio, Full Interview

    Solution Index

    Help the Gulf People!
    What can we do?

    1. Getting the word out.. Sharing with others..........awakening others.
    2. HOLD THE SPACE for all good souls to heal or learn for ourselves and each other.

    Connecting People Who Want to Leave the Gulf with People Who Want to Help

    Global Healing Through The Use of Reiki - Whole Earth Healing

    Big News on Local Food. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations about Local Food from The Huffington Post

    Laundry detergents and fabric softeners are composed of chemicals made from petroleum which causes significant damage to soil, contaminates drinking water and endangers local wildlife ecosystems. Did you know that 80% of energy used by the clothing industry is expended on laundering rather than clothing production?

    How To Make Your Own Household Products - Huffington Post | Barbara Fenig
    Read More: Make your own Baking Soda, Diy, Diy Drain Cleaner, Diy Green, Environment, Green Diy, Green Living, Green Living Recipes, Green Living Tips, Green Your Home, Green Your House, Homemade Green Products, Homemade Household Cleaners, Homemade Products, Make Your Own Laundry Detergent, Slidepollajax and more...

    Make your own detergent and fabric softener tips from - Your guide to Gree living
    ENERGY USES ::: SAVE ENERGY tips from - Your guide to Gree living
    WATER USAGE tips from - Your guide to Gree living

    FACTS: Did you know that???

    Did you know that washers and dryers emit climate-changing greenhouse gases. Since so much energy is required to heat washing machine water, you can cut your washing machine's CO2 emissions by 100 pounds simply by washing in cold water. Dryers, for their part, emit an average of 1,442 pounds of carbon dioxide annually: if each American home air-dried one load of laundry each year, the US would cut its CO2 emissions by 250,000 tons

    Detergents and fabric softeners
    Did you know that fabric softeners and laundry detergents contain synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum, a non-sustainable resource whose extraction and production has caused major environmental damage to soil, surface and ground waters, and local ecosystems, and contributes to global warming. The ingredients in detergents and softeners vary in their toxicity levels and subsequent environmental impacts, but all are disposed of through normal home waste water channels. The US Geological Survey (USGS) found that 3,500 kilograms of one of these ingredients, linear alkylate sulfonate, enter the Mississippi River every day. As a result,the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established the Industrial and Institutional Laundry Partnership to work with detergent manufacturers to create more health and environmentally conscious products. One detergent surfactant nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), is toxic to aquatic plants and animals. Though this chemical is banned in certain parts of Europe, it can still be found in some detergents made in the US because of cost. Follo the money!

    Related health issues
    Did you know that laundry detergents may contain various ingredients and fragrances that can irritate the skin or respiratory system and exacerbate allergies. Certain fragrances are a health risk because they contain phthalates, which have been linked to cancer and reproductive system risks.

    Some detergents may also include chlorine bleach. Bleach can form health-threatening toxic gases when combined with other household chemicals and is a highly caustic skin irritant.

    Note from a BP Executive

    Solutions Vs. Oil
    Ed Kashi/Bill Ryan

    New Satellite Images of Gulf: Oil reaches Mexico’s Yucatan, near Cancun (PHOTOS) By oilflorida, on July 14th, 2010

    What can we do?:

    It all starts at Home

    "...there’s a lot of things that are “impossible” that get done all the time. You can take a chicken and put it in a place where it can’t possibly get any calcium and it’ll still produce eggs." - Jim Humble


    The Cult of the Dead Fish:
    "Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it..."

    US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
    Oral Testimony
    Lamar McKay
    Chairman & President, BP America
    May 11, 2010

    Protection of Human Subjects - Title 45, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 46 - Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), HHS

    COREXIT - "Someone has leaked the complete assay of the "Crude Oil" to Yobie Benjamin"
    COREXIT® EC9500A
    "COREXIT® EC9500A"
    (formerly COREXIT 9500)

    Volatile Organic Compounds
    "Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are organic chemicals that easily vaporize at room temperature. They are called organic because they contain the element carbon in their molecular structures. VOCs have no colour, smell, or taste. VOCs include a very wide range of individual substances, such as hydrocarbons (for example benzene and toluene), halocarbons and oxygenates."

    Benzene is Extremely poisonous!
    "Brief exposure (5-10 minutes) to very high levels of benzene in air (10,000-20,000 ppm) can result in death"
    "Benzene, also known as benzol, is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor. Benzene evaporates into air very quickly and dissolves slightly in water. Benzene is highly flammable. Most people can begin to smell benzene in air at 1.5-4.7 parts of benzene per million parts of air (ppm) and smell benzene in water at 2 ppm."

    Methane: - Notice - Controlling static electricity in hazardous (classified) locations
    The Ramsauer-Townsend effect in methane
    "Calculations are described which reproduce the well known Ramsauer-Townsend effect in the scattering of electrons by methane. The theoretical model used for the interaction of an electron with methane includes
    (i) the methane static potential"
    A diagram of Ocean Shelf Methane Deposits
    (Full Article)
    "When methane and freezing cold water fuse under tremendous pressure, they create a substance as paradoxical as it coveted: burning ice."

    Methane and Volcanic and/or Geothermal areas:
    Static chamber methane flux measurements in volcanic/geothermal areas: preliminary data from Sousaki and Nisyros
    "Methane plays an important role in the Earth’s atmospheric chemistry and radiative balance being the second most important greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide. "

    Measurement of Methane Fluxes from Terrestrial Landscapes Using Static, Non-steady State Enclosures
    "Wetlands are a dominant natural source of atmospheric methane (CH4), a potent greenhouse gas whose concentration in the atmosphere has doubled over the past 150 years. Evaluating the impacts of CH4 emissions on global climate and developing policies to mitigate those impacts requires a quantifiable and predictive understanding of natural CH4 processing"
    What causes air pollution? Methane

    Mercury Exposure: The World’s Toxic Time Bomb
    A Report by: Ban Mercury Working Group (PDF)
    (Full Article) What causes air pollution? (This disaster is very likely to do so)
    "methane CH4), a greenhouse gas... The agricultural sector is known for its extensive use of pesticides. This application causes emissions of many toxic chemicals.
    Industrial processes vary greatly and as a result there are many different chemical wastes. The industries are responsible for emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, small dust particles, VOC, methane, ammonia and radioactive radiation."
    What causes air pollution? (Mercury)
    "Mercury can be dispersed by transport through surface water, causing it to accumulate in fish. Mercury can bio magnify up the food chain, to be taken up by humans eventually."

    The Health effects of aluminium
    "The water-soluble form of aluminum causes the harmful effects, these particles are called ions. They are usually found in a solution of aluminum in combination with other ions, for instance as aluminum chlorine." - "High aluminum (Al) concentrations can complicate nutrients uptake by plants. This makes aluminum one of the prior causes of forest decay"(Full Article)

    Proof of heavy mineral saturation and the effects or heavy metals:

    Mystery Crop Damage : First Sings of Hydrogen Sulfide Rains from Gulf?
    "The E.P.A. recently confirmed high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, and Methylene Chloride present in the air in gulf area. The recent tested levels of Hydrogen Sulfide is as high as 1200 P.P.B., accepted levels by E.P.A. 5 to 10 P.P.B. (Makes you wonder why the cleanup effort is going so slow and people are getting sick)"

    What sort of connection is this?
    Killer fungus is no mystery to Afghan poppy growers
    "The strains of the fungi fusarium oxysporum and pleospora papveracae might infect and kill plants other than coca, poppy and cannabis in ecologically sensitive areas of Asia and the Americas."

    Strange Fungi detected seemingly - World Wide
    Airborne fungus Ug99 threatens global wheat harvest
    "Ug99 — so called because it was first seen in Uganda in 1999 — is a new variety of an old crop disease called “stem rust”, which has already spread on the wind from Africa to Iran. It is particularly alarming because it can infect crops in just a few hours and vast clouds of invisible spores can be carried by the wind for hundreds of miles."

    More signs of a Fungal epidemic
    A Question, What will the Corexit/Oil Disaster do to this new strain?

    Mystery fungus makes bees buzz off
    "Jun 02, 2010 2:12 PM PDT
    LAWTON, Okla. - Honeybees are losing their way, literally. Some are leaving their hives and then cannot find their way back. Scientists say a fungus is to blame."

    News on gas exploration:

    Amersfoort North Extension "Coal bed methane or CBM, is an abundant fossil energy resource which is found in association with nearly all coal beds where it is formed as a by-product of the coal formation process. The methane gas is adsorbed within the structure of the coal and is kept there by overburden and hydraulic pressure."

    News on the Climate and Weather (Earth changes and Weather Modification):

    NOAA: “North American snow cover for April 2010 was the smallest on record.” Go figure! "The anomaly was the largest of any of the 520 months on record." - How shall the Oil Disaster effect our global climate?

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