World’s Largest Waterbomber: The Evergreen B-747 “Supertanker


As we reported to you back in 2011, PINAL  AIRPARK  in Pinal County, Arizona is really EVERGREEN AVIATION ,which has been  the suspected by chemtrail activists around the world as the central retrofitter for chemtrail airplanes as well as  home to the EVERGREEN SUPERTANKER. According to their own promotional video, “Weather modification and ocean fertilization are also viable missions within the capability of the Supertanker.”

Formerly Evergreen Maintenance Center, now  Marana Aerospace Solutions is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most reliable aviation MRO service facilities. They  are experts in comprehensive full-life aircraft care, including heavy maintenance, overhaul, commercial storage, component repairs, paint, interior, detailing, and end of life options.

On the home page of their  website, Evergreen also claims:

“We specialize in unscheduled, drop-in maintenance visits with flexibility and dedicated crews to meet your tailored requirements.”


Photo taken over Pinal Airpark (Evergreen) 4-10-2010 TTD

The rabbit hole is deep on this one, so follow closely.

The Development of the EVERGREEN SUPERTANKER:

Development began after the 2002 fire season, which saw the fatal crashes of two air tankers in the USA. The accidents, involving a Lockheed C-130A Hercules and a Consolidated PB4Y-2, prompted the U.S. Department of Interior to issue an official Request for Information on next-generation air tankers.

Evergreen proposed to convert up to four of its Boeing 747-200 Freighters into massive ‘Supertankers‘. The first converted Boeing 747 (N470EV) made its maiden flight on February 19, 2004. The current Supertanker is N479EV, a 747-100.

By June 2006, Evergreen had spent $40 million on the project and was hopeful of both FAA certification, and an evaluation contract from the US Forest Service In October 2006 the FAA issued Evergreen a supplementary type certificate for the installation and removal of internal tanks, associated systems and support structure for the aerial dispersant of liquids.
An issue that impacted usage by the Forest Service was the USFS requirement for using fire retardant rather than water. When Evergreen attempted to convert the system from water dispensing to retardant, they encountered objections from the FAA. The FAA’s issue related to the much greater density of fire retardant  and the corresponding increased stress on the airframe thus delaying the FAA certification. The FAA determined that the Supertanker’s service life would be diminished and also raised concerns about the dangers of additional stress on the airframe during firefighting operations and heavy weight maneuvering.


EVERGREEN  SUPERTANKERS have never been  used to put out fires in the USA 

The Supertankers are used to put out forest fires, though as of today, they have never been hired to put out a fire in the USA. I had the opportunity to speak with Steven Daniels  of Evergreen on June 13-18th 2011 on the phone and via email regarding the  largest fire in Arizona History.  The Wallow Fire,  was a wildfire  in eastern Arizona  that as of 26 June  26th 2011, it had burned about 841 square miles (2,180 km2) in ApacheGreenlee,Graham, and Navajo counties in Arizona and Catron County in New Mexico, and is thus the biggest fire recorded in Arizona. Nearly 6,000 people were evacuated.


Mr. Steven Daniels and I exchanged many phone calls and emails, as well did my husband. To see the emails, click here:


Roxy Lopez also involved the public in writing letters to Governor Jan Brewer, including Libertarian Candidate, Steve Susman. To this date ,not any of the letters were ever  relied to.

Questions: Evergreen Aviation has spent millions of dollars on the Supertankers for the purpose of putting out fires.Why have they never been hired to put out a fire in the USA?

Our letter writing with Steven Daniels of Evergreen Aviation quickly came to a screeching  halt when we asked Evergreen Aviation the same question. This has always remained a question in our mind; if you care to write to Mr. Steven Daniels his address is below.

Steven P Daniels
Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.
3850 Three Mile Lane
McMinnville, Oregon 97128 USA
Office: +1 (503) 472-9361
Mobile: +1 (360) 904-2599

The Truth Denied visits EVERGREEN in ARIZONA


See  THE TRUTH DENIED’s  initial discovery of  PINAL  AIRPARK which is actually EVERGREEN MAINTENANCE FACILITY.

To Breach: An act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct.

Currently, Evergreen Aviation is involved in a lawsuit with the State of Arizona, Pinal County records provides us with the actual court documents.  Please see the article here to view the documents and the story.

 Evergreen breaches covenant with Pinal County, Arizona (Part 2, the complaint).

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  1. That’s right girl, I worked on those tankers for Boeing which were supposed to be converted for fighting forest fires. And not once have they ever been used. Bastards. Good work chica!

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