Jim Kerr writes NASA inquiring about CHEMTRAILS: Here is what NASA wrote back!

Letter to NASA from Jim Kerr

Date: July 11, 2013 From: James Kerr <jameskerr10948@msn.com>

To: “Rowland, Douglas E. (GSFC-6740)” <douglas.e.rowland@nasa.gov>
Subject: ChemtrailsDear Mr. Rowland,

Dear Mr. Rowland,

I have been following alternate sites, gathering information on chemtrails and other various experiments conducted in the atmosphere. As I am sure you are aware thousands of people have been reporting on chemtrail activity worldwide for a number of years now. The internet is loaded with videos and photos depicting this activity with many theories surrounding this topic. Some theories pretty far out there.  This subject sparked my interest several years ago. Being a retired police investigator in combination with a part time videography and photography business I began taking video and photos of chemtrail activity over the Antelope Valley, Ca. In the past two years I have compiled thousand of photos and hundred of hours of color, infrared and full spectrum footage of these events. Utilizing a 1400 mm lens I have been able to capture spraying jets activate and deactivate the spraying apparatus with different length trails targeting various unusual cloud formations. Along with chemtrails I have captured other strange experiments of what appears to be man made cloud formations that are somehow anchored in the sky unaffected by high winds. These various cloud formations are continually sprayed by jets targeting the upwind portion of the cloud. As the cloud remains stationary the rear portion of the cloud emits cloud material that is carried away by the wind. Like the exhaust of an internal combustion engine (Tail Pipe). On one occasion videoing one very large cloud, I observed on radar this cloud material being carried away into Mexico and east into Arizona. Other strange triangular craft have been captured worldwide releasing cloud material and interacting with chemtrail spray. I have also captured these craft as well. I do not believe in UFO’s or ET’s from another planet but these craft are strange. I have captured all these events by simply pointing my cameras to the sky from my ranch in the Antelope Valley, Ca. One small area of sky. As stated these events are being captured worldwide. Over the past two years I have supplied all my footage and photos to chemtrail activists, talk radio personalities and research groups in a hope to find answers to these ongoing geo engineering / chemtrail / cloud operations. Most researchers, activists, and alternate news reporters believe all this activity to be a clandestine operation with serious health issues resulting from this activity. I believe there is a logical scientific explanation of these events and have received help from constituents in finding answers. These events go way beyond simple contrails.  I am contacting NASA in hope that their open door policy of transparency to the public will shed some light and information to this activity. If possible please forward information on these activities and I will forward that information to my constituents in the hope of bringing a logical explanation to these activities.

Thank you for your time.


Jim Kerr


Letter from NASA to JIM KERR

From: keith.a.koehler@nasa.gov
To: jameskerr10948@msn.com
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 12:08:59 -0500
Subject: FW: Chemtrails




Your inquiry below was forwarded to me for response. NASA uses chemical or vapor trails to help us understand the space environment particularly in the ionosphere and within auroras.  In the past few years we have conducted rocket launches from Alaska, Virginia and the Marshall Islands that have employed the use of these vapor trails.  Below is a description of our most recent experiment, the Daytime Dynamo, that employed the use of these vapor trails. The process we use for all of our suborbital rocket experiments is similar to this.  Based on your description below, the types of vapor trails we use for scientific study do not fall within what you have documented. If you go to the NASA web site and do a search on aircraft vapor trails you may find some helpful information.If you would like to discuss this further you can call me at 757-824-1579. Keith KoehlerOffice of CommunicationsNASA Wallops Flight Facility The Daytime Dynamo Mission, a joint project between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), included the launch of two sounding rockets on July 4 from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, to study the ionosphere’s global electrical current called the dynamo.  The dynamo sweeps through the lower ionosphere at ~100-125 km (60-80 miles) above Earth forming a complicated global pattern due to variations caused by magnetic fields around the Earth and solar activity.  The main energy driver of the dynamo is believed to be motions of the neutral gases in the ionosphere, or neutral winds of the extreme upper atmosphere.  (These winds have no relation to the winds at the surface of the earth that forms our familiar weather patterns.)  Thus, the objectives of the Dynamo Mission include measuring the dynamo current as well as the motions of the neutral gases in space. A standard technique for measuring the motions of the neutral gases in space is to release a very small amount of vapor from a rocket or satellite payload which is then used as a tracer which may be subsequently photographed from the ground (or, in the case of the Dynamo Mission, from an airplane.)  Lithium was chosen as the tracer for the Dynamo Mission because of its unusually bright narrow-band emission at 670.7 nm wavelength, a wavelength in the infrared range, which enables it to be visible in the daytime with cameras with infrared filters.   The lithium that was released in space poses absolutely no threat to the earth’s biosphere and life on earth.  The lithium vapor is created by heating solid metal lithium rods or chips such that they change to lithium vapor with a small amount of lithium oxide which is created as a byproduct.  The total amount of lithium that was released in space during the Dynamo Mission was 750 grams (or 1.65 pounds).  The estimates of the daily meteoric metal deposition rates in the upper atmosphere range from approximately 40 to 200 tons per day.  The peak deposition of the meteoric material occurs in the 80-110 km (50-70 miles) altitude range where most meteors ablate.  The lithium metal released by the Dynamo mission was therefore a miniscule fraction of the metals deposited in that altitude range on a daily basis by meteor ablation.  Further, the very small amount of lithium that was released in this experiment was spread over a large height range, such that their concentrations are far less than those already present in the natural environment within a few minutes after the initial release. The main scientific motivation for understanding the Earth’s dynamo is that it is fundamental part of nature and our planet’s space environment.  Indeed, all planets with a partially ionized upper atmosphere and magnetic field are believed to have dynamo currents. The dynamo currents of Jupiter and Saturn are believed to be quite large, for example.  In addition to our desire to understand the earth’s space environment, there is a practical application as well for studying the dynamo currents:  The earth’s ionosphere influences radio-wave propagation and thus any disturbances in the ionosphere, such as those associated with the dynamo currents, may influence communication and navigation signals.  Thus, understanding the dynamo current in space helps us understand radio-wave propagation in the ionosphere. For more information on NASA’s sounding rockets program, see: http://www.nasa.gov/soundingrockets    Caption:  A global electric current called the dynamo exists in the ionosphere and creates patterns such as those shown here. Credit: USGS   Caption:  The lithium trail released by the Dynamo rocket reveals the motions of neutral gases in the earth’s ionosphere. Credit: NASA.


To listen to the show where Jim Kerr discusses this at length, go here http://www.thetruthdenied.com/news/2013/07/27/cloaked-craft-revealed-in-chemtrails-and-storms-3-guests-debunk-the-secret-cover-up/


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