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How to remove an RFID IMPLANT

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* This image  (above) is from a French documentary showing a VeriChip being surgically removed from the arm of a journalist. Source: News of the world – RFID

2017 Updates :  Popular Science put an article out called ‘Why Did I Implant A Chip In My Hand?’ that most of you may want to read. Please look at the size of the chip, and as you are looking over your own body, can you tell us how large or small your chip is, where ever it’s location may be on your body?


Please be sure to visit the comment section when you are finished reading the article for advice from other TI’s.

 RFID technology could lead to political repression as governments could use implants to track and target human rights activists, labor activists, civil dissidents, and political opponents; criminals and domestic abusers could use them to stalk and harass their victims; slaveholders could use them to prevent captives from escaping; and child abusers could use them to locate and abduct children. So what do we do about this?

Most of the TI’s that I have spoken have similar concerns when it comes to implant devices; the removal of an RFID implant is complicated  whether you are a pet or a human.  First you have to find a practitioner who can detect the chip.This is usually not so easy to do as some of the chips do not show up on X-rays, ultrasound machines, or scanners.Once you have successfully determined that you do have an implant ,you better hope the chip stays in one location,  90% of the time they tend to move around the body.  Secondly, you must find a surgeon who is willing to remove the chip, or find a technician who can erase the chip and stop it from transmitting data. The following is sure to help those of you who may have strong implications of chip implantation. This article is to aid you in your search for either chip detection and or chip removal. 

What is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) implant?

RFID is a technology for identifying unique medical equipment and supplies and other high value assets using radio waves. Typical RFID systems are made up of two major components: Readers and Tags. RFID tags are also referred to as a ‘chip’. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

The RFID reader (also called a scanner), is set to a particular electromagnetic frequency, and an RFID tag, which consists of a microchip is connected to an antenna. The microchip contains information that is transmitted to the scanner when the chip is within its range. The chips are generally the size of a grain of rice, but more recent technology is smaller. Uses for the RFID Chip include tracking for pets, medical patient data and records, military recruits,credit & debit cards cards, US Dollar, consumer goods, and  even livestock. You name it, it’s got a chip.

The RFID labels draw their power from the reader. The reader transmits a low power radio signal through its antenna to the tag. The tag receives it through its own antenna to power the integrated circuit (micro-chip) that is built-into the label. The tag will briefly communicate with the reader for verification that the tag was “read” and data is exchanged. RFID systems were originally developed created as an alternative to barcodes, so they say. If you are not familiar with RFID technology yet, I would suggest that you begin to at least familiarizing yourself with it, mainly because the number of different devices that utilize these types of tags is growing exponentially. The main reason someone would want to block or destroy RFID chips would be to maintain privacy.

AMAZING PDF and DOCUMENTATION of LARSON’s CHIP : TI’s need to read this!


How did you get your implant if you never authorized it?

It is becoming more and more obvious that almost all of us have been implanted with chips in one way or another since we were born, but how? And exactly WHO is doing the implants?

Vaccinations, flu shots, dental work, surgeries, sleep abductions, in fact most medicine including dentistry has been loaded with implantable chips since the 1960s. They have had this technology for 40 years or more and are just now bringing it out to condition and introduce it to the public. Withholding technology is typical for the government and military for years before they release it to the public for whatever reason. Most of the time new technologies have been beneficial, but implantable chips are not one of them. If you wish to further your knowledge on current technology regarding frequency and reading distances of the RFID CHIP, we have provided a manual from DEFCON: https://www.defcon.org/images/defcon-21/dc-21-presentations/Brown/DEFCON-21-Brown-RFID-Hacking-Updated.pdf

Removal of an RFID Implant: Now that you have one, how do you get rid of it?

“The implantable microchip can be removed from the body – but it’s not like removing a splinter. This image is from a French documentary showing a VeriChip being surgically removed from the arm of a journalist. Source: News of the world – RFID  CNN reporter Robyn Curnow confirms that chip removal is difficult. She was implanted with a VeriChip in a Spanish night club in 2004 and had the device removed later that year. She reports that the surgery was a challenge for the doctors involved, a far cry from “removing a splinter.” Here is her report: Once back home in London, I begin to feel uncomfortable and unsure about my microchip implant. The Baja Beach Club Web site assures that getting rid of the microchip is a simple and harmless procedure, something like removing a splinter. But the two doctors I consulted in London’s Harley Street disagreed. Getting the microchip removed became serious business.”

The following is from a reader who had an unbearable ringing in their ears and suspected they had an implant. This is an excerpt from part of their letter.

“That night, taking the advice on your website, 3/4″ Neodymium magnets were now placed on the top arch of the ear, one if front, and one behind. But the ear had been cut, and the force of the magnets became so painful, they were not able to sleep with them on more than 2 hours before having to remove them.”

Only days have gone by… but the sound has not returned. (Referring to the ringing and beeping noises.)”

Magnets can also  be found inside old hard drives. They will be encased in a silver (or gold) overlay because they are more brittle than other magnets. But you will not mistake them, because the moment you try to put them together you will pinch your fingers. They are very powerful magnets, derived from a rare earth mineral.

And they WILL render micro-chips useless.” Original source http://www.metatech.org/


RFID REMOVAL: The photos clearly show something foreign that is not organic mixed with the biological tissue


The photos contained in this document are of micro stimulator devices that were surgically recovered and analyzed by using microscopy and by materials characterization techniques. The recovered devices are an exact match for the devices that were developed by research scientists Joseph Schulman, Gerald Loeb and Philip Troyk under contract from the National Institutes of Health. There are about 4 contracts involved, but the initial contract was #N01-NS5-2325 and funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP. More information regarding these contracts can be found at the NIH Neural Prosthesis Project website. The following list briefly outlines some of the evidence presented in this document  .AMAZING PDF and DOCUMENTATION of LARSON’s CHIP



Please check out this interview with James Walbert  who is  one of the Board of Directors for  the Stalking Victims Network. James Walbert is a victim of non-consensual RFID implantation. He has testified in in Washington D.C. in front of the Presidential Commission on Bioethical issues appointed by President Obahma.He is one of the few who obtained a “Protection Order” for James Walbert.

When  I  asked  James  Walbert   why   he  did  not   elect   to   have  his  implant  removed, he stated “Because I don’t think it’s time”.


How  to deactivate an RFID Chip/Implant

“I have found that rare earth magnets called Neodymium magnets will nullify chips. I bought some Neodymium magnets online from a retailer, the kind that can lift 10lbs of steel and run about .70 cents apiece and I used band aides to hold them in place. I put magnets on the back of each ear lobe, on the side of each arm where I have received shots, on both sides of my jaws where I had wisdom teeth removed, and under each heel where I had been purposely implanted by my mother’s doctor shortly after I was born. Also on my stomach where I had a cesarean. I am finding that most people are implanted by their navels as well. If you have had any type of surgery put a magnet near the scar for about 24 hours.” http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/sherry/chips.html

Neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets

“For the electronic, physical, (implants), neodymium (rare earth mineral) magnets of anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch in diameter work very well to completely disable them. Some people wear them in the headband of a baseball cap, preferably for at least 24 hours, but you can also tape them to the back of your ear and hide them under your hair! After implants are disabled, you won’t have so much fatigue, and the pitch or frequency in your ear stops happening. Use caution with these powerful magnets, though, as they can wipe out disks and computers. It’s best not to wear them while sitting at the computer, at least, not while wearing more than one or two of the little ones.” http://www.metatech.org/implants_physical_destroy.html

The following are comments of those who have tags and implants and these are excerpts from their discussions. They don’t seem to be bothered by having the implant, they chose the injection. They often refer to it as  biohacking .

James says:

December 14, 2012 at 4:17 am

I have a 125kHz EM4102 tag in my left hand and have for almost two years.

I’ve been wondering if you think it’s worth it to remove my current tag and upgrade to a 13.56mHz S50. Is the read range about the same, worse, or greater? Really I love that you can use it with Android phones (even though I’m an iOS guy) and it seems slightly more future-proof for maybe another 5 years at least (total guess.) I’d have to replace two RFID readers however and re-inject myself which isn’t terrible- it just costs more. Any thoughts or alternatives? I get in my house and turn my lights on and off. (I’ve even thought about buying a bunch and putting them in my clothing!)”


Amal says:

December 14, 2012 at 10:47 am

Hi James,

You can have your 125kHz tag removed and replace it with an S50, but why not just put the S50 into the other hand? Of course range depends on a lot of factors like reader antenna shape and power output, but overall range is slightly less than the EM4102 if you’re talking about using a phone to read the tag. Here are a few videos you should check out;




As for future-proofing, with over 150+ million access control systems around the world that use the EM42xx family of tags – I don’t think the EM4102 is going out of style any time soon. That’s why I’d suggest just getting the S50 put into the other hand rather than replacing the EM4102… then you’d simply have more options!” End Discussion

“We believe that Biohacking is the Forefront of a new kind of evolution.” Founder of the website Dangerous Things.

Talk about the new frontier!










About the Author

Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied

Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied

Lopez has been reaching out to the public most of her adult life regarding many subject matters that revolve around government secrecies such as GMO’s, UFO Sightings, Morgellons Disease ,and Chemtrails, just to name a few. Lopez states that “The TRUTH has been DENIED us all, and in this current age of technology we now afford the right to access it once and for all.”

The Truth Denied acquired worldwide attention when Lopez made a global stance against Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails), GMO’s, Fracking , environmental health hazards, Morgellons Disease, Gang stalking and illegal government surveillance programs that are increasingly on the up rise. Roxy opens the can of worms to the secrets that the Global Government is keeping from us all.




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419 Responses “How to remove an RFID IMPLANT”

  1. william r walls
    at 8:29 PM

    I am a Victim they done this to me in New Jersey for perjury i need it remove the gang stalking is nuts home invastion etc i need my human rights back civil rights back please email for any info to info that will help me wallsbilly136@g mail.com cell 814 244 1903 tex anytime

  2. Debbie Yerkes
    at 2:17 PM

    U HAVE TAKEN Mark of the beast . Mircochip and branded , barcode too 666 and 999 mark of the beast.

  3. at 12:05 PM

    My name is Paolo and I’m Italian.
    Since to 1991   I have some RFID (Microchips) in my body.
    I found out that I have a microchip in the right ear. The reason is when I close my ears togheter, I listened the voices and in particular some frequencies.
    Some time I listened these frequencies without closed my ears, but  my partner doesn’t listen any frequencies.
    This mean that there are trasmitters in the flats around at my flat in the walls and there are connected with the frequency in my  body.
    When I exit from my flat and I’m in the street, these frequencies I don’t listened anymore.
    For this reason I think that in all the walls there are transmitters.
    1) Can I know 100%  by MRI if the RFID is  in my ear?
    2)  If there isn’t in my ear, where can I find them?
    3) Is it possible find them by total MRI exame in my body?
    4) Where can I find the clinic  in my country or in Europe,  to remove all RFID’s in my body?
    I wait your answer.
    Thanks and regards.


    • at 3:21 PM

      Hello Paolo,
      At this time we do not have a clear answer for you. As to the MRI, from what we have heard, even an MRI has difficulty finding the chip. Also, we have proof that those tested for chips did so in Belgium.

      Take Care, and sorry we couldn’t help you more.

  4. at 12:19 PM

    Hi I have a microchip and was told by my mother at birth was given one and she’s trying to kill me and hurts and does hurtful things to me in the microchip. I can hear her voice and she proved to me it’s her voice before to and I’m not just crazy hearing voices. She told me about it to by talking to me through the microchip saying it has video camera and can see everything my eyes can see and also hear everything my ears can hear. She knows how to mess with me and play real actual music in the background and I can hear music being played somewhere in the air or world. Can someone please help me find this chip or help me with anything cause she won’t tell me where it’s at or how to get it removed. I’ve tried to go to hospital and they say I’m crazy and put in in hospitalization for schizophrenia. Someone please help me. I’m willing to pay a doctor to get it removed or whatever it takes to find and remove it please. thanks you.

  5. at 4:24 PM

    Very interesting article on RFID implants, what they are and how to get rid of them. This is quite revelatory and thank you for all the information and episodes on this.

  6. at 5:14 AM

    What innocent citizens can do if their killing permits became legal under an international agreement to use human as a renewable resource for the production of the Nuclear Energy!!!

    The Years of Masonic Deception! Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals to apply the Nuclear Program in the purpose of Mind Control & Nuclear Energy Production!
    Save your life and others through raising awareness of the Nuclear Program that targeted individuals in the purpose of nuclear energy, artificial rain & Diamonds production, which led to the increase of chronic diseases and suicides around the world due to the radiation pollution & imbalance of the electromagnetic system and DNA of the human bodies, however this human rights violations have been covered by media and returned to Witchcraft, video games like blue whale, depression, mental illness or chronic diseases, while they are the victims of the Nuclear Program which managed by Mason, Nuclear Establishments and Telecommunication Companies.

    What is the Nuclear Program?
    • It is targeting individuals and converting them to semi-mechanical men through the implanted Psychotronics Microchips, which open channels directly between the human brain and external electronic devices and targeting the electromagnetic energy of humans using the high radiation like gamma radiation, ionic and electronic accelerators In the purpose of the Radioisotopes enrichment production such as uranium, thorium, radium, radon, and plutonium , Mining is also done by treating human waste containing radioactive isotopes through sewage in the purpose of the nuclear energy production.
    • This program has been applied on billions of people around the world since 1974 and they are monitored and remotely controlled “RNM- Remote Neural Monitoring” by satellite, mobile, computer, Internet, TV, further more they are controlling the minds, directing human behavior, and changing behavior to violence through these electronic chips to increase the energy production.

    Nuclear Program Methods for applying the implanted Psychotronic Microchips:
    1. Air Condition Magnetic Field spread the smart dust and Radioactive contamination such as uranium, radon and polonium for the purpose of human body infection and enrichment process
    2. Radio Frequency Signals, Electrical Conduction & Modulated Sound Signal that created by the Internet, Mobile, Computer & TV
    3. Smart dust and Radioactive contamination such as uranium, radon and polonium can be also spread through water tap and food
    4.The drugs that use electronic microchips for example the capsule that are implanted under the skin to prevent pregnancy or to store patient medical information , or to perform Virtual Surgery
    5. Addiction to social media especially Facebook and video games & TV to force people to use the Internet & TV as long as possible and during this period they are mining the human electronic energy, which covers 10% of the electricity consumption in the world, also use the nuclear energy in changing the natural phenomena of artificial rain & storms that used to convert methane gas to carbon gas then to graphite and then to DIAMOND.
    6. Psychotronics Microchips for artificial telepathy, brain manipulation, Remote Neural Monitoring and DNA reprogramming since the DNA is responsible for building the human body and data storage and communications.
    7. Smart Dust : Is a system for many MEMS systems such as sensors, robots or other devices that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals, they are usually run on a computer network wireless and are distributed to certain areas for performing tasks, usually sensed by determining radio frequencies and its size is measured by nanometer.
    8. Chemical and physical parameters of water that implanted in toilets in the purpose of the radioactive waste measurement
    9. UFO – Unidentified Flying Objects

    The Real Objectives of the New World Order “Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals”
    All governments around the world have been deceived by the fact that the main objectives of the program are to obtain free and renewable sources of energy, artificial rain & diamonds as well as the possibility of controlling the minds and guidance of their peoples, and they have been deceived by that they are the only one who controlling the nuclear program of their peoples by their National Security Agency NSA, but in fact that all NSA satellites infiltrated by the Mason and they have the upper hand in the management of these satellites to serve the Masonic entity and plans to colonize the world through the increase of unemployment, crime, atheism, homosexuality, the desire of peoples to take revenge of governments, ignite strife and then unify the world under the rule of the Mason and control all the world’s wealth and population.

    The Damage and Symptoms of Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals – The First Phase:
    1. The raise of artificial Telepathy abilities in an exaggerated manner, such as predicting things before they occur, reading and broadcasting thoughts
    2. Peripheral nerve inflammation, red, black or red spots, scabies, body aches, exhaustion or lack of desire, chest tightness, choking cry, irregular monthly period for women, lack of desire for life or feeling suicidal, spoil your relationship with your family, friends & work, Leaving the worship whatever your religion, tiredness and joints, forgetfulness, frequent headaches every time and hair loss, lack of compatibility with life.
    3. Addiction of social media, video games & TV and abandonment of people to ensure that people interact with the program for the longest period through the use of mobile, Internet and TV
    4. Minds control and guide the actions of individuals through satellite, computer, mobile, Internet and television
    5. Sense of daily observation, some people’s eyes may be used as a camera without their knowledge to photograph and monitor the daily life of the individual
    6. Autism, Stuttering speech, Artificial tinnitus “ringing in the ear”, microwave hearing, ringing fence issued from the lamp, television or other electronic devices at the presence of the victim at home as a result of the victim mind interaction with electronic devices, to ensure the victim’s attention, interaction and produce electronic energy.as well as the symptoms of injury sudden shock electric shock and memory impairment

    The Damage and Symptoms of Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals – The Second Phase:
    1. The stress increase due to exposure of the high radiation like gamma radiation, ionic and electronic accelerators 24 hours a day, inability to sleep, isolation, and sometimes most of victims try to commit suicide to take off this stress, especially when they haven’t awareness of the technology virtual apps “hypnosis, sense of vibration, touching and forced walking visions” in order to subject the victim for mental illness and lose the rights for defending themselves.
    2. The incidence of radiation syndrome results in headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, leukemia and hair loss. Radiation also has a significant effect on the bone marrow that causes white blood cell deficiency. It also causes cataracts, which damage the eye and cause blindness, cause shortness of life. Radiation also has a significant effect on the sex glands of men and women and the exposure of pregnant women may cause fetal death or deformed birth
    3. Forced manipulation of respiratory tract, inhalation of strange odors, rapid heart rate, and sensation of skin injection effect, sense of constriction of ribs, dryness and decomposition of victims’ skin due to exposure to microwave radiation.
    4. General effects: sudden overheating, all body pain, sleep prevention, irresistible “go here go there commands”, microwaves burns, electric shocks sensations, as the goal of the program is to subject the victim to isolation, frustration and body pain to ensure their interaction with the program for a longer period to produce electronic energy.
    5. Chronic Diseases: cancer, tinnitus, pneumonia, autism, joint and back pain, peripheral neuropathies, severe depression, suicide or criminal acts, harassment, chronic headache, impaired sexual ability, Obsessive, compulsive, deviation of tendencies, Alzheimer, note that it is not necessary the human be infected with all these diseases, but may be infected by some of these based on their immunity and psychological.

    The Most Effective Tactics That Healing & Free Victims from the Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals:
    1. You must believe that you are stronger than any external forces that want to take control of your life and your health and violation of human rights in order to produce energy and obtain world hegemony and billions dollars from these illegal investments, Therefore, the following methods of resistance should be followed to prevent ourselves from obtaining any sources of energy production, as many people have been released when the electronic stalking failed to steal their energy. “Keep in mind that, when there is NO RETURN ON INVESTMENT, which is the lack of access to energy production from the human and obligate the Nuclear Energy Establishment & Telecommunications companies to pay fines at least One Million $ for each one of the people that been hurt by this program they will be forced to terminate this illegal investment and not to violate human rights”
    2. Understand this program is automated simulated program and create their simulation apps upon your reaction to produce the Electronic Energy, so IGNORE all the negative ideas that fed by their computer to your mind “DON’T REACT” and maintain your life as much normalcy as possible in order to stop feeding their computer with your energy as they are making their money investment based on your energy, furthermore you should reduce your use of electronic devices such as computer, mobile and television and close them during the sleeping time as well as add to your internet browsers the following apps “Adblock, Pop up adblock, Nocoin – Coin hiver blocker”..
    3. Obligate the Nuclear Establishment to apply the integrated programs to eliminate radiation pollution of internal and external radiation of individuals or contamination of their houses.
    4. For the treatment of the harmful effects of radiation in the case of doses of less than 200 RIM can be given a medicine that prevents vomiting and gives the patient adose of cortisone in the vein, but in the case of doses of 200-1000 RIM hope for recovery is possible by intensive care by giving the patient antibiotics. If the number of white blood cells less than 1000 per cubic millimeter to reduce the vulnerability of the natural immunity of the patient and it is desirable to transfer blood cells and treatment of solutions in the case of diarrhea and bone marrow transplant in critical cases
    5. When the body is exposed to certain radioactive elements such as cesium and thallium, the treatment is done by the Prussian blue medicine, which is associated with these radioactive elements and is eliminated through the stool. This treatment quickly eliminates radioactive particles and reduces the amount of radioactive cells that may absorb them.
    6. For treatment of radiation syndrome when the body is exposed to some radioactive elements such as plutonium, amerium and chlorium, the treatment is done bydiethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA), which is linked to these radioactive elements, and passes through the body in urine, which reduces the amount of absorbed radiation.
    7. In order to determine the type of radiation exposure to make decisions for the treatment of patients, you have to do blood tests and know the changes in blood cells, especially white blood cells, measuring the dose of radiation absorbed through the dosimeter, should determine the location of the radioactive particles in the body through the radiation scan.
    8. Laboratory blood test for periodic verification of the rate of decrease in the number of white blood cells to detect the extent of bone marrow damage and treatment of bone marrow damage by injecting the patient with protein that stimulates the production of white blood cells. An example of this protein is the promoter filgrastim (Neupogen), sargramostim (Leukine) and pegfilgrastim (Neulasta)
    9. Irradiation of irradiated iodine can inhibit thyroid absorption of radioactive iodine. When potassium iodide tablets are taken before or shortly after radiation exposure, the thyroid gland is saturated with iodine to reduce the amount of radioactive iodine absorbed and the risk of thyroid cancer. However Potassium iodide tablets do not protect against external exposure to radiation or any radioactive element other than radioactive iodine.
    10. Clean your energy and physical body Using Senna herbs, Wakame Sea Herbs, Camphor & Seder herbs as it has the power to pull the radiation out of your body, it is the most effective methods, as well as fasting from 10 to 16 hours to increase human immunity and exposure to the sun in daily basis for at least half an hour and reduce the sugar in beverages as it is the main energy source for the infected cells.
    11. It is necessary to remove the contaminated clothes and shoes, as well as washing gently with soap and water removes additional radiation particles from the skin, to prevent further distribution of radioactive materials and reduce the risk of internal pollution from inhalation, ingestion or open wounds.
    12. Clean the body with Dettol antiseptic as an attempt to oxygenate and disable the implanted microchip, and you can use white camphor oil and follow its medical guidelines when you use the oil
    13. Cross your legs “X” and hands to close the body energy cores
    14. Eat alkali foods that containing iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin B12 especially Miso herbs Soup with Wakame sea Herbs you should drink it three times a day, furthermore you should eat other alkali food like lentil soup, watercress, pickles, bananas, pomegranates, lemons, salmon or sardines. You can also take medicines containing these minerals, such as KELP tablets or Kombu sea herbs powder and Chlorella tablets 500 mg Or potassium iodide pills, Boron Tablets, or Magnesium Plus Tablets as radioactive contamination do not interact with alkali.
    15. Clean your clothes and bed sheet with Dettol or Vinegar or Sodium salt and make sure to clean the seating area and bedroom with vacuum to remove the smart dust and radioactive contamination such as uranium, radon and polonium , as well as cover your food and drinks, furthermore you should add sea salt or the used residues herbs on human waste at the bathroom to reduce the emission of radon from sewage and the interaction of radioactive materials and to prevent the attackers from taking advantage of the radioactive materials in the sewage, which is the main reason for deliberately polluting the air, water and food, to obtain nuclear fuel that is enriched by human.
    16. Check the ear canal there is silver radio chip (Psychotronics Microchips) with a microphone embedded in the bottom of the ear canal, there will be one in each ear, It operates on the VHF frequency and can play video so that the victim can see the forced walking visions and hear artificial sounds, or cover the ear with a plug until you can extract this chip to prevent the waves from reaching. Or add English salt “Epsom Salt” or lemon on your ear to eliminate the Artificial tinnitus “ringing in the ear”.
    17. Use radio frequency jammer, frequency range: 200 – 840 MHZ , GPS , UHF, VHF, GSM , 3G, 4G, 5.8G, LOJACK , CDMA to protect yourself from satellite and GPS tracking, as well as a frequency counter should be used to measure the radio frequency at your home, furthermore you can use electronic bug detectors apps like EMF Sensor Free and Electronic Bug Detector to detect the areas of the electronic energy weapons at your home or work.
    18. Use the N52 Neodymium magnet on the implanted biochips, to isolate the electromagnetic waves from the body as well as cover the head and infected body with aluminum foil or wear Iron Hat, you can also disable biochips by using the electromagnetic pulse device “EMP” Electrical Magnetic Pulse.
    19. The most effective method is try to detect the biochip locations, but unfortunately these micro simulators difficult to detect through the CT or MRI , but may result in an increase in the number of small white or black dots on your body skin so you can remove these infected skin dots by a laser processes and analyze them at ” Material Characterization Lab through “EDS – Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy” and proof that skin samples are contained silicon, tin, titanium and platinum while the biochips is made of these materials, as well as you will find a high percentage of radioactive contamination like Thorium, Radon, Uranium, Polonium, Plutonium and Radium , and in regards to the electronic chips inside the body, it can be treated by radiation injection Radiotherapy is one of the interventional radiological processes. Or use intensive ultrasound HIFU
    20. Submit a case at the court or the national human rights council against this program, Telecommunication companies & nuclear establishment obligating them to pay a fine at least One million $ for each person that been hurt by this program , giving all medical reports like the EDS report (Example of the medical report) or other evidence from samples of the electronic bug audiovisual that looks like black carbon “Smart Dust” as they spread it over the bed or setting area, as well as the Chemical and physical parameters of water that implanted in toilets in the purpose of the radioactive waste measurement
    21. Raise awareness to general public and legal system around the world about the serious human rights abuse utilizing remote influencing technologies of Nuclear Energy Program Targeted Individuals, as well as share the healing tactics for freedom through social media, press and television so that civilian population do not fall victims and stop the production of biochips and boycott their use in medical purposes.

    Please Share to Bring Awareness to Public & Limit the Destruction of The billions of Victims Live around the World, And to Stop Using Humans for the Nuclear Energy Production.

    For more information and resources, please visit the following website:

  7. at 7:12 AM

    This is scary. This could really be used against every one and could be against our rights.

  8. at 4:46 PM

    Are their any dr that can remove chips please contact darkangel81420@yahoo.com

  9. at 9:28 PM

    hello416@outlook.com I’m in London-UK I’ve been tortured for years please help me,
    The situation has become insufferable.
    Thanks and regards.

  10. krystal
    at 11:34 PM

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Krystal and I am going to clarify some things for some of you… First off is the voices you are hearing are from satellites look up mk ultra and v2k… Second if you have a microchip inside you trust me there is no what ifs you will absolutely know. Please people stop thinking or assuming you are chipped unless you can 100 percent guarantee it. Trust me you will feel it as clear as day like a light switch dimmer that has controlled voltage and depending on the spot it is implanted it will be painful. Right now they are putting them in womens vaginal areas and using them to torture women as well as traffic them and dominate them. Drs do not want to help and i am also looking for more information on how to get these chips removed.

  11. Pandora Box
    at 6:12 PM

    It has been a while since I wrote something here. I said I was going to set up servers for people to exchange information. The servers are compromised. But I know a way how we can make they pay for what they had done to us: Bathrooms dont have security cameras; if everyone start to write something like: the USA has been implating millions of people with devices to read their minds. Search NSA, CIA, NIH, DARPA on the back wall of the bathroom people are going to start to take photos from these writtings and put on social networks. Afterwards, this huge problem is going to start to appear on media and will gain the attention it deserves! then the US government is going to be forced to stop this privacy invasion madness.

  12. Ian Boyle
    at 11:19 PM

    Hi for the past 8 years I’ve had a terrible problem with my right ear anytime I am around wifi I get really high pitch sounds and my ear feels numb .I had to get all my top teeth removed a few weeks ago and I asked my dentist if he could do an XRAY for me because I wanted teeth implants done instead of dentures. My regular dentist does not do implants so I had to go to a private dentist. When I got the XRAY of my jaw i noticed a foreign object placed at the back of my jaw just down from my right ear . I have had a few dentists over the past 8 years because of work in many areas moving home. The object looks exactly like the small grain of rice but it has a different end from the other. I just know this is a chip it is not a fragment as it is to thick. It looks similar to a perfume tester bottle but smaller. What can I do about this. Please help me i am at my wits end. There is also a horrible smell at the back of my right ear my left ear smells fine.

  13. at 12:19 PM

    For many years I have microchips in my body.
    They are raping me more and more.
    I cannot stand this treatment anymore.
    How can I find all the microchips implanted in my body?
    With a detector?
    How can I remove them all?
    I am in the UK near London.
    Thanks an d best regards.

  14. at 6:54 PM

    I have a chip but it may be in my uterus which is sealed up with only 1,/3 of the cavity. It immediately caused an early nuclear winter meltdown menopause, migraines, joy sweats, loss of libido totally…I have had noises but the ringing or high pitched sound stopped after five years of it. I got a liver panel off the charts but ok now. Peed blood, involuntary pee which made me have to wear a disaster for two months. It smelled like tar. I think that my body was using ammonia to try to dissolve it. I also got hypothyroidism and high blood pressure immediately after this operation. It was a simple d&c I requested, but lasted hours and I was groggy for days. This was December, 2005. Since then I never could get another job, people treat me badly, stalk, beep use long antenna on a truck. I am known by all in community and can’t make any friends. I have overcome by faith that God will defeat it all for me every day. The most hurtful part is when you think you made a new friend and it is just one of the ghouls or the ghouls scare a potential real one off. There was a high heat felt in pelvis during an mri right after cause they thought I had cancer at local clinic following year. They put mine in what showed up as a golf ball lower left backside but like said in here, it may have moved. I will try the magnets as I don’t have money for a doctor ir else I would have gone already. God bless you all. They cannot take your salvation or your peace.

  15. Pandora Box
    at 11:27 AM

    Thanks for the reply. I will take my time to create a room about this kind of telepathy in an IRC like Discord then I will make another comment here with the link to the discord to gather people interested on that. I really appreciate your support.

  16. Shannon
    at 11:19 PM

    I had brain surgery in 2012 for an unruptured aneurysm… It was “clipped”. A couple of years ago I messed around with a phone app used to speak to spirits and then things got really bad… To the point that a bishop from the Catholic Church ok’d exorcisms to be performed on me, and I’m not Catholic. After looking back I realize that strange things have happened my whole life and I think I have an implant(put in place during brain surgery) and that the things that happened were just torture done to me as a TI. I remember my mother taking me for “testing” for gifted (indigo) children when I was young, but I think that is related too. I woke up during brain surgery, I remember that. How can I know if they implanted something, if it’s spiritual or if I’m just schizoeffective like my shrink says? I know these things that I experienced were REAL, and my family saw things too…Now, I don’t know if the repressed memories that have surfaced are real, or if someone is putting them there. Any help? Who can I go to and find out if there’s an implant in my brain?

    Thank you and God bless.

  17. Pandora Box
    at 12:14 PM

    Roxy, you have disappointed me. You probably had a reason to delete my commentary about gathering people in a IRC so we could understand what is going on with the technological telepathy and a way to stop it. However, it was probably the only way to get this situation straight and do something in the future. To be honest, I don’t think random comments in this site of random people will help someone at all but a chat with many people thinking would.

    • at 4:54 PM

      Hello Pandora Box,
      First of all, we have a team here that approve comments. Secondly, I have asked them if they REMOVED your comment, (as no one had such a reason to do so). No one removed your comment. The Truth Denied receives hundreds of comments weekly, and thousands that go to our SPAM folder, which we delete daily.As to “random comments” here on our boards, we are happy to say that many of the readers connect with one another, and find that it is comforting to speak with each other off of the website.We encourage our readers to do this, and we have FB forums as well where others connect.As to gathering people in the IRC, can you be so kind as to post the information for us again?

      The Truth Denied
      Team Members making a difference

  18. Oliver
    at 6:19 AM

    I need a contact adress – doctor- to remove an mind control implant.

    Do the Neodymium Magnets work? Do power-magnets work to?

  19. at 4:04 PM

    May 15, 2018
    Dear Mam or Sir,
    In 2015 a man by the name of Derick Franti came to stay at my apt. in Denver, co. The apts. are name Riverfront Renassaince Lofts on Park. Avenue West. He set up a bunch of electronic equipment in the bedroom…where he and his girlfriend took over for two weeks. I later, about a year, found out he was living in and out of other apts. in the bldng. Unit 5** and unit 4** and two other units. Duruing this time , I was told that he had access to the crawl space above my unit…I reported it to the liocal P.D. , who also worked our apts on Thursday nights. I noticed my hands would be swollen and burning, numb every morning. I would get very angry at the drop of a hat, lasting 3/4 hours. I could not think clearly at times. A fog was in my mind. My memory was terrible…I would tell people, ‘Early alzhedimer, I guess” I would get an immense HOT FLASH, lasting 2-3 mins, sweating purfusely. A tiny sharp , kinda hot, pin prick would , prick me, once, maybe twice or even three times occasiosnally. I would awake worse feeling and worse as the summer of 2017 went on. My left ring finger was swollen , huge. Radiology pics found nothing. It hurt, severly, to the touch. There was a small bump mon the top right side of my head. THen they STARTED TALKING. The buzzing, ringing sent me to get a hearing test from a local audiologist. They told mer , e4xactly, where I was in thd city. Who was standing in line in front of me at the grocery store. They would warn me of a traffic light turning red, while I was looking the other way ( later, informed, we also have tiny cam’s all over in and around your Jeep, too)


    Steven C. Gillaspia

  20. at 3:57 PM

    He would allow people to go into the crawl space above my unit #502, and watch as I would see a very gold color thru my eyes, I would get so hot, I would take my shirt off, sweating, very badly. They would laff. I would get angry, etc. I would have to start listening to them narrate my evberuy step, throughout the day….They new every persons name I interacted with. They uswed a dkind of , Hey we are your friends game. My car was sween with him in it ,late into the night, with his Laptop open. Soon after, he would tell me , ” You need to ask me , if you want your jeep to have power, as it was barely driving down the highway. “You need to say it in a ceartin way, or I wont grant it ti to you. “” The same with my brake, etc. He would e3mploy others to play roles , and speak to me ,at6 first the distance was only about 4.5 miles ferom my house, then it would fade out. BUT , then it all changed, and so did the types of equipment I guess, because, it is now a nano second from the time I think something till he, or the others around him, are able to say exactl what Im thinking or about to say. LIGHT SPEED.
    That was the beginning, now its out of control. I am learming more and more everyday. But I went on for a year, with no idea this was on the net, or what the hell it even was at first. Now, he will be exposed. !! I will not stand down to his threats , even as I am sitting here today, 5/19/18. He threatens to tell lies to my family and children and friends. He says, WE ( his gangmembers ) will get you. But I will fight this until he and it are done. continuation will be sent as letter #2 ,5/17/2018, tonight along with RFID Denver 2018 Death threat to me, to ICAACT.org, .

    He would allow people to go into the crawl space above my unit #502, and watch as I would see a very gold color thru my eyes, I would get so hot, I would take my shirt off, sweating, very badly. ​He sees every thing I do and comments on all of it, a LOVE and HATE type of scenario. . I would get angry, etc. I would have to start listening to them narrate my e​very step, throughout the day….They new every persons name I interacted with. They used a kind of ,​”|​ Hey we are your friends game. My car was seen​…​ with him in it ,​…​late into the night, with his Laptop open. Soon after, he would tell me , ” You need to ask me , if you want your jeep to have power, as it was barely driving down the highway. “You need to say it in a ceartin way, or I wont grant it ti to you. “” ​All by transmitting into my ears He did the same with my,​brakes,

    He would employ others to play roles , and speak to me ,at6 first the distance was only about 4.5 miles ferom my house, then it would fade out. BUT , then it all changed, and so did the types of equipment I guess, because, it is now a nano second from the time I think something till he, or the others around him, are able to say exactl what Im thinking or about to say. LIGHT SPEED.

    ​ I have recently , been hospitalized with a form of spinal stenosis, in wich I had hardwaere failure after the first surgery. He and his hanger oners, have threatened med…if you tell, YOU WWILL REGRET IT STEVEO:”…. they said today, I will always have someone who will use me as a Targeted Individual. He has taken over, my cell phone, again,. He only lets some calls thru, all of my voicemails, are “saved messages”..even tho I have just received it, and not listened to the mssg. yet. Thwey said this c.p. at the nursing home , I am staying in, is in there control. Last night, he informed mwe, I will go a damage your new 1999 pickup ,….the one I just purchased yesterday. Threats..Lies…electronic harassment. D.E.W. I have over a years worth of harassment and torture this guy has done to me….and I can and will prove it all.. I have to st6and up for, me, my family and all the other targeted individuals out there. T.I. a word I had no idea about, just a month or two ago. Then I came upon this website. ICAAT>ORG My mouth dropped to the ground , when I read EILEENS STORY> Now, I alaso have read a lot of personal experiences on the web as of late, and find some very kooky, or spacesd out, etc. I don’t have a government after me..l.or some form of national kookiness if you will. No, just a guy, who got some t6ypwe of equipment, or program on a c.p. or whatever it is that you use to do this to people, as I have not yet found out how it works..but I can only tell you, what its done and does and is doing to me…all night, every night and everyminuute of every day…PURE HELL ON EARTH !! You can copount on me to NOT SHUT MY MOUTH and to STAND UP and FIGHT THIS TORTURE!

    He has my credit card numbers, my cell phone #, he has my social security nmbr….and is threatening to spread them across the internet , if I contact ICAACT.ORG or any dother help, that I am finding available to me. He has taken every minute of my thoughts, of my inner being. I haven’t been alone for over a year. Yea, its real folks….it real HELL that “PLAY’ ( his D.J. name here in Denver, Colorado is ) has done and is DOING to me , all day, all night . There is the ” nice” people he employs, to be kind, say good things, even talk against him, and show me ways to find info on the net….. That keeps me around, its a classic conditioning type of torture etc. Then there is the people that tell me how I suck, I aint no kind of father, etc. We will tell LIES to your family,. We are waiting top get your Truck, in your new house. Get you cash etc. GOOD COP < BAD COP.
    And they NEVER sleep !

  21. dee
    at 1:18 PM

    A person in Clark County ,WI says he can do what ever he wants now as he had a friend win a huge lottery or money win and they can get audio harassment implants in anyone he wants if they don’t agree or abide by his rules! and will accuse fraud rape with that money ! he will set them up for a nut house even to the worst to eliminate them..and police can’t tell him anything, he threatened: Say anything to him and he will talk to his group of tech smart he even said the FBI won’t say anything either !~Scary isn’t that!?

  22. Alex
    at 12:03 PM

    Hi I have been microchip and hearing voices.i never can relax.because they are commenting on me 247.and controlling my life.as soon as I wake uo.c an someone tell me where to get them removed.i live in Hawaii.maybe get them removed here or travel.thanks

  23. michaele
    at 9:02 AM

    As a friend of mine said let the government try and put a microchip in us and we both will die together a microchip will never be put in me,microchip all politicians whether they are Democrat or Republican they’re the thieves,not is and don’t let a politician have a heart attack in front of me cuz I will never help you in other words, Your ass will die

  24. Alex edd
    at 11:58 AM

    Hi I am being tortured by voices in my microchip in my body and brain..I made 2 big threats online I didnt mean..and I don’t know when the voices will stop..for good.the doctor said on my birthday may 9th..I don’t know if it’s true.i ts been 2 years of constant attacks
    Without 5 seconds to breath or be myself.o r feel relaxation..
    now.i want the device that can disable the chips in me.please tell me where to get them..all I want is a free mind.so I can get a job and be a normal person.i am Indonesian/Italian.al Pacino and my mom were best friends.i have lost a lot of my cultural upbringing in Hawaii and being half Balinese; I am island.so the hospital’s keep taking my blood and giving me clozapine.and I’m scared because I got good blood.but every week it gets worse cuz they take it.and what do u call those things they scan ur head for to take your temperate so called?
    Need to disable the device.i am in a poor place give me the device and I’ll pay please help.thanks and respond.

  25. Charlie Paine
    at 5:51 AM

    I hav neen implanted something that makes my ears ring and i hear my parents voices. They keep me awake and threaten me constantly does anyone know how and where to go to get this disabled. I need my mind back please help me @charliewilliampaine

  26. Joseph
    at 1:16 AM

    Need help…was taken about 3 years ago now….”they” eaited a vouple months vefore establishing an audible presence for the simple sake of hoping id forget i was takrn and chipped…..morons, lolol…. I have been suffering with constant verbal banter, being stalked, and weird stuff like the vibration of my intestine, so extreme it waked me up and i have to apply pressure to my stomach to try to get it to stop. Thwre was aldo one occasion where “they” were able to shoot a hologram like image…it looked so real….aldo things like distorted vision so when i drive lines will instantaneously form into multiple lines….this is a problem because i drive a big rig and this tends to happen in tight places where i could possibly jeopradize other drivers….i have tried magnets, but to be honest, its hard when i do not knoe the point of insertion of said chip….i could really use help on locating chip so i can have it removed…..it would be nice to also have my family NOT think im just crazy… I will come to whatrver location you tell me too (pay for my own travel) and pay WHATEVER just to get some help….. Thank you in advance 🙂

  27. at 4:36 AM

    Already I try to contact you, but I’m afraid the spies are blocking me.

    This is because spies enter my emails and delete or modify what they like to them.

    My name is Paolo Mazzi and I’m Italian.

    I have RFID in the body since 1991 and I live in London.

    My situation now is that continued to torture me 24/24.

    I feel my arm and lips as if they were asleep.

    I am afraid of an imminent stroke or ischemia.

    I wrote to ICAACT.ORG in UK, because I living in London.
    I hope to contact ICAACT as soon as.

    Thanks and best regards.

    Yours Sincerely.

    Paolo Mazzi

  28. yan
    at 8:12 AM

    thank you!

  29. justin
    at 8:13 PM

    I have multiple implants and am tortured continuously. Me and my children are threatened with death and I am constantly subjected to mental torture and stalking. No one will help me as my fathers family is influential in this area. Ive tried cutting them out going to hospitals and law enforcement unsuccessfully. I realize this thread is old and hope im not too late to be a part of this discussion. ive read that certain states are passing laws against forced implantation and was wondering if anyone knows if I can go to a hospital in one of these states to have them removed and how much it will cost.

    • B
      at 7:03 AM


  30. CL
    at 10:14 PM

    Can other victim give they phone number with country code so we can make a grup in whatsapp to discuss it?

    • at 4:45 PM

      Hello Donal,

      That is a great idea, and we suggest you contact other members on TTD and ask them to join you for conversation and join you on WhatsApp. If there is anything else we can provide, please let us know.


      The Truth Denied Ocean Logo website

      • CL
        at 8:06 PM

        Can u make that grup on whatsapp so the victim can join your grup TTD?

        • at 10:54 PM

          Coud TTD make the group on WhatsApp? Is that your question?

          • CL
            at 2:44 AM


            • at 4:34 PM

              Hello Donna,

              I am so sorry but this would not be a task that we would be able to create nor control. Are you not able to perform the task yourself?


              • CL
                at 5:31 PM

                its dificult to me.. victim rarely give phone number.. and the number not active again

  31. at 5:03 AM

    Hi Lopez glad to talk about mind control gangs .but before I start I saw what Italy women talk about there is a chip on her body .and there is mafia there . I wish say some I am full responsibility about it .That all this problems some one behind it .He is in Iraq . The mafia compare with this evil nothing or just dove . I am one of mind control victims but I am not just victims but I facing fight with out stop with this gangs in Iraq nearly 3 years .till now .In fact I don’t have money to travel to UK to medical my self and return to complete my alone war against this evil gangs . This gangs surrounded me .prevent any one from give help by money .cause thy want me end by their chip that sticking on my brain ..like I carry evil on my head wherever I go . Also my family became obey dogs to this gangs .beside the curreption in Iraq in top ..This gangs can sale any one .And whom I’m government departments . The friend in Italy cakkkn go to any organisation or any government departments or call interpol if whom hurt her try to hurt lull

    1 shot story .but the time also short .cause my be it is too late when you read it .You find what in .suround you .. by it I cover to you .who is your enemy .and warn you that if you feel safe you are so wrong .. The are enemy controlled by satellite .leading by evil .waiting any chance to hurt you .those gang .whom attacked France and Belgium and Germany and USA and Russia and Turkey .and England .yes friends .This gangs still no one touch them or even scratch ..They walking proud .and imagining them self no one can punish them .I wish make you know this .I wish tell that world security .and they are whom care about the world .It’s not real .. All wait the other to do some things. But in result no one do any thing ..and dangerous became grow . And I gave them a right .cause my friends .The people for example in England some day belame Mr. Tony Blair .about send England army out side .those whom blame Mr Tony thinking that the enemy became enemy when he knock the door of England house ..but they didn’t know .that this enemy can hurt England any time he want . And whatever the security do .If they caught one .The are a lot came .and so impossible that warn time continue . . No use cause the head of snake still . And never stop sending his mercenaries . .I know those whom blame .taking from the safety of England army .as pretext .to them .and also .This not our business . I agree 2 with them by point 1 .but they forget that the evil gangs so cowards .They betray only . They never face .. and use cheat . But I am not with them by point 2 .who put himself on another ..The evil who did .I know England is peaceful country .and if it have any problem .It’ take the legal ways only .but terrorism never know laws and legal .He put his noise on others business .He hate good to others .He want control …and the result my friends .The attack against England .happened .also against France else from what I refer to . . Let start .mu name is Abdullah abd kuder jasor .I live in Iraq .In diwanyah city in a fak twon . I am just simple person .so poor .In past I had organisation .I opened it like any one else .And there are more than 4 thousand organisation in Iraq and my org one of theim .but cause no money I could not continue . I closed it . .I reach to a point that I didn’t have money to sale good clothes .to me .I tried hard to find any way to support my self and stand up but no use .then I choiced to close it . . .yet now it’s so normal .I know a lot of organisinzation also the same cause it closed itself . .but after this .what hate happened .as the saying ..I found some one I didn’t know him at all .This evil try to establish organisation on my head . .In spite I didn’t have any organisation ..and now our story will be gain . .3 this evil work as officer in intelligent .and with him a guy work in police .Both .The heads of this trick .. The evil .have so so danger net . This net not normal ..it have satellite to use . . Look my friends at the break of international laws . That prevent gangs from use new technology …but as I see this just on papers .only no one do what in …its weak point on world security . Let complete about this net . Also it’s have money no equality ..also it’s contain from four group .also it’s have mind control weapons .It use to kill with our evidence .and steal and sex trade and slave human .and fake .and spy ..and drug and trafficking ..currrepted youth ..else . Also it’s have electric airplanes . This net .It have what a lot of countries didn’t have . If we compare ..This gangs the more dangerous .. you can My friends make sure about this .by asking from nato alliance to observe this place in Iraq by satellites ..The place is .Iraq .diwanyah city .afak twon . You will By your self . What I said about .also you will not need me at all or any one else .. about me I am under the spy 24 hour from this gangs .This mean if you contact me . You will not use any thing ..and I am sure this gangs will call you to cheat you by many lie . Now I complet my story with this gangs .This gangs or net .4 not organisation .or some work in civil society or religious . But they looking for cover or mask to theim ..who lead this net as I said some one evil he make himself a prophet .and he use the same Satan way .when he looking for any human body to take it and use .This evil also use this way but by using his trick .when he choice aby human body he like .then he putted mind control chip in his brain .This chip will destroyed all human sensitive .like emotion and memory .feeling else .till it became like machine …just walk only ..then he order his four group to spread fake pictures about this body . Then he put himself and make this body as face to him .lead by him his gangs .see by him and hear and record name’s and give his orders .This evil used to use every body to few .moths .then he kill this body and take another .like Iraq people as cows to him . .my bad luck make this Satan choice my body .to use . As face to him ..but I cover this trick .then a battle start between me as one person .so poor .not have any one with me in Iraq not have any organisation .not work in government or I have some one can help me in it .also not work in political ..also not chief on my family or my trib . Not have any position . . Me against .This evil and his gangs .no one before refuse this Stan 6 will .All whom he use their body die .I am the only victim .choiced resist . This evil gangs . I know it not equal battle. At all . Like rat fight hyenas cattle . . Four group and guy have gangs .All this the line of Stan and I am just alone beside the mind control chip .spying on me 24 hour .any plan I put they know even when I think .This gangs read my thoughts .and know . .also I am so poor not have home I just live with my family .that they became obey dogs to this evil ..This gangs have branches in many places in Iraq .This make the situation badest . . This gangs tried to kill me many time by shot and by car .else ..also put me in jail after drow me in trick … also their fake pictures follow me . And a lot of people cheated by it ..Some look at me as chief of my family or trib .or some one work in security or in police or have position .or in government .or some one have money and he have many with him ..else from lies . This gangs in spite what it did .from high things .But it use cheat ..Satan have four arms .He hit by two and defend by two .beside his guy gangs ..I told Un by this .and asking them to keep my real id . .to can safe my self from the fake pictures .that Satan gangs spreading it.. .I told un .that I am just simple person in Iraq .so poor .didn’t have any organisation .and alone 7 not chief of my family or working with them or chief of my trib. Or work in government or political . Also I represent my self only …also not have money or position . .where ever I be in Iraq the same .also whatever I eat or drink or take money or things or think .or talk or hear or see .. or live or vis it .else it’s the same .. All this .I told to protect myself from the rain of lies and fake pictures about me that evil who spy on me behind it’s .. not laws in Iraq can punish this evil .cause cureeption became like sun shine . . .All know he is out of any legal .but his money closed their mouthes . .He didn’t have any right to use my body as face to him ..I don’t have any organisation ..how can I be .He stick himself on me .and make my body as face . To him .and refuse to stop this .He established his gangs .and gave it’s his satanic laws .All his four group obey it . And it’s record name’s with him . Not with me .They take his orders nor take any word I say . Beside . His guy have authority on all those four group . . .no one of those four with me .or take my words . .This trick so clear .but if there are law . . But no law . This cause became so ugly .even place I go .This evil follow me like evil cloud .This out of any control of me .not my organisation cause I closed my organisation ..its gangs .. I didn’t have8 authority on it . I am not child to didn’t know what it mine .so easy to some one to know .cause it not take any word I said . Who spy on me lead it .by his laws . And he gave them positions and money not me … I announced I am not responsible at all about it and any one in it . Even I told whom in this gangs that who lead them not me he spy on me and use my body as face to him only . I didn’t have any organisation .but he have gangs .. also I am not work with him .and my salary is food or old clothes or place for stay .or few money I taking as help only . And this not enough to use new phone .or clothes .its just for one day or two ..also I told them I am not choice any one from you .cause I don’t have any related .also I don’t give you any orders .If I .now give me 20 million denar and change all laws ..and no do this .then I tell .theim .see .why no one do .cause not me who give you any orders .who spy on ..He is your manger not me .This dog try to use me as face to him only .to establish his organisation or his gangs upon my head .only . Now I carry this Stan where ever I go . And it un welcome guest .or some one share with me my personal relationship .cause he spy and put his noise …This evil lead four group belong to him like slaves . To him .beside his guy also …by the way I didn’t have money .to can remove

  32. Terri Harp
    at 11:18 AM

    Hello my name is Terri have had bug implants for 14 yrs. I have tried neodyum magnets, this helps a little, but need more help with this. If you could refer me to someone in Indiana that would be very helpful. They bother me daily and nightly. Can explain more if u can reply.
    Thank you, Terri

    • B
      at 6:55 AM


  33. Jin lee monahan
    at 9:53 PM

    If i have a microchip in my body then i was forced to have a microchip in my body…i think that mental health workers inject rfid chips in their patients bodies…and mental health workers inject many types of microchips into peoples bodies….some that they control people with……i am aware that human microchipping could be a fact…but i do not believe i have a microchip in my body…and i want to tell people to make sure they do not obey the voices in their head…and do not do anything illegal or violent..even if your brain tells you to do it…i am not sure if it is true or not…but if you hear voices it just means that you do not have dyslexia….and the voices could be your larynx muscle….they should make a company that gets paid to remove microchips out of peoples bodies…if i have a microchip in my body then i want all the microchips removed from my body…and i want this website to help me remove all the microchips out of my body..thats if there is really a microchip in my body…

  34. Jhaun mitchell
    at 12:05 PM


  35. at 7:56 AM

    I’m a 37 year old woman from The Netherlands, worked for the government immigration office. Now jobless. I’m being harassed with street theater tactics and they are everywhere (small towns to large cities). They exchanged the “usual gang” of people for rotating perps so you’ll never see the same person twice. There are many thousands involved at many levels. Some belief they are working for police, intelligence, neigborhood watch, and some belief they are working for “extra terrestrials”. They spread lies about me to manipulate normal people into revealing details. They sometimes come in a swarm of 20-30 perps. I now know it’s not personal as they swarm from target to target. It’s a recruitment program. They want police, lawyers, nurses, doctors, influential residents. At the top it’s almost satanic. The perps are directed by GSM and given instructions for gaslighting (The information is given by AI or database containing your triggers). The perps are also victims!! Many TIs become perps because they select people who hate eachother and place them in a matrix to mutual control eachother. The higher up ones are intelligence agents, they know everything, they are tortured too. Some enjoy it. Some are paid. But 95% of perps actually are being forced to work for free and even live in places where they can easily be targetted themselves if they break a condition. Most are kept in a position of low income, poor housing and they recruit people who are in WW (jobless) WIA / WAO (disabled jobless). They are also recruiting many of the refugees for some of the overt crimes (like stabbing / shooting / assault). They are like testrats. It happens in every city in The Netherlands. These people need to recruit new members and it’s growing by exponant numbers. It’s a totalitarian recruitment program for a electronic simulated society and who doesn’t execute orders (no pay, it’s slavery) will die in silence. These are the agents. The TI’s are people selected for experimenting and perfecting the system. The information TI’s put on youtube is helping the system to become invisible and perfect. People are murdered with needles every day. They use more and newer tricks you don’t find in the internet. I actually think now it’s better to join them than to be killed. They follow you on the bus, train, metro and internationally. The same kind of people wait for you if you take the train to Germany. It’s everywhere in the NATO countries. I believe the government intelligence agencies are not fully aware of this program and how big it is. I don’t know why they want to take our lives everytime we try to get a new job or relationship instead of finding some external enemy. Maybe when the Cold War ended they had no real enemies and turned on the citizens? The surveillance budget is growing. It’s not about privacy anymore but about thought control and sometimes corporate medical experiments. The intelligence industry has DNA databases and they I believe they sell people or information to pharmaceutical researchers based on DNA profiles. The people are being experimented on in secret. This is how the intelligence makes money but this is just one angle of the big picture! The media is controlled too and in The Netherlands they illegally bug places of prostitution and sexclubs to recruit and extort more people. They come up with something new every year. The number of gangstalkers are growing, unpaid and it’s like a piramid scheme. Big cities to tiny villages. They live everywhere. They use conspiracy theories and alien abductions as cover for plausible deniability. They say like “I work for the illuminati” just to make you look insane when you repeat this to anybody. They admit to like war and see people go insane, they are tortured themselves and this is their only pleasure. Best way is to join them and collect information and thousands of names and reveal it…. They will kill you but they will kill you in any case, it’s just a matter of time!! It’s a big recruiting scheme and even the people you think are perps are seen as a threat to the system. If you are a TI you are on the assination list. They have a few million people on the list now and your number goes up if you do something they don’t like. Actually it’s by design very smart because it’s not possible to escape! Never Ever. Now many young ones get involved aging 19 or 20 and they think they are spies and some really enjoy doing this to other people. They kill people naturally in hospitals and they

  36. Pandora Box
    at 4:18 PM

    If you want to understand what is happening to the world, read: The Illuminati: The Secret Society That Hijacked the World by Jim Marrs and Spread this knowledge to everyone so we can stop these mother **ckers from destroying our and other lives.

    • at 5:35 PM

      Jim Mars is awesome, will do and thanks for reaching out to The Truth Denied

      • Ronald Dunlap
        at 8:02 PM

        Hello, I’m a “RFID” chip victim illegally injected at an state Michigan hospital. Unfortunately, corruption and racism is behind the madness and ive been lied on to the nation in order for Corruption to hold strong. Every entity i’ve sought to help me with this matter government agents has prevented in order to railroad me in the judiciary system. I’ve been sabotaged in june of 2017 by a government building employee on a battery charge in which, the employee attacks me but, i get the charge purposely orchestrate by police. My next court date is April 23, 2018 for a trial hearing and the judge has not allowed me to exercise 1st amendment . Contact me @ (773)563-4812 or (773)454-8319

  37. at 8:08 PM

    I have went on the site and filled one out and I have not had an answer over a month for help is the people in business is it true that I can get help please prove me right I need help it gets worse every day .please help .

  38. at 7:53 PM

    it’s to the point now my insurance denied me of other test doctor telling me I need help .but every day I fell electric shocks the person putting nothing but negative things in my mind telling me to kill my self involuntarily movements all day speech no good hearing all types of things my money missing out my account all type of things I can go on and on and been like this almost a year help please no one seems to believe me .help please some one listen to me please I’m crying for help what do it takes for help please

  39. at 7:44 PM

    I am a victim of the implant and I am going crazy .I know who did this and they are doing everything they can for me not to find it .I have had ct scans all type and nothing but every day I’m getting mentally and physically a abuse . I filled out that no response at all please can I get help I did not ask for this .please help what do I do .

  40. Jin lee monahan
    at 9:04 AM

    Some people have been controlling me with microchips for 12 or 13 years now…and they have been torturing me the whole time and they controlled me to attack people and i got arrested before…they said they were the police and undercovers and mental health workers now….but when it all started they said they were the government or f.b.i….i have been trying to get rid of the microchip for 12 years but i am being forced to have a microchip in my body…please help me….

  41. at 8:29 AM

    around one month ago I have written to the ICAACT of UK, because I live to London.
    Unfortunately I have not received an answer on my mail or someone whom we can hypothesize yet, knowing every thing,
    he (or she) has wanted to cancel the mail.
    Can I call them for phone or to personally reach in their study of ICAACT?
    I ‘m trying to make me serve a neurological visit as my doctor for then to ask a scanner MRI.
    Unfortunately he/she doesn’t want to make any prescription to respect.
    Do you know to find a solution at my situation?
    Thanking, regards.


  42. CL
    at 7:23 AM
  43. CL
    at 6:55 PM

    Why u all TI all over the world not make a grup in facebook or something
    To unite and keep contact and join fight again this
    If all unite we may win if like this all will lose

  44. GGK24
    at 1:21 PM

    i miss the old days,
    our memories started coming back, when our teeth went bad, and didn’t have them re-fixed.

  45. Pierre scredman
    at 5:06 PM

    Bonjour à tous je suis encore assez jeune et j ai enmene recement dans un studio pour mes études je suis un peu parano de base dans la vie de tout les jours mais c’est depuis une semaine que j ai l impression de vivre certains de ces symptômes (entendre les pensées des gens, leur parler sans parler tout ce genre de choses) je suis assez septique car je reviens beaucoup de ces symptômes y compris les sensations de chaleur ou d électrisation je sais pas ce qui se cache derrière tout ça mais c est vraiment quelque chose d énorme c est pas à une échelle humaine mais j ai remarque que on chacun individuellement pouvait se servir de ces “capacites” pour combattre ces personne peu importe qui elle sont. Au passage ces personnes sont inhumaine ils feront tout pour vous faire decrocher perdre la raison mais en restant fort malgré les maux de tête constants ces douleurs etc on peut les battre l amour et la foi vont vous permettre de survivre mais l union nous permettra de gagner si quelqu’un de bien renseigné sur le sujet pourrait me contacter par mail ou n importe quel moyen réel pour essayer de trouver une solution … Merci d avance restez fort courtage à tous

    Hello everyone I am still quite young and I have recently enmene in a studio for my studies I am a little basic paranoid in everyday life but it is for a week that I feel like living some of these symptoms (hear people’s thoughts, talk to them without talking about all that stuff) I’m quite septic because I come back a lot of these symptoms including sensations of heat or electrification I do not know what’s behind it all but c is really something enormous is not on a human scale but I noticed that each one individually could use these “capabilities” to fight these people no matter who they are.In passing these people are inhuman they will do everything to make you lose the reason but staying strong in spite of the constant headaches these pains etc we can beat them love and faith will allow you to survive but the union will allow us to win if someone well informed about the subject could contact me by email or any real way to try to find a solution … Thanks in advance stay strong brokerage at all

    • CL
      at 7:00 AM

      Some one tell to
      ‘Use a stud finder for detecting nails in sheet rock, but get the type that has a setting called metal scan.
      It has been found to be able to locate implanted microchips! You need to practice to understand what signals repeat virtually every time and you can use a dime under a thick newspaper to get the hang of it.
      If you can afford it use a metal detector for finding coins at the beach; use precaution in intrepetation when sweeping near tooth fillings. Many of the coin detectors have settings that can allow the units to ignore specific metals so use care in interpretation when too close to teeth, many are being found on arms and back. ‘
      Post back when u already try it

    • B
      at 7:06 AM


  46. Paolo
    at 5:33 PM

    Hi, I’m an Italian.
    In 1991 they have fallen asleep me and implanted several microchips (or RFID in my body, without some my authorization and some information.
    From a year about, I live to North London. I thought that the things went here better and instead ……
    Here to London, I would want to try to remove all the microchips
    ( or RFID ) in my body.
    I tried it in Italy, but I have failed ( there is the MAFIA too much).
    Please, can I know the road to make here to London?
    Graces and Greetings.

  47. Jason
    at 6:10 PM

    Go to YouTube, and search “disposable camera EMP”. EMP’s will destroy all electronics. Do your homework though. Discharging an electromagnetic pulse is illegal. Most people going through this would rather break the law than result to suicide though. If you are running low on hope, this may give you a boost. Another option is building a Faraday cage, but it’s only temporary relief and it’s expensive. The ideal situation would be to build a Faraday cage, then set off an emp inside it while standing in there. It will destroy every chip in your body, protect surrounding electronics, and nobody can see you doing it since you are in a Faraday cage. Stay strong.

  48. Krist
    at 9:29 PM

    I am in extreme pain in my ears… I know there’s a device of sorts in my ears for years. It maybe started when I was 17 ,18, 19.. And than all of a sudden I get this unimaginable pain like someone is stabbing in my ear… And I just want to.cry.. And now at 40.. I now know I’m a T.I and been dealt gang stalking.. ..and I realize now been going through the T.I for maybe 5 years… But right now I’m ears are bad… I hear buttons being pressed all the time.. And have now been getting shocked in my ears for the past week. I was bed ridden for 3 days with pain… And when I finally left day four for health card.. I realized I had no pain the whole day..till I got home and finally turned on phone after 4 days… I was shocked in my ears when I turned on Wi-Fi… So this whole time, past week, I been suffering from repeated shocks in ear…. Please help….. I constantly feel like some creepy WiFi thing just waited to get into my ears… And there covered up for most part… How do I stop this and get dann device out .. Thank you

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