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The Truth Denied Talk Radio GUEST: Environmental Voices/Deborah Whitman
**Deborah produced the documentary short titled “Sky Lines”. See her website for details

*Topics in this interview are*: How to protect yourself from Toxic Chemical/Heavy metal exposures; Chemtrails/AAAS Conference; Chemicals of War/U.S. Navy Warfare Testing-Training Programs; SMART Meters/EMF/Microwave Towers; Morgellons, Lyme Disease, Mind Control.
Environmental Voices Mission Statement:
Our mission is to help preserve our future by providing education and research about toxic chemicals and how they affect our health and the environment

Environmental Voices is currently conducting two studies. One is on Multiple-Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and the other is about our Dead and Dying Trees.

Deborah Whitman is ALSO currently working on a book about MCS and plan to produce a documentary film about the Dead and Dying Trees. Please keep in touch with her!

Environmental Voices is also speaking out against the U.S. Navy Warfare Testing Program Expansions. You and Rosalind Peterson, President of Agriculture Defense Coalition,
www.agriculturedefensecoalition.org just spoke in a Public Meeting in December 2010 to the Director of the National Oceanographic & Aeronautics Administration (NOAA) and asked that they resend their permit granting the U.S. Navy the right to “TAKE” 32 species of marine mammals over a 5 year program.

Contact Deborah Whitman:

Email: environmentalvoices@yahoo.com Phone: (916) 595-7197 (Please do not call her for minor questions, instead send her an email)
PLEASE DONATE Donations can be mailed to: Environmental Voices, P.O. Box 1074,
Davis CA, 95617

****************CALL TO ACTION************************
Deborah Whitman has requested the aid of Biologists, scientists as well as anyone who wishes to contribute research to her upcoming documentary The Dying Trees, certainly a crime against humanity!

Contact Deborah at (916)-595-7187 please is respectful of her time! Step up and become a volunteer.

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Don’t want that SMART METER? Contact: www.refusesmartmeters.com

Need to treat a dying tree? Go to www.environmentalvoices.org

Contact Deborah Whitman for Rainwater Testing Instructions



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