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All too often we the public has to guess the altitude of a cloud or  a chemtrail  when attempting to give a witness testimony.   I have even witnessed some pretty  heated debates on discussion boards regarding altitude alone!  The Truth Denied is a problem solving tabloid, so we have a solution for this public debate. The altitude of stationary or moving cloud, trail and plane can be calculated. EASY as 1-2-3 .


Here are two examples for  estimating  cloud, chemtrail and jet altitudes.

The formula presumes that  clouds or trails never stray  from their original position.

You can use this  online calculator for right triangle such as:
Right Triangle Angle And Side Calculator

Right Triangle Calculator


EXAMPLE (Let’s keep it simple here okay?)
Tangent for 45 degree is 1. If you are directly under a cloud, and then move away from the cloud until is 45 degree from the horizon. Amazingly,  the distance you traveled (steps you took)  is the estimate altitude of the cloud.

(i.e.)  If you are standing  under a cloud, and the distance required to make the clouds 45 degree from horizon is 5km, then the clouds altitude is 5 km (1 KM = approximately 1100 yards). If by 5km the angle is at 63 degree, then the clouds altitude is 10 km. If by 5km the angle is at 78 degree, then the clouds altitude is 25 km.

For your convenience, here is  a super easy converter.


If  it is not possible for you to stand   directly beneath a clouds, then use this formula here:


What about moving clouds / planes?
There are some ways to get more accurate estimation of the altitudes of moving clouds, trails or planes.

  1. Move perpendicular to their movement. For few minutes, determine their direction of their movement. Then if they move from west to east, you move to the north or to the south.
  2. Do two measurement and average the number. This is done with two people traveling at opposite direction, at the same travel distance. If the clouds are moving, both will get different number. We can simply average the number to get the estimated altitude.
  3. Use this formula bellow. Need two observer that start from directly under the clouds. Then both observer move to opposite direction, but with the same distance. The angle then measured at the same time when both observer arrived to destination.


To determine a calculation with Microsoft Windows calculator, make sure that the angle is set at degree. 0* degrees is when the cloud is level with the  horizon, and 90* degrees is when a clouds is directly above you.


To calculate tangent, enter the angle value in degrees, then pres “tan” button at the left bottom side of the calculator.


Here is the pdf file containing both formulas:
Estimating clouds or trails altitude (pdf file)

Now if any of yu reading this article wish to try it out, please do us a favor and report your findings.

Contact us at  with your report. We will file it with this Article, -or- you can simply jot your report down in the COMMENT section right below the article!


Thanks for your time!


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