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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer

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CIA Tracks Blogs and Social Media Sites. So what?



It’s a Virginia-based Open Source Center that tracks and analyzes over five million tweets, blogs posts and content on other social media sites around the world daily.

The group’s nickname is known as the   ‘vengeful librarians,’ and they watch for possible uprisings or instability around the world.  They are watching activist groups, and listening in for possible uprisings or instability around the world.


Okay, stop right there!


Instability?  You mean the instability and chaos of NWO Agenda, Bilderberg’s, Federal Reserves, World Banks, World Courts, & the likes have caused? Banksters? Corporate greed CEO’s?  Covert military agenda? Global greed in general coming from Illuminati or the 1%? Drug and gun cartels? Pharmaceutical Companies?  Add to the list infinitem, *yawn*.

Don’t even get me started on the instability that the Global Elite themselves created, orchestrated and prioritized it on their agenda!

Let’s get real here!  The Global Elite are running scared.

The term these idiots are using for monitoring the general public is   “meme-tracking”, although they say its reliability is unknown. Believe me you; it’s a FEAR tactic, period!


And by the way, doesn’t this “spying” cause some sort of violation to our First Amendment rights or right to privacy? Or wait a minute; is this another one of those bogus NSA, Homeland Security Patriot Act scenarios?  You know, where the government is just “protecting us”.

Blow me!

Look people, please don’t buy into this and by all means please don’t let this creepy agenda get in your way.  Keep posting your anger along with your solutions, activism, your fundraisers and awareness campaigns.  DO NOT let this interfere with your sovereign rights, that by the way, are far more reaching than any government thugs fear tactics.









With 750 million people on Facebook alone, I say to the CIA, “good luck with that!”   300 million and counting in the USA alone, arrest me!



Written by NEO

of The Truth Denied


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2 Responses “CIA Tracks Blogs and Social Media Sites. So what?”

  1. at 1:55 AM

    Hello Paul. TY for your comment. The Truth Denied Team has many writers, including myself. Neo is new to the team. He has a right to his privacy. All the writiers on the team have those writes, none of us need the EXTRA hassle.
    Hope you can understand that sir.

    Best Regards,
    writer for the Truth Denied

  2. Paul Fleischer
    at 1:12 AM

    Great article and very truthful but you should be using your complete real name. You are a great writer and know your rights so go for it.

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