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“… in anticipation of the coming death of Terra, I have visited Mars with her cold red cheeks and Saturn’s rainbowed rings… they do not live as yet. Are they awaiting the hour when Terra’s orbit will be empty? Then they may move forward to their new places as Mercury and Venus fall into the sun and are consumed?”

What is prophecy

Prophecy is a prediction, a telling before hand. A prophet is a person who makes the prediction.  We consider some authors and artists as prophetic; Da Vinci, Wells, Huxley, Robert Heinlein and many more. Or maybe we think  of prophets  like Nostradamus or Cayce. But …  a prophets stories, dreams, intuitions and their work is only considered prophetic…. if it is written and if it comes to pass.

Sky watcher I have a story for you; it is about the far and distant past, ten thousand times ten thousand eons past, even of the present and mayhap the future. I have taken two weeks to write this as I have an uncanny ability to fall down deep holes, filled with twists and with dark and light places. Fear and hope intermingle as I repeat this warning to Lucifer, the Father of chaos from the Archangel Michael that I read just this morning;

Prophecies are often warnings, not adamantly fixed in the future. You will recall that His Mother has frequently warned Terra of impending doom and the holocaust, if men do not repent and do penance … seek justice and love and peace. Evil in not inevitable, nor is it fate. If prophetic warnings are not heeded then indeed disaster results… man has only but to listen, and will life — or death.

I have read every book Taylor Caldwell wrote and continue to reread from time to time. Taylor Caldwell was born in 1900 and died in 1986,  she wrote with robust skill and command of language, in over 40 years she published 42 novels, many were best-sellers. She was the focus of paranormal investigators and one; Jess Stern,  who also wrote about Edgar Cayce, had Taylor hypnotized where she  underwent past life regression. this is documented in the book Search For A Soul.

In Dialogues With the Devil published in 1967, Caldwell explains that she desired to write a light hearted novel to … give the devil his due. But the endeavor soon became very somber and grim indeed and she wrote; I would say two personalities took over the book in mid-passage… certainly the thoughts in this book are not my thoughts!

Has this prophecy come to pass

My first reading of Dialogues With the Devil was in the 1980’s, I reread it a couple of times in the last four years. It becomes more concerning with every reading, more revealing. Perhaps the urge I feel to review this story, is prophetic? We won’t ever know, unless … it is written and … it comes to pass. However it is abundantly clear that this must be a journey – there is too much to confirm in these 192 pages.

I caution you it is written in Judeo-Christian language – but it is not a book on theology. We write and learn in the language of youth and the names for evil change over time – from Beelzebub to Hitler to Monsanto.

The premise of the book is simple one with two main characters, Lucifer the Infernal of infernals, the Fallen One, the Dark Shadow. The protagonist is the Archangel Michael, who responds to Lucifer’s communications – Gods messenger.

It opens with Lucifer communicating to his Father his regret over Melina – a planet of the star Arcturus. I looked and there is a star Arcturus and is the  fourth brightest star in the constellation of Boötes. Boötes  has five stars with known planets and is visible in the northern sky.  I found no reference to a planet named Melina – the only other clue is that Melina has three moons.


On Melina

Lucifer reminds God that he, Lucifer has been called the patron saint of scientists. Yet, he says –

I did not deliver the secret of suspending time-space-matter continuum. I merely hinted it existed. I never suggested they use their formulae to destroy, but once a scientists speculations are aroused he is anxious to apply them – they do not ask: how will this benefit my race, rather they seek to destroy. It was the scientists of the continent Predama who discovered the secret to suspending time-space-mass. He laughs, it was my little jest that I assured them they were immune to the hell they finally decided to unloose. But evil is madness and has no pity, therefor it is confusion compounded – and the men of Predama believed they would suffer no consequence from the murder of their brothers and that treasure would survive. But … in two moments it was done….. there is now no sound of man, or bird or beast.”

Then Justia

A planet in our own solar system, it once orbited between Jupiter and Mars and of it Lucifer says this. ” I will keep my word to make Terra a cinderous mass of fragments between Venus and Mars, as I made fragments of Justia. What a glorious day that was, when men of Justia exploded their planet! What a bonfire lit the solar system. So fierce it was that the forests of Mars were burned, and the oceans and rivers seethed and passed away in steam… uninhabited Terra trembled in her orbit, in the midst of her sullen clouds and ice, and a crimson scar was laid on Jupiter and Venus.”

We know

Venus is shrouded by cloud; we cannot see if there is a scar, Jupiter does have a big red spot which science assumes to be a storm; a very big storm. There is an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. And recently they have discovered evidence for water on Mars; dried up lakes, rivers and streams by the Curiosity Rover. In The Daily Mail Nov 19, 2014 – it says this;  With all that’s been learned about Mars in recent years, the mystery of the planet’s ancient water has deepened.

Was there a planet called Justia? Not that I can find – but we were not here yet, so why would we know about it? However Phaeton is the name of a hypothetical planet thought to have existed between Mars and Jupiter and whose destruction led to the formation of the asteroid belt, which is make up of rocky debris. Could a planet really blow up?


At World Mysteries I read an article by Rich Anders regarding the possibility of an exploding planet and he said; Excluding the possibility of a collision with another cosmic body there is only one possible explanation for the explosion of a planet: the explosion of a super volcano. Yellowstone is such a dormant super volcano. It is approximately 39 miles long. Science found out that it has a cycle of erupting approximately every 600,000 years. If there was a super volcano eruption on the planet with an explosive force big enough to initiate a chain reaction the ensuing catastrophe could indeed have torn the planet apart.

Do we have a weapon, to make Terra a cinderous mass of fragments like Justia? A weapon like HAARP? That could trigger seismic events, and why would we be the only ‘men’ to have invented this and this is why I see this story as prophetic, because of the ensuing technology advances we made since 1967 – much in line with what is in this tiny book.

… I shall succeed with Terra also. I am not satisfied with the crude,  deadly weapon I have given her men and the knowledge which is expanding …scientists are inventing another of vastly more power and destruction. … He (God) will look about blazing fragments and on no world at all, there will be no men to herald the arrival of Christ….


Mercury, the ancients were correct in calling it quicksilver for once it was a planet with a cool and ardent light, sheltered by the ferocity of the sun by thick and perpetual clouds. The clouds were the color of dim opal and streaked with rapid and tremulous fire. The  children of the Father who lived there were nimble, graceful and full of merriment. Living in little cities and creating songs and arts. But one day …

Lucifer told the scientists what they already suspected; that the source of their life was in the hidden sun, they need to only build a formula to dissipate their eternal clouds. He described to them other worlds teeming with sunlight and colors not seen on that silvery little world. He gave them the formula to remove the clouds, to control the climate, to reveal that which is hidden. The men of Mercury fell from innocence and busied themselves with the works of death.

Convincing the people was easy for they shouted: Are we not men, and was it not designed that we should know all things? Before long the people began to cry for removal of the ashen air and they desired to see the sun! When all was ready, the people gathered and waited in anticipation for the sight of the sun, to watch them disperse the clouds.

That was the last day

They unleashed their weapon and the clouds coiled upwards like flaming and stricken serpents of fire, and were gone, the sun poured down on Mercury unrestricted. …. the seas immediately boiled, the lakes gulped in a single breath, flesh evaporated and no life endured beyond a second or two. Mercury’s orbit which though always close to the sun had always been ellipse, but now became erratic and one face is turned forever mutely on the sun which destroyed it, and which was its punishment.

I found a reference to Mercury’s orbit in a research article from National Academy of Science on line Journal.  Of all of the planets, Mercury’s orbit appears to exhibit changes of the largest magnitude in orbital eccentricity and inclination.

Out of the darkness came Venus

A fair planet that moved toward the sun when Mercury fell and her coldness came to life. Dull seas became cerulean and warm; valleys quickened, life was created in endless variety, pink and golden forests, animals of many colors and forms and shapes with strength and vividness and with a thousand voices. The men of Venus had tawny eyes, gilded flesh, they were tall as gods and almost as beautiful.

On this planet they were told to breed only on ordained seasons, lest their world be overrun. Many generations passed in peace, all life flourished. Lucifer says he sent Lilith and Damon who seduced the Venus race. 

Are we not men? Why should we be denied?
Are we not men? Why should we be denied?

The younger generations began to speak of old ideas and the youth could not be denied. Within a very few centuries the planet was one huge city and the green land shrank in area and the seas and the waters – a very old story. Wars became more terrible as men fought for places to live and breathe air not polluted, water not toxic and hatred replaced love.

Lucifer tells how he tempted them again and gave their scientists the secret of inhibiting the breeding powers of enemy women and sterilizing enemy men. Of course the Father of lies told them he had the secret to protect their own countries.

On Venus children ceased to be born and as the men of Venus had ‘brought on’ old age, disease and death to their planet. There was no replenishing of life, not even in the forests and the fields and the filthy waters. After only 70 more orbits around the sun the race of men of Venus was no more. Our Father shrouded the face of the planet with hot clouds, forever and forever.

We know the ancients named Venus after the Gods of sensuality and physical love and we know Venus is covered by clouds made up of sulfur dioxide with drops of sulfuric acid and are completely opaque. It’s these clouds that block our view to the surface of Venus. There have been some satellite observations where  visible flashes in the atmosphere have been observed and localised emissions of radio waves have also been reported. Are they due to lightning or remnants?

Then out of the darkness and the void and the cold moved forward the third world Terra, and Terra quickened…

Part II  will continue with direct prophetic statements regarding us on Terra, our past and future – as well as the destruction of a planet Lencia. It will include climate control, population control, mind control and on Lencia a plan that sounds very much like Agenda 21.

I will leave you with this thought;

In the darkness of the dreadful nights of Terra of this day, good people … remember the prophecies of the prophets and they remember …


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