Moments ago Breaking News ABC  KNXV  LIVE in Phoenix  interrupted normal programing  to  report a plane crash in the Superstition Mountains , and  witnesses from the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport said  “the  plane and split in two mid-air” .

FAA will not confirm it is a plane crash at this time! The State of Arizona has called every agency out to the scene.  Witnesses can see the fire burning, and a DPS helicopter has landed near the crash site moments ago. Local News stations cannot confirm if it is a plane, where it came from or where it was going, and some witnesses are claiming the  possibility of the craft being a  ” private Lear Jet”. Superstition Mountain is a steep upgrade and  rugged terrain., making rescue extremely difficult.


One witness reported that ” a giant orb, meteor type ball of flame literally fell  out of the sky”.  Another witness claimed he heard a noise “that didn’t sound right” , which caused him to look out of his home into the night sky. He then reported that “The giant firey orb came crashing to the ground in a ball of flames”.


Weather at the time of the crash was mild, no wind, and nothing unusual.  ABC News is asking why it is taking so long  for authorities such as the FAA  to confirm whether the crash was a commercial airline, private plane  or otherwise.  The answer that ABC received was “It just takes time”.

Again, this is all the information that we have at this time.  We will report more as the story unfolds.




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5 thoughts on “Witnesses at Mesa Gateway Airport witness plane crash: split in two. FAA will not confirm it is a plane!”
  1. It does “seem” that way , DM. Things are not always as they seem, as we dig for more information, we find differently.
    We are still investigating, as the story is spun in main stream media, unfortunately.

  2. Takes time to know if a commercial airline or not – no wonder all those planes went whereever they wanted on 9/11 –

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