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Guest Kelly Miller 

Date: 11-26-13


Kelly Miller was interviewed by The Truth Denied on November 26th, 2013 and described her case)s) openly on the air with host Roxy Lopez. The woman has clearly been to hell and back, as she was conducting the interview from a homeless shelter in Washington D.C. According to Kelly Miller, “They have illegally taken everything from me; my child, my family, my home, my career and my life. I am a fighter and I will stand and fight until I receive ALL my justice.”


A brief History of  Case Number 12-M-00319 

“Ms. Miller is a surviving victim of a unified “Masonic Domination” to which Ms. Miller was able to identify corruption at a state level in the Commonwealth of KY. With the Governor’s office and KY State Police acknowledging corruption and encouraging Ms. Miller to take her case to the Federal level Ms. Miller reported her evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington which is currently being investigated by the FBI as well as with the U S Postal Inspector for Fraud.

Ms. Miller single-handedly developed and established a United States Supreme Court Civil Case with Criminal exhibits of official court documents implementing chief political figures as committing fraudulent acts ultimately resulting in Ms. Miller filing Impeachment Memorial with the House and Senate on KY Attorney General Jack Conway for participation in an Organized Criminal Syndicate under the United States RICO Act.

In order to clearly follow this story, we suggest you first listen to the audio of the interview  here. This will aid you in getting a feel for the story as a whole. We have also provided court documentation for anyone who may be inclined to read through the criminal (not civil) charges. It is also  imperative  that readers understand  where and how this case began, and how far up the chain of command it goes. Alarming.

NOTE: If you are a part of media or any organization that would like to help Ms. Kelly Miller, please contact her immediately at 606-200-0632

Listen to the 90 minute interview here:

Here is just a portion of just ONE of the 200 documents that Kelly has filed in the passed three years back when the nightmare was just beginning. The list of  assailents  in her case is growing, and exposing many higher level Attorney Generals, judges as well as Senators.

NOTE: If you are a part of media or any organization that would like to help Ms. Kelly Miller, please contact her immediately at 606-200-0632




CASE NO:___________



KELLY E. MILLER                                                                                             PETITIONER            





CASE 2013-CA-001013






vs.                                    HONORABLE DISTRICT JUDGE SUSAN JOHNSON




TAMMY BARKER                                                                                                       RESPONDANT










            The Petitioner, KELLY E MILLER, IN PRO SE, hereby petitions this court under 28 U.S.C. §1253 for issuance of a Direct Appeal from decisions of “Three Judge” courts  to review the decision by Order of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Appeals for the Commonwealth of Kentucky entered into proceeding on August 6, 2013. Petitioner submitted Appeal on September 5, 2013 following 28 U.S.C. 2101 (a) rules for filing direct appeal filed 30 days after entry of Order, judgment or decree and Petitioners’ submission of this brief is following within 60 days of direct appeal in align with 18 U.S. C. § 3.



            Order dated August 6, 2013 of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Appeals for the

 Commonwealth of Kentucky denying Petitioner’s indigence is reported at Appendix, Exhibit A  


Order dated July 19, 2013 granting indigence to petitioner from the Breathitt County Circuit Court for the Commonwealth of Kentucky is reported at Appendix, Exhibit B 

            Financial Statement Affidavit completed by Judge Kenneth Profitt dated September 27, 2013 is reported at Appendix, Exhibit C 

            Order dated September 27, 2013 granting indigence to petitioner from the Breathitt County District Court for the Commonwealth of Kentucky is reported at Appendix, Exibit D 

            Calendar of Johnson County District Judge Susan Johnson dated March 6, 2013 is reported at Appendix Exhibit E 

            Supreme Court of Kentucky Illegal Order signed by Judge Minton dated December 17, 2012 is reported at Appendix Exhibit F 

            Order by Commonwealth of Kentucky Seventh Region Judge Susan Johnson for Special Judge Assignment is reported at Appendix Exhibit G 

            Correspondence from Big Sandy Area Community Action Program under the structure of KY Housing dated July 25, 2013 is reported at Appendix, Exhibit H         

            Judgment dated February 21, 2013 of the Commonwealth of KY Johnson District court is reported at Appendix, Exhibit I 

Warrant for Restitution of Premises dated April 29, 2013 of the Commonwealth of KY Johnson District Court is reported at Appendix, Exhibit J


NOTE: If you are a part of mainstream media or any organization that would like to help Ms. Kelly Miller, please contact her immediately at 606-200-0632


If  you would like to read more of the material that Ms. Kelly has provided  to us as part of a paper trail, please visit the following links:

 NOTE: If you are a part of mainstream and/ or alternative media or any organization that would like to help Ms. Kelly Miller, please contact her immediately at 606-233-2165


We will be adding more to this story in the next two days! Stay tuned for updates!

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By The Truth Denied

Owner of controversial website The Truth Denied and Chemtrails Kill. Journalist and video maker.

31 thoughts on “Lawsuit Case Number 12-M-00319 against “Masonic Domination” : Confronting Multiple Assailents”
  1. Idk if I’m going thru the same thing or not. All I know is that my life has been destroyed. I was told it was a cop that I pissed off. I’ve been framed, ppl think I’m snitching, but then I’m being charged with criminal charges apparently and lied to about it. Not told what though. Can’t get a job. Resources needed for a lawyer taken, kids depressed and they all just laugh. I’ve done everything I’ve been told to do and still treated like s&!#. I’m a good, loving person. Deff not perfect and I have my own issues but I know I don’t deserve this…I was just minding my own business. Im not even angry. Im just sad.

    Kelly Miller National Whistleblower on FBI Law Enforcement and government corruption
    equaljustice4kellymiller at yahoo or 606-200-0632

  3. Hello All this is Kelly Miller just updating you on my success.
    July 30, 2018 I was Nationally recognized as a FBI Whistleblower of law enforcement and government corruption on Capital Hill at the Dirkens Senate Building by the National Whistleblowers Organization.
    I have other successes I would love to share hopefully Roxy will be able to do an updated interview which will provide you with vital information and updates.
    In the meantime should you want to contact me please feel free to contact me at or my new cell (606) 200-0632.

  4. Do you folks realize that going about this legally is the wrong way! Everyone from judges , to cops, lawyers to state representative are involved and will dismiss your case quickly. Im sorry to say, but as a combat veteran, i will never look for the law to help or protect me, but will stand up and willing to lose my freedom busting someones ass over this. But everyone is different, you will see the corrupt law take affect for them.

  5. Hi Kelly, I am going through very similar. In my case the tried to commit Murder and I recorded it. I found a private investigator who has a ton of information on them. Connected to FBI, WSP, Lacey Police, Olympia Police, Tumwater Police, IBEW “Brotherhood” union, Washington State Department of licensing, Roofing businesses, Automotive Businesses, Widespread unlimited biker organizations across washingtonstate. Spreading from Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, California, Nevada, into Mexico and Canada. Mine stems from a drug deal rip off a friend I grew up with did and I tired to help stop another supposed friend from hurting him. I started receiving death threats (still have them to this day) and then was set up with a women and have children with her. It’s a really nasty nasty fucking story. If I was a weaker man I would of done what they’ve attempted to coerce me into doing as part of a so called “Gas Lighting” trick. I got that recorded too. Please help me get this to a attorney or someone that can do something. They currently drug me from store to store when I try to buy food. They black ball me from job to job so I can’t work. And they constantly break in and out of my vehicle stealing my stuff at random and then sometimes placing it back. Please look up these links: Murder attempt
    Gas Lighting
    Attempt at Gas Lighting
    Breaking into my car

    1. Yes. The same things have happened to me and still are, down to the black balling from work and I have been physically attacked multiple times. And there is documentation of it all. Someone is simply narcissistic and didn’t get their way with me on some things, and so they decided to be a piece of sht* bully. Oh, and a possibility that two innocent lives were taken as well…

    1. Hi Kelly what about mentioning it to project veratose I am not sure that is the way you spell it perhaps he might be able to do something with it! I will try to send it over there to him for you ! God Bless

  6. Ephesians 5:11 directs us to “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness, instead EXPOSE THEM” That’s what we’re talkin bout! Read Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma to know our enemy, Lucifers kingdom of slaves who vow to perjure, lie, and otherwise subvert justice within their authority to support their coven brethren. ASK12BFREE from witchcraft. Renounce your antichrist supporting and immoral vows bro.

  7. This is crazy stuff. All of her FB is about getting back the married man that she had affair with. It seem Ms Miller isn’t being truthful. She lies then forget what she lies about. The Supreme Court selects less than one percent of the cases submitted. They haven’t selected your case. This man you are trying to get back would be with you if he wanted to be. He has a wife and chose to stay with her. Take care of yourself.

      1. Oh see this is Bullshit written by a FreeMason! She’s just a poser. This is their game. It’s working in large numbers against one stating false things about them and “Crazy” they have attacked me with that bullshit. How it started was they infiltrated my family and friends. I even married one of there Whores from the Brothels they have involving Washington State Department of L&I. I have Children with her. Any way I’ll get back to that story later. Any way they’ll befriend your friends and families friends. Then when you fall into their trap you’ll look for help from them. They’ll start spreading to everyone they know that you’ve gone crazy. They’ll tell your friends that have nothing to do with it that you’ve gone crazy so when you see them and tell them the truth, which is a outlandish story, your friend becomes a leary. Realistically in my situation they’ve fucked up every step of the way. And they just can’t help themselves by showing who they are. They always like to harass you and let you know they’re still harassing you. They’re downfall is thinking they’re too big.

        1. Like I said. I am and have been going through the same narcissistic abuse. Ironically, the root of the drama isn’t about sht*, and so won’t face one little woman alone… what a little chicken sht* bi— they are lol….

    1. Well I have no man I want back and totally believe her because I am and have been going through the same thing. And I have documentation of physical attacks that occurred as well as a result of all of the things I have been put through. I’m not afraid of court or being outnumbered. I’ve been ready for these cowards to bring it on to this one little lady.

    2. Judy Richards When this Blackball is over for me and Roberta Johnson and her buddy Anne Flosnik are in federal prison for their targeted CRIMES against me you will just be beginning your journey into forever homelessness as a thank you from me darling.
      You really should have kept your tongue to yourself.

  8. YOU GO GIRL! I hadn’t pissed in the masonic punchbowl until my surveillance video revealed that they were pissing in my home with police escorts, defrauded me of over 200K (while I supported their indigent mother), had me evicted from the property I paid same old lady for, and then wired my home to burn down. You can count on my support patriot!

  9. I am a victim of corruption in the courts which effected the safety and life of my children. I am still in my battle. My heart goes out to you, I live in SE ky…. I will be praying for you.

    1. Thank you Carrie for your prayers and we are also sorry to hear that you as well have become a victim of the courts, our prayers go out to you as well. Let us know if we can aid you in any way please. TTD

    1. She has been updating us a couple of times a week, and she has filed over 200 complaints and documents against them……….indeed we will be happy to keep you up to date on the Miller VS _________________________.

    1. Well it has been 3 years whats going on ? Are you still in DC? i wished I would have known about you back in March I would have loved to have meet you when I went to DC

    2. Kelly, I don’t know if you are interested, but I have been going through the exact same thing. One or more of us not only makes our stories more credible, but will be the making of one hell of a class action lawsuit against them.

      1. Tamme, you are not alone. I am living it now in Perry County. I know there are more of us. These people are ruthless. They must be stopped.

  10. I know all about life after pissing in the masonic punch bowl. They get real miffed when you ask one what party he belongs to? Can’t be the warrior party and no possible way your in the intellect party! They are a blood thirsty bunch. The latest generation of them all have a common flaw, there lazy. They were told the NWO was gonna win and they don’t need to learn any skills. Now there screwed, non of them have any life skills or creative thought.

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