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    Jul 17, 2014US INTEL CONFIRMS Malaysia Flight 17 shot down, 295 killed
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    Apr 9, 2014Investigators have “unquestionably” located missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
    Mar 24, 2014Unfair Business Practice of APS ELECTRIC CO. due to SMART METERS
    Mar 18, 2014Missing Malaysia Plane cloaked by Electronic Weapon?
    Mar 10, 2014Missing Malaysia Airline plane is an unprecedented aviation mystery
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    Dec 5, 2013Coding Holograms is the Future of Medicine with Jef Harvey
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    Nov 6, 2013OPERATION 40 : Find out who killed John F. Kennedy? MLK? John Lennon?
    Nov 5, 2013Zombies Part II Fact is stranger than Fiction
    Oct 31, 2013Restricted Area 2310: UAV Territory is all about Arizona, but do Arizonan’s welcome them?
    Oct 31, 2013Apocalypse : How-To manuals on being 100% self sufficient & Living off the Grid
    Oct 16, 2013What is a Zombie Virus? by Author Patrick Jordan
    Oct 10, 2013ZERO POINT : Quantum Vacuum Zero-point Energy staring Mark McCandlish
    Oct 5, 2013Hollywood Hemptress Tere Joyce : FREEDOM OF JOYCE
    Oct 3, 2013Cutting edge Visionaries of the modern world with Mia Feroleto
    Sep 21, 2013David Sereda: The Quantum Pyramid Technology and 5151
    Sep 8, 2013Wilbur Allen captures photographic evidence nightly over Washington DC’s Whitehouse
    Aug 15, 2013Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence with Steven Bassett
    Aug 10, 2013MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL TRAUMA : Interview with Max Spiers
    Aug 7, 2013Upcoming Timelines and Events with Len Wallick
    Aug 3, 2013NORIO HAYAKAWA : 45 years of Research of Underground Bases in Dulce & Area 51 Findings!
    Aug 1, 2013The Shift has begun! James Gilliland shows us the proof!
    Jul 17, 2013Alien Mind Control, what is it and can it be stopped?
    Jul 6, 2013Can we really ask for what we want and get it? Mia Feroleto says YES!
    Jul 3, 2013Film Maker Jose Escamillo,Bill Bryson & Sean Gautreaux talk moon,rods,and upcoming films!
    Jun 30, 2013420Leaks Exposing the Truth Behind Marijuana Legislation with John Novak
    Jun 24, 2013“Stand up against toxic Vaccines, Monsanto & GMO’s ” says Michael Belkin
    Jun 20, 2013UFO footage caught on James Gilliland’s ECETI Ranch June 2013 UFO