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  1. Nov 22, 2016N Dakota Standing Rock: IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Conference /Medical Needs
    Oct 17, 2016Super Soldier Max Spiers Confirmed Dead in Poland
    Oct 17, 2016Amy Goodman demands Corporate Media covers North Dakota Pipeline
    Oct 12, 2016A Pitiful Day in America: Dennis Banks speaks out about the ‘hate crime’ in Reno during Columbus Day Protests
    Oct 10, 2016What happens when the controllers don’t get their way?
    Sep 13, 2016What is behind “Breaking News Hillary Clinton has Died”?
    Sep 11, 2016Hillary Clinton departs 911 Ceremony: What do the doctors say?
    Sep 6, 2016First Amendment right protected in Pete Santilli’s hearing today: Santilli Dismissed
    Jul 10, 2016DALLAS SHOOTINGS Don’t add up: Are FREE SPEECH ZONES used to target peaceful protesters under the Terrorist Act?
    Jun 29, 2016Peter Kirby’s History of Chemtrails and The New Manhattan Project Details
    May 22, 2016Arizona spraying “Gorilla-Snot Chemical” to keep dust storms down
    Apr 27, 2016Earth Shifting with 20 Earthquakes in 2016; Talk of Pole Shift and connection to chemtrails
    Mar 4, 2016Book ‘Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale ” released on Amazon gets attacked
    Feb 10, 2016FBI Holding 4 Americans hostage at Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon
    Jan 23, 2016Agenda 21 covertly pushed into local US cities
    Jan 22, 2016Arizona’s Missile program turns to Space Tourism in 2016
    Jan 5, 2016The FACTS surrounding the Oregon Militia Protest; Bundy & Hammond
    Dec 19, 2015Climate Change Conference 2015 Did not address Geoengineering
    Dec 8, 2015Home Depot to phase out Neonicotinoid Clothianidin responsible for 80% of U.S. Bee decline
    Dec 3, 2015Sheriff Joe takes Gun laws into his own hands and protects Arizona with his Posse
    Nov 5, 2015ADEQ has no jurisdiction regarding airplane emissions; citizens speak out against Chemtrails
    Oct 28, 2015DUNE : Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
    Oct 28, 2015Obama’s Commitment to Global Development AGENDA 21 aka (2030 Agenda)
    Oct 27, 2015Will CERN open a worm hole? CERN answers questions for the public!
    Sep 28, 2015NASA reveals Water On Mars
    Sep 27, 2015Agenda 21 is now AGENDA 2030: Addresses Chemtrails, Population Control, & The New World Order
    Aug 27, 2015James Lee Testimony at EPA Hearing in Washington D.C. has an urgent message about Climate Modification
    Aug 21, 2015SILENCED- WHISTLEBLOWERS are growing exponentially since 2000 TOP SECRET EYES ONLY
    Aug 18, 2015A Guide to NON GMO FOODS 2015
    Aug 15, 2015Pet Food Recalls 2015 & Pet Food Safety
    Aug 14, 2015Geoengineering SF Witness Patrick Roddie @EPA Hearing 8-11-2015
    Aug 10, 2015Animas River Contamination cleanup is not in the EPA’s Wheelhouse
    Jun 26, 2015LIST of Geoengineering Experiments and who funds them
    May 15, 2015JADE HELM 15 – Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution 2015
    May 14, 2015Do Sunscreens cause Cancer? Nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide = Cancer?
    May 9, 2015Physicists achieve Teleportation, so what’s next? Quantum Computers
    May 7, 2015Roswell Slides Revealed in Mexico City: Mixed bag
    May 5, 2015Birth Certificates are Federal Bank Notes
    Apr 30, 2015Morgellons Disease A-Z : GMO related?
    Apr 3, 2015California Drought causes Mandatory Water Restrictions
    Apr 2, 2015Morgellons Disease and Joni Mitchell’s recent hospitalization
    Mar 7, 2015Diego Garcia: A Black Project Military Base with Secrets to Hide
    Feb 12, 2015Fluoride in your water & at the dentist; Is there a difference?
    Feb 12, 2015How to get the Fluoride out of your drinking water
    Feb 8, 2015Earth’s polarity flipped 780,000 years ago; Are we Overdue?
    Feb 8, 2015Mass Animal, Bird & Fish Die-offs : The List for 2015
    Jan 21, 2015Pentagon says Climate Change is a risk to our National Security
    Jan 13, 2015CLIMATE CHANGE BILLS & language associated with them
    Jan 6, 2015What is Lunar Libration? What is the FAR SIDE of the moon?
    Dec 20, 2014Official Trailer for Sony’s “The Interview”